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Million Dollar Baby

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Alexus' parents are desperate to have a grandchild, so the young man will end up paying a million dollars to the woman who can give him a child. Can he find a woman that he's looking for? Or he'll ended up marrying the girl that his parents picked for him?

Romance / Humor
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I am just a simple person with big dreams in life. One of them is to give my mom a good life.

Not to brag but I am a talented person. When I was in high school I was a varsity player of the volleyball team. I am also a good dancer and singer.

As for the food, I can consider myself as a full package. Yes, really! I'm proud of me because its all true. Hahaha!

I graduated from college with a BS Business Administration course, the only problem is that I have a hard time finding a job now because I am a fresh graduate and do not have much experience.

Taking photos is also one of my hobby during my leisure time.

My life is happy. Mommy and I are okay, we live our lives to its fullest. We eat three times a day.

Not until this crazy stranger came in to my life. I'm just surprised that every time I go out he follows me. And do you know what he is asking for me? Good heavens!

You'd better don't know because you will be stressed like me. Like how he's stressing me.

Who is as sensible as a man to ask for a child from a woman he does not even know?

And you know what? if he can demand me to give him a baby, its like he's only asking for a piece of candy that you can give him anytime.

He's really a pain in my head! Ugh!

He wanted me to conceive his future child in exchange for a million dollars. Maybe if I was also a desperate woman I would most likely have agreed to his wishes.

Who wouldn't refuse the grace he offered? Like duh, it worth a million dollars! Guys, its million dollars!

But because I'm not a desperate woman so it's a NO for me! I don't want, never!

Even though I am just a simple woman, just like I said before, I also have big dreams.

And as a dreamer, I also have dreams for myself, especially in my love life.

Look! I am NBSB here, 'No Boobs Since Birth',


What I mean is, 'No Boyfriend Since Birth.' My dream is to marry the person I love and love me as much as I love him. My dream is to have a family with the man I love whom I will marry.

After all, will that crazy man just ruin my dream?

No way!

I will not allow him, I do not want!

No way! Never!

But wait, how can I escape that desperate man?


Can I just retouch my face so that he'll not recognize me at all?

Oh, I forgot.

I don't have that big amount of money to spend.

Ugh! What should I do now?

Wah! What to do? He knows my name, the address of my house, he also knows that mommy and I are the only two together in the house.

That stalker is really a damn! What did he see in me to ask for a child, right away? Is it because I am beautiful and sexy?

He's smart too, huh! That crazy man also knows how to choose a good race. But still it's a big NOOOO!

"Hey! Sofia wait up!"

Oh God! He's then again here!

I think I need to...


Before that crazy man caught me, I started running as far as I can.


I shouted in pain after I fell down to the ground.

"Stupid rocks!" I blame the rocks in my way causing why I fell down.

Because of what happened, the crazy man finally caught me.

"There you are!" He carried me like I am a sack of rice.

"You crazy!" I shouted him but he seems like he don't hear me, or should I say, pretend like didn't hear me!
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