The Horde Twins

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Chapter 19- Jenny

Jenny walked into the private beach house Brett and Dustin owned. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The place oozed money. To get into the neighborhood, they had to type in a code to open a gate. Each home was placed in a private space where Jenny wouldn’t know they had neighbors had they not passed three houses before coming to Brett and Dustin’s home.

“This place is amazing. How come you two don’t come here more often?” she asked, setting her bag down and walking out onto the deck with stairs leading down to the beach.

“We both have been spending a lot of time building our company. This is the first time in a year we have come out here,” Dustin shared coming up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist. Jenny leaned back into his body and looked over to see Brett stepping up to her side. She reached out to take his hand. She wanted to be touching both men. They made her feel amazing and beautiful.

“Then this vacation is for all of us. What do you two like to do here?” she asked as Brett squeezed her hand.

“Read all those books we are publishing, sit on the beach and swim,” Brett answered, giving her a sweet smile.

“Sounds wonderful. What do we do first?” she asked, this time looking up at Dustin.

“Want to show off that bathing suit you have?” Dustin asked, giving her a wink. Jenny nodded and laughed, slipping out of his arms. She picked up her bag and dug through, grabbing her deep blue tankini. She loved her body, but after years of body shaming from people, she grew up with, she never liked showing off her rounded stomach. Looking down at her thighs, she sighed at the cellulite that covered her. She wished she looked better for Brett and Dustin. Both of them looked sculpted like a Greek god. Putting on her bathing suit, she went back out to the main room to find Brett and Dustin waiting for her wearing swim trunks. Brett wore pure black, not a surprise to her. Dustin wore royal blue board shorts with pineapples. She chuckled and walked over.

“Ready for the beach?” she asked, turning their attention to her. Both men’s eyes dilated and Brett had to adjust himself in his shorts. She smirked and grabbed her bag she’d prepped for the beach. Stepping out to the deck, she saw a staircase leading out to the sand. Leaving the men behind, she headed to the beach. This was her vacation, and she wanted to get started enjoying the sun.

“We have a cabana set up down the beach,” Dustin called out to her when her feet touched the hot sand. She looked to her left and there was the cabana with three beach chairs set up. The chairs had towels, pillows, and drinks waiting.

“You two are too much,” she replied with a laugh and set off for the cabana. She took the chair in the middle, this way she could touch either one when she wanted. Brett settled to her left and Dustin to her right. Each man had a book and their phone. Dustin was frowning at his phone, typing away.

“I thought no phones on this trip?” she asked, reaching over to snag the phone from his hands. Dustin turned to look at her in surprise.

“Baby, I need my phone. I have something that needs to be handled,” he answered, holding out his hand for his phone. She shook her head and shoved it in the top of her bathing suit.

“You didn’t want to do that, baby,” Dustin growled with desire flaring in her eyes. She’d never seen the more dominant side of Dustin. He’d been content to let Brett lead their lovemaking. Jenny laughed and shook her head. Brett let out a snort and shrugged.

“Dustin, we came here to woo our mate. You being on your phone doesn’t help. Whatever you are dealing with can wait. Let go of work, you workaholic.”

“Fine.” Dustin smirked and sat back on his seat, opening a graphic novel Jenny recognized. It was about Jack the Ripper.

“You like that kind of stuff?” she asked after watching him read for a few minutes.

“I want to read all the books we have for our graphic novel division. I need to see what we’ve been producing. Brett and I have tried to give Leon free rein, but I want to check on our product. I do this every year. All the books we’ve published come through my desk. I don’t have time to read everything.”

“Do you ever put a book down and refuse to finish?” Jenny was notorious for not finishing books if they bored her. That is how she’d felt about Fifty Shades of Grey. Dustin and Brett were better than some romance novel any day.

“Sometimes, I will read the first chapter and last chapter of some books. I know my book preferences are not the same as others, so I try not to judge.”

“Have you ever dropped an author?” She watched Dustin think about how to answer her.

“We’ve dropped a few here or there. If they stop producing stories, we try to send our editors out to encourage them. If an author doesn’t produce at least a rough draft of a book after a year, we seriously consider dropping them. Justin is the first we’ve had to let go because of his breach of contract.”

“Makes sense.” She turned back to her sketch pad and began working out the next few panels for her Cinderella story. She liked to sketch before putting a pen on her computer. This gave her a chance to work out the kinks in a more concrete way. The three sat out on the beach for a few hours before Jenny put down her pencil.

“I am going to walk along the beach. I won’t go far.” She grabbed her sun hat and walked down to the edge of the water. The sun shone down and a gentle breeze blew through her hair. She walked, letting the cool water lap at her ankles. She gave herself a chance to relax and enjoy the beginnings of her relationship. If she were honest with herself, she’d say she wanted Brett and Dustin to mate her and give her security, but she couldn’t cross that threshold yet. The sex amazing, their attention great, but Jenny had been burned before. She cursed, not knowing many shifters growing up. She didn’t know how mates worked. Yes, Brett and Dustin explained there was no divorce, but what if they got bored with her? Would they expect children right away? Jenny wasn’t sure she wanted to be a mother just yet. In her mind’s eye, she saw the baby they’d produce, it would have her dark hair and their eyes.

Shaking her head, she continued her walk until she came upon a small tide pool. She sat down and took in everything. There was a small pink starfish along with a few tiny fish swimming in the pool. Jenny committed it to memory to add to one of her stories. Leon wanted her books, he wanted her to draw for others too. When they came back from the beach, she had a meeting set up with a woman named Brenda to see if they would fit as editor and author. Jenny sat for a while thinking through everything when she saw a shadow pass over her. Looking up, she saw Brett and Dustin standing above her.

“You’ve been gone a long time, sweetheart. You okay?” Brett asked, crouching to look her in the eyes.

“Just thinking through everything.”

“Our dinner reservation is in an hour. I figured you want to shower and get ready,” Dustin explained, holding out a hand to help her to her feet. Jenny let him pull her to her feet before taking Brett’s hand. The three walked down the beach in companionable silence. Jenny enjoyed that they didn’t feel the need to fill the air with needless words. Upon entering the house, she went to her room and showered alone before picking out one of the floral dresses Brett had bought her. She picked out a matching set of white lace underwear. Brett must have a thing for lace since all of the underwear he bought is lace.

“I’m ready,” she announced, only to see the main area empty. Shrugging her shoulder, she decided they must still be getting ready. Pulling her computer out, she started it up and began working away on what she’d sketched earlier on the beach. The story pulled her in as she continued through the fifth chapter, losing track of everything around her.

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