The Horde Twins

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Chapter 15 Dustin

Dustin smiled at the message he received from Jenny. He had no worries about Leon seeing her talent. Deciding he was done for the day he closed down his computer.

“I’ll see you in a week, Layla.” He bid her goodbye eager to get back home to Jenny. He and Brett had a lot of convincing to do. He never wanted Jenny to leave them. He climbed into his car and made his way home. Swearing as he pulled out onto the highway he saw a sizeable amount of traffic in his way. Slamming a hand on his steering wheel he saw the lights of a fire truck and ambulance. This would take a while. Pressing his Bluetooth phone in the car he called Brett.

“What’s up?”

“I am stuck in traffic, there is an accident ahead of me. Don’t tell Jenny about our trip until I get home,” he ordered.

“Will do. Want me to let her know?”

“No, I’ll call her. Are you home yet?”

“On my way. I have one more spot to stop then I’ll be home. It should be about twenty minutes.”

“Okay. Bye.” Dustin hung up and called Jenny. The phone rang three times then went to voicemail. He frowned and called Leon.

“Hey Dustin, what can I do for you?” Leon asked his voice all business.

“Jenny Wexley, that author I sent to you today. Is she still with you?”

“No. She went home hours ago. Thank you for sending her my way. I think she will be the next hottest thing to come from our graphic novel division.”

“Glad I could help. I met her at the anniversary party.”

“I remember her with her work with Justin Fae.”

“So you are interested in publishing her?”

“Definitely, she has an amazing talent. I cannot wait to get her partnered with an editor and published.”

“Wonderful. She won’t be available this week. Brett and I are taking our mate to St. Thomas.” Dustin waited for Leon to connect the dots.

“Your mate, huh?”

“Yes. She didn’t want me to say anything when we connected with her. She didn’t want you to say yes to her book because she is Brett and my mate.”

“Smart woman. Have fun. I’ll connect her with my editors next week for her to pick the one she thinks will help her best. I’ll keep your relationship quiet, I want the editors not to worry about who she is connected with. I saw you released Stella from her editor’s job.”

“I did. She and Justin Fae were having a relationship.” Dustin sighed as he finally made it past the accident. Four cars were off on the shoulder with two completely crunched on both ends.

“Damn. She was one of our best up and coming editors.”

“I know. I let her know we’d give her a letter of recommendation but she could no longer work for us.” Dustin floored it down the highway.

“Do you need me for anything else Dustin?”

“No. See you next week. Brett and I are unavailable. Handle any shit on your own or leave it for me until I get back.”

“Will do.” Dustin hung up just as he pulled into the underground parking garage for his penthouse. He saw Jenny’s car, so she had to be home. He hurried to the elevator and into the penthouse. Rushing inside he came to a halt seeing her set up working on her computer. She had earbuds in and her eyes were completely focused on her screen.

“Jenny,” he called setting his keys down on the counter. She didn’t look up. Being careful he walked over and knelt touching her shoulder. She jerked her head away from the computer and blinked. Her eyes softened into a smile. He leaned over and kissed her lips gently.

“What a beautiful sight to come home to.” She blushed at his words and closed her computer.

“Where is Brett?” she asked, looking around for his brother.

“On his way home. He had to do some shopping. I tried to call you to let you know I was on my way home. You didn’t answer.”

“I’m sorry. I put my headphones in and went to work on book three. Leon wants to publish my book!” She bounced on the couch, her excitement palpable.

“This calls for a celebration!” Dustin marched into the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of Champagne chilling in the wine drawer. He poured each of them a glass and brought it over.

“Shouldn’t we wait for Brett?” she asked, accepting the glass.

“Wait for me for what?” Brett asked walking into the apartment with his arms laden down with bags.

“Jenny’s book has been accepted by Leon. He wants to publish her,” Dustin answered, turning to look at his brother.

“Wonderful news!” Brett cried, dropping his bags, heading into the kitchen, and grabbing himself another glass. Dustin waited for him to fill it before offering up his glass.

“To Jenny getting a book deal all her own!” He raised his glass, Brett echoing his words. Jenny stood with a deep blush across her face and neck.

“And more good news,” Brett continued after taking a sip of his glass.

“Jenny, what would you say about going to an island and enjoying some warm weather?” Brett asked, Dustin gave her a hopeful look praying she would say yes.

“What?” Jenny gave them a shocked look.

“We want to take you to our beach villa on St. Thomas. We talked about it.”

“I know we did. I didn’t think you meant today. You told me you needed to get things scheduled.”

“Dustin cleared our schedule for the next week including you. Leon knows you are our mate. He knows you will be gone for a week. I went shopping and had our assistant Trevor take care of the tickets. The villa will be cleared and readied for us before we arrive tomorrow,” Brett explained, setting his glass down and going back to where he’d left the bags. He placed them at Jenny’s feet in offering.

“These are for me?” she asked, setting her glass down.

“Yes. I knew you didn’t have much here for our trip. I hope you like everything I picked out.” Dustin watched as Jenny took out piece after piece until she got to the last bag. This bag was pink with stripes. Dustin lifted an eyebrow at his brother. He didn’t know Brett was brave enough to walk into a lingerie store. Jenny gave Brett a raised eyebrow as she pulled out several pieces of sexy lingerie. He saw a few that made him picture her wearing them while he and Brett made love to her again.

“This is too much Brett. I can’t accept all of this.”

“Yes, you can. You are our mate. We want to provide for you.” Dustin took her hand turning her to face him. Dustin leaned down and kissed her lips softly.

“Let us spoil you. You are an amazing woman Jenny, we want you to be happy.” Brett used his hand to turn Jenny’s face to his, giving her a kiss. Dustin watched Jenny’s body language. Her shoulders relaxed and she leaned in. Jenny pulled back after a moment leaning into Dustin’s arms. He wrapped her up offering her comfort.

“Okay. I’ll give this week at St. Thomas to see how I feel about being mates. You know what Justin did to me and I need time.” Dustin and Brett both growled at Justin’s name.

“Justin lost his contract with us because he and Stella dated. They broke contract rules,” Dustin shared, Jenny’s eyes went wide.

“Don’t you dare think this was your fault. They both broke the rules and knew what would happen if they did. I have not blackballed Justin or Stella although we should have. I knew it would make you upset. He is also getting only one percent of the royalties for the newest book because his name is on it. You will get the other fifty-nine percent.”

“Shut up!” Jenny clapped a hand over her mouth.

“We pay our authors well. You will get sixty percent of all royalties for your newest book after the cost of printing is taken.” Jenny shook her head, her eyes shining.

“You two are amazing.” She hugged Dustin and reached out for Brett. He leaned over and let her tug him close too.

“You are our mate and showed us we need to check in on our contracts to make sure everyone is getting paid a fair wage.”

“I did?”

“You did. When I saw your apartment the first time I couldn’t believe you lived there. It wasn’t the mess that caught my eye. It was all the second-hand furniture and worn clothing,” Dustin shared squeezing her shoulders.


“Yes. Now go pack a suitcase,” Brett ordered helping Jenny to her feet. Jenny bent down to pick up the bags, both men jumped to help her. Once everything was in the master room they gave her some space.

“Do you think by the end of the week she will agree to be our mate?” he asked Brett. The connection between them was strong, but Jenny kept pushing them away.

“I hope so. I don’t want to think about what would happen to us if she tells us no.” Brett clapped him on his shoulder before heading into the kitchen to cook dinner. He and Brett traded days off on who cooked. Dustin agreed with Brett, he didn’t want to think about it.

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