Only until forever

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A families name in ruin. Two sisters struggling to keep their bond. Thousands of men fighting for their affection. Can they find the one by summer?

Romance / Fantasy
Violet Jones
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Chapter one: Only daddy's money

( Just a side note I have a Wattpad account to which is violet__jones)

Ophelia and Pandora faced each other on the balcony of the Jade River Manor, the bitter smell of cigarette ash lingered in the icy breeze, the smoke cascaded down the railing. Ophelia and Pandora sighed the lethal fumes into their lungs as it burnt the back of their throat, slowly suffocating them.
"Lia think this through, there are other ways." Pandora begged. Ophelia glared out to the orchards of apple trees and the lively bushes of roses in the gardens, the cigarette rested on her lips as she forced a deep drag of the burning tobacco. Ophelia sighed and removed the cigarette from her mouth and flicked it to the pebbled path below. “You know me Panda. I never do something without a long term plan.” She smiled to Pandora sincerely.
“I refuse to leave you…” Ophelia whispered. Pandora laughed as tears filled her eyes. “Please don’t. Don’t do it Lia. You have a choice.” Pandora sobbed. Ophelia cupped Pandora’s face with her frozen hands.
“You know that’s not true Pandora. This is the only way father can return to his business and his associates. I have to find a suitor before summer.” Ophelia forced a smile as Pandora embraced her in a lengthy hug. Tears fell from their cheeks as they let go, wiping away the trail of tears with a laugh.
“I will be here for you Panda. I promise, you won’t be rid of me just yet” Ophelia mocked. Pandora headed towards the door that led towards the master bedroom. Pandora turned back to her sister.
“Well we better go find him.” She announced stretching her arm out, requesting Ophelia take her hand. Ophelia obeyed Pandora’s request as they walked away from the balcony. The curtains flowing with the breeze as though they were waves crashing against the bays rocks.

Ophelia and Pandora wandered out to an empty hallway, their slippers not shielding them from the frozen marble floors. They both sped towards their rooms, the floor making them shiver uncontrollably. They both giggled as they ran into their rooms revealing their ball gowns with excitement. Ophelia slipped into a dress with a sweetheart neckline that trailed down revealing her cleavage, the bottom flowing to the floor gracefully. A beautiful shade of emerald green. On the other hand, Pandora slipped into a black dress that clung to her curves and black lace gloves indicating she was not available for suitors to match. They clung to each other's arms and giggled uncontrollably.
“You look beautiful Lia” Admired Pandora. Ophelia beamed in joy.
“So do you” Ophelia whispered as she released Pandora from her clutch and wandered back out to the empty hallway. Her black heels finally shielding her from the frozen marble, the heels matching with her hair that flowed down to her waist. A bun delicately tied to the back of her head as most of her hair flowed down in beautiful curls. Ophelia’s father stood at the end of the hallway, smiling like the cheshire cat. Proud that his daughter made this decision. Not because of how breathtaking she looked, he disregarded the fact that Ophelia yearned for a compliment, a simple ‘you look gorgeous my dear’ but she knew that deep down in the empty void that her father called a heart he did want to say it. He just couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Ophelia took a deep breath, glancing back to Pandora who made her way down the hallway behind her. Ophelia linked her arm with her father, looking to the bright lights that illuminated the staircase she would in seconds glide down, her father by her side and her sister and mother gliding down behind her.

Ophelia’s dress gracefully flowed behind her, her father said nothing. He was silent. He just forced a smile on his face so Ophelia did the same, holding back the urge to run back up the marble staircase. “Nothing to say?” Ophelia whispered to her father. Ophelia could cut the deafening silence between her and her father with a knife. It oozed with utter awkwardness.
“Don’t screw this up” Ophelia stared at her father, not saying anything in return. As soon as Ophelia and her father got to the bottom of the stairs, Ophelia took a deep breath and continued to put on a fake smile.

The ball room glistened with thousands of men’s smiles. Ophelia examined their faces. Each one looked the same. Blonde slicked back hair. No facial hair. Baby faced. Daddy’s money was written all over their suits and they all had a glass of champagne in their hands, sipping on it as though it was fine wine. Ophelia now stood at the bottom of the stairs. Not even her sister was in sight. Ophelia smiled at the thousands of eyes watching her, gliding towards the table of drinks.

“Oh my! Ophelia! How big are you now?” Bellowed a familiar voice. Ophelia glanced up, grabbing a glass filled to the brim with red wine.

“Uncle Pablo!” Ophelia exclaimed, her smile growing faker every millisecond.

“Hello!” he smiled, embracing Ophelia in a bear hug. Ophelia was in disbelief and just laughed as she was squeezed, Tighter and tighter.

“I want you to meet someone. This my dear is Christian. He works for me down in london. He is a remarkable man with a bright future.” Ophelia’s uncle presented Christian being so proud, thinking Christian was a real diamond in the rough.

He was not.

Christian looked like every person that Ophelia had laid eyes upon that night. His suit looked like hundreds of maids had steamed and ironed it for hours. He was definitely pristine but TOO pristine. Mr perfect, the snobby man who could talk about himself for hours on end.

To put it bluntly.

He was a massive DICK.

“Ophelia Woods I believe?” He said questioning himself.
“Yes.” Ophelia bluntly added.
“Nice to meet you,” Chrisistian said, grabbing Ophelia’s hand into a firm, business-like handshake. Ophelia’s eyes widened in horror as he continued to shake her hand making her whole body shake with it. Ophelia forced her hand away, her eyes still wide with shock.
“Yes. I'm sure.” She forced another fake smile, took a sip of her wine, nodded along with every set of praise her uncle pressed upon her regarding Christian.
“He’s going to harvard!” Ophelia took another gulp of her surprisingly enticing red wine, bracing herself for the inevitable question.
“You are going to an ivy league too I suppose?” Her uncle questioned.

“Yes. Harvard too actually” Ophelia winced knowing that her uncle was aware of her acceptance to Harvard.

“Such a shame you won’t be able to go!” Christian blurted. Ophelia’s uncle spun around trying to hurry Christian away.

“Wait wha-” Ophelia stopped talking as soon as she was aware they were too far away from her to her rage about how she doesn’t understand. Ophelia was flustered, bothered by the fact people assumed she wouldn’t go to harvard.

HA, how funny!!
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