The Horde Twins

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Chapter 18 Dustin

Chapter-18 Dustin

Dustin awoke around seven to see Brett and Jenny still fast asleep. He shook Jenny gently, so she woke partly.

“Dustin?” Her voice husky from sleep she rubbed her eyes. Dustin felt his cock come to life and groaned.

“Baby, I wanted to wake you up so you could get a shower in,” he whispered and her eyes opened fully.

“Are you coming in with me?” she asked, and he paused.

“I hadn’t planned on it. I was going to make breakfast while you showered. Do you want me to come?” he asked, sitting up letting the sheet fall off his bare chest.

“Can you?” Jenny ran a hand down his bare chest, gripping him through the sheets.

“It would be my pleasure.” Dustin slipped out of bed, letting his erection stand at attention. Jenny’s eyes went wide as they traveled down his body to stop between his legs. Dustin held out his hand, helping her out of the bed. As soon as her feet hit the floor, Dustin picked her up and marched into the bathroom. He placed her on the toilet while he turned on the shower to let the water warm up.

“Are you excited to go to St. Thomas?” he asked, holding his hand in the water, waiting for it to feel warm.

“I’ve never been,” she answered, a soft smile on her face.

“You’ll love it. I cannot wait to take you into the ocean and see you in your bathing suit.” The water felt warm against his hand; he beckoned her forward. Jenny got to her feet and stepped into the water, Dustin right behind him. Her hands wrapped around his waist from behind her teeth nipping at his shoulder. Dustin groaned, turning around to capture her lips.

“Mmm, sexy, my love.” He pushed his tongue into her mouth, pulling her flush against his skin. Jenny’s hands slid down his chest to grasp him, pumping up and down. Dustin groaned, laying back against the cold tile. When her mouth latched onto his cock, Dustin jerked in her hands.

“Fuck, Jenny.” Holding onto her hair, he helped her bob back and forth at a pace that made his desire build quickly. Her mouth sucked in, holding him tighter, making him moan louder.

“You are amazing, baby.” He watched her mouth move up and down on him, his ball clenched as his orgasm washed over him. Spilling seed down her throat he groaned bending his knees.

“You didn’t have to do that,” he told her, helping her to her feet.

“I know, but I wanted to. You and Brett make me feel special and loved. I want to show you how much I care about you too.” She placed a gentle kiss to his lips before slipping under the spray of water. Dustin admired her curvy body, picking up a cloth to wash her with her body wash. He started at her feet, worshipping her body, taking extra care around her breasts and womanhood.

“I love your body, Jenny. Your curves drive me crazy.” Dustin pressed his hardened member against her ass.

“Again?” she asked, looking at him over her shoulder.

“Always.” He nipped at her shoulder rubbing himself between her ass cheeks. Her soft moans met his ears.

“Do you want to?” he asked, not wanting her to feel she needed to give it to him.

“God yes.” She used her hands to prop herself against the wall. Dustin smirked and made love to her in the shower. By the time they finished, the water had gone cold. Picking Jenny up since her legs were jelly Dustin placed her on the edge of the jacuzzi tub wrapping a towel around her. He rubbed her down, taking care to help dry her hair.

“Took you two long enough,” Brett joked, standing in the doorway fully dressed. Dustin smirked at his brother and nodded.

“Had to make sure she was clean,” he answered, wrapping a towel around himself.

“You get dressed, I’ll help our mate,” Brett offered, coming in and picking Jenny up.

“Sure.” Dustin kissed Jenny’s temple before going to his room to get dressed. He put on a pair of dark wash jeans, an undershirt, and a sweater. By the time he dressed and put his suitcase by the front door, Jenny and Brett came down the hall. Jenny looked thoroughly loved while Brett carried her things.

“Ready to go?” Dustin asked, handing Jenny her winter coat. Brett and Dustin both put on their own.

“I am ready,” Jenny replied, putting her computer bag onto her shoulder. Dustin picked up his suitcase and opened the door to get to the elevator. Brett walked through with his and Jenny’s bags, Jenny followed and Dustin brought up the rear. He locked the door before stepping onto the elevator. Taking Jenny’s hand, Dustin smiled down at her. She gave him a sweet smile and leaned into his side, putting her other hand on Brett’s.

Making it to the airport, Dustin kept an eye on Jenny. She seemed quiet, nervous about their flight.

“We have a private plane, it is very safe,” he assured her as they made their way through check-in.

“I haven’t been on a plane in years.”

“You’ll like this one,” Brett promised, pressing a kiss to her cheek. Jenny gave a soft smile and nodded. Dustin held one hand while Brett held the other. Walking to the gate, Dustin spoke to the woman at the counter.

“Hello. We are here for the Horde plane.” She looked up and gave him a sweet smile before looking up and down his body, it sent a vile shiver down his back. He did not like women looking at him like he was a piece of meat now that he had Jenny.

“Let me check, sir,” she said, clicking on her computer.

“Your plane will be ready to board in five minutes.”

“Thank you.” Dustin went back to Jenny and Brett to tell them they had five minutes.

“I don’t like the look she gave you,” Jenny grumbled, crossing her eyes and glaring at the woman.

“Don’t worry my love, you are the only woman I want or need,” Dustin replied, bending down to place a deep kiss on her lips. Brett let out a chuckle and held Jenny’s hand. Dustin took the seat on her opposite side, waiting for the plane to arrive.

“Your plane is ready, sir,” the woman announced after a few minutes.

“Thank you.” Dustin, Brett, and Jenny stood and walked through the tunnel to enter the tarmac to get to their plane. As Jenny’s eyes set on the plane, she paused. Dustin looked back at her to see the awe on her face.

“You ready?” he asked, motioning for her to continue walking. Jenny nodded, and he ushered her onto the plane. Brett went ahead, waiting at the door for Jenny. Dustin followed before checking in with the pilot.

“We are ready to go, River, we have precious cargo on board. I want you to be as careful as possible while flying this plane,” Dustin explained to the pilot.

“Yes, Mr. Horde.” River nodded his agreement while checking all the dials. Dustin went back to Brett and Jenny to see Jenny running a hand along the tan leather of her seat. Brett was settled next to her, checking his phone. Dustin took the seat across from her, giving her a smile.

“This plane is amazing. If this is how you two travel, I am more than happy to stick around,” she joked, giving him a cheeky smile. Dustin laughed and patted her knee.


“Ladies and gentlemen, please buckle up, they have cleared us for liftoff,” River announced over the intercom.

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