The Horde Twins

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Chapter 10- Jenny

Jenny didn’t want to ruin Justin’s life. He might have broken her heart, never helped with the last three books, and slept with his editor, but did he deserve ruin?

“I don’t want to ruin Justin’s life,” she replied, leaning her head against Dustin’s chest. He made her feel comfortable. Brett lent her strength.

“Don’t let him walk all over you Jenny. You are your own person and deserve recognition,” Brett whispered in her ear, he nipped her lobe sending tingles through her body.

“Justin wrote the first one, I only edited it and drew the illustrations. As the series went on, I took on more of the writing piece too. This last book, he gave me the idea and told me to work my magic. I wrote the dialogue and drew the illustrations.”

“Did he look at the book after you wrote it?”

“I doubt it, you said yourself the editor missed the page I forgot to put in the file.”

“So then this book is ninety-nine percent yours,” Dustin remarked, tilting her head up to look him in the eyes. She saw his dragon swirling in the depths. He was angry, but not at her, for her.

“We will have Justin and Stella come in and speak to us separately. We’ve neglected them if they’ve had a relationship since you two broke up,” Brett added, his hands were wrapped around her waist pressing her back to his chest. She couldn’t think with them wrapped around her body.

“I uh, um…” she rambled, unable to think straight.

“Jenny, we will handle Justin, nothing you’ve said is your fault. If he didn’t do the work, he shouldn’t be getting credit. I want to see your books too, you are a talented artist. I also have authors who want to turn their books into graphic novels. I’d like to partner you up with some of them and see if your art style fits their books.” Dustin explained, setting her away from him so he could look her in the eyes. Brett released her but took one of her hands in his. His thumb rubbed the top.

“You promise to be honest?” she asked, looking from one man to the other.

“Yes. This is business,” Brett promised. She knew he was telling her the truth. Dustin would be sensitive to her feelings, but Brett told her how it was. He showed her that when he snatched her out of her apartment.

“Fine. Hand me my computer,” she replied, Dustin handed her her computer. She opened it with shaky hands. This time she would be the one showing her work, she would see firsthand their reaction to her work.

“This is all my idea. No one helped me with this,” she explained, pulling up the file for Belle’s story.

“You read it, I can’t watch.” Jenny stood up and walked over to the windows, looking out over the city. She found the view mesmerizing. Maybe her princesses could move into a tower over one of their cities and work from there. She let her ideas buzz around her head. She didn’t realize both of them were talking to her.

“Jenny,” Brett said placing a hand on her shoulder

“Oh, yes?” she asked, turning around to see both of them smiling at her.

“This is a wonderful book. I don’t particularly like princesses, but this will help us reach a wider audience,” Dustin explained, pointing to her laptop.

“You think so?”

“I know so. I’ve contacted Leon. He has an appointment with you Monday at ten. He does not know we are connected. I sent him the file and will let you know what he thinks,” Brett replied, he slipped his arms around her waist kissing her neck. Jenny shivered, tilting her head to let Brett nibble on her neck.

“You did an amazing job on this Jenny, I know Leon will like it too.” Dustin smiled up at her and closed her computer.

“What should we do today?” Brett asked, his voice vibrating through her.

“Can we,” she began, then let her thought trail off.

“Tell me, sweetheart.”

“Can we sit and watch a movie together?” She looked at the two of them before getting sweet smiles from them both.

“We will do anything you want. Name your favorite movie and we will watch it,” Dustin answered. Brett brought her back over to the couch, setting her in the middle.

“Anything you two dislike?” She didn’t want to pick a movie they wouldn’t enjoy.

“We don’t watch too many horror films, but anything else we are game for,” Brett replied, handing her the remote. He settled on one side while Dustin took the other. Jenny browsed their digital movies until she came upon the new Jumanji movie with Dwayne Johnson in it.

“Do you mind, Jumanji?” she asked, pointing to the movie.

“Sounds perfect.” Dustin slipped a hand into her lap while Brett put an arm around her shoulders. She settled back, pressed play, and enjoyed being in between two men who wanted her to be their mate. She heard her phone ding about an hour into the movie. Looking around, she saw it on the kitchen counter.

“Do you want it?” Brett asked, she thought about it and shook her head.

“No. I want to focus on spending time with you two. I’ll check it later.” Jenny settled her head on Brett’s shoulder and somehow ended up with her feet in Dustin’s lap. He rubbed her toes, getting a moan out of her.

“Oh, I like that sound,” Brett murmured, kissing the top of her head.

“That feels amazing, Dustin. Do you do more than just feet?” she asked, giving him a teasing wink.

“I’ll rub any part of you,” he replied, sliding up her calves. Jenny sighed, wiggling her toes. Brett rubbed her shoulders as she slid down his chest to rest her head on his thighs. Jenny smiled and closed her eyes. She hadn’t gotten too much sleep the night before. Soon she fell asleep enjoying the warmth her two dragons radiated.

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