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The Horde Twins

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Chapter 2 Jenny

Jenny could not believe she’d yelled at Dustin Horde, one of her bosses. He and Brett made her so horny, anytime she saw their pictures she wanted to know what it would be like with both of them. Why her thoughts went that way, she didn’t know. Now he was in her disgusting living room waiting for her to return. She remembered Justin Fae’s book. The problem was, she spent a lot of time editing his words. He never sent her his finished draft, and she helped him fix it. Justin had been a boyfriend and when he found success he dumped her. Jenny knew she was a pushover, because she kept helping Justin. Part of it was because she needed the money from drawing the pictures. If she outed him, then she would lose her only source of income. Most of the books from their series were ones she did most of the work on. This past book was almost completely hers, he gave her his idea and some dialogue, but she put it together into a book worth reading.

Walking out of her bedroom she brought out her laptop, it was the only thing she spent money on. The rest of her things were second hand or given to her by Layla. Dustin unsettled her. When she came out of her room, he remained in his seat on the threadbare couch. The fact he’d cleaned her kitchen while she changed shocked the hell out of her.

“Do you know which page is missing?” she asked, sitting down and opening her computer. She pulled out her stylist and began moving things around on her computer.

“Let me check with Brett.” Dustin stood up and pulled out the newest edition cell phone and dialed. Jenny did her best not to stare. His brunette hair was cropped short on the sides and kept long on top. He had a hint of scruff on his face. The three-piece suit worked for him. The navy blue brought out the gold in his eyes. Jenny did her best to keep her desire tamped down. She couldn’t throw herself at her boss, but something about him called to her on a primitive level.

“I need the page number missing,” Dustin growled into the phone. Shivers went down her spine, causing her pussy to gush.

“Thanks.” He hung up and turned around to look at her. Jenny dropped her eyes to her computer and pulled up the file.

“Page thirty-five.” He sat down, his knees almost at his chest. Shame filled her, Dustin Horde didn’t sit on thrift store couches. Jenny quickly worked her way to page thirty-five. The whole thing was blank. She groaned and smacked her forehead.

“It is my fault. I must have pulled the page out of the document to work on it and never put it back. Hang on,” she told him, opening up her editing software. There it was, the missing page. Jenny quickly checked it over and typed out the last of the words she needed to add. All the while she worked she sensed Dustin’s eyes boring a hole into her. Keeping her eyes down, she worked on the page, making it perfect.

“How did they not notice the missing page until publishing?” she asked, looking up from her work.

“That is what I would like to know. We have editors for a reason,” Dustin growled. Jenny shivered and finished up on the page.

“They’ve had the book file for two weeks,” she mentioned hoping he wouldn’t be angry the missing page was her fault.

“True. Who do you send your files to?” he asked, pulling his phone out.

“Justin handles that. I send him the file and he sends it on to his editor. I believe her name is Stella.” Jenny knew exactly who his editor was, Stella was the woman he dumped her for.

“Are you and Justin a team or do you work on other projects?” Jenny sighed and looked up at Dustin. His interest was genuine.

“We were a team to start.” She didn’t want to get into their sordid history.

“What happened?”

“He decided I wasn’t good enough.”

“But you still are his artist?”

“I don’t have any other source of income. It was either keep working with the idiot or lose my job,” she explained. Why did Dustin make her want to talk?

“Can I see your work?” he asked, holding his hands out for the computer. Jenny hesitated but handed it over. Watching Dustin look through her work made her chew a fingernail. He reached out and pulled her thumb out of her mouth. Tingles erupted all over her body as his hand touched hers.

“You draw well. This differs from the first book of Justin’s I’ve read.” His comment made her look away.

“Jenny?” His tone made her sigh. He handed her the computer back.

“I’ve been helping Justin edit his stories since day one. This one he got lazy on and I need to pay rent.”

“I see. Thank you for finding the issue. Can you send this to the publisher directly?”

“I don’t have their information,” she answered, getting the file ready to send to Justin again.

“Here.” Dustin held out his card. She took it to see his personal email on the card.

“You send it to my email and I will make sure the publisher gets it.” He gave her a smile that melted her insides.

“Yes, sir.” She typed in the information and sent off the file.

“Are you coming to the anniversary party tonight?” he asked her. She shook her head. They had sent all employees the invitation, but she didn’t have a car. When she wanted to get into the city, she took the bus.

“How come?”

“I don’t have a car,” she explained, closing her computer.

“I’ll send a car to come get you. I’d like you to see your hard work in physical form,” he told her, taking her hands in his. She stared into his hazel eyes mesmerized and nodded her agreement.

“Wait, I don’t have a dress for this. I’ve heard about your parties from Layla, I need to look fancy.” Dustin gave her a smirk and helped her from her seat.

“Then you can come back to the city with me. I’ll let Layla take you out and help you find a dress.” His offer shocked her, she didn’t know what to say to him.

“Come to the party tonight. I want you to meet my brother Brett.” He held onto her hands, giving them a squeeze. Jenny tried not to melt as he gave her a megawatt smile.

“How will I get back home?”

“I’ll have a car bring you home after the party,” he promised, brushing a hand across her cheek. Jenny lowered her eyes, Dustin Horde overwhelmed her senses.

“Come with me.” He walked her out of the apartment before she realized she didn’t have her purse or keys.

“Hang on.” As hard as it was Jenny took her hands back and went into her room to get her purse, phone, a charger and keys. All the while she was aware of the lack of his touch. In the thirty minutes he’d been in her presence, she missed him. Now don’t be getting attached to your boss. You’ve read enough books to know that never works. She scolded herself. With her renewed determination not to fall in love with her boss, she went back out to Dustin. He stood in the doorway looking out at the street below. She cringed, she knew she lived in a less than a savory part of town. The apartment was the only place she could afford to live on her own. She tried being roommates with Layla, but found they had such different schedules. Her working through the night kept Layla awake, and Layla being around the apartment during the day kept Jenny awake.

“I’m ready,” she announced, closing her bedroom door. Dustin turned his smile on her, making her knees go weak.

“Good.” Dustin took her hand again and walked her out to a shiny red sports car. She giggled, of course he drove a sports car.

“Something funny?” he asked, opening the passenger door for her.

“No. You are driving a car I pictured you having.” She felt comfortable around him, telling him her thoughts. Dustin laughed and motioned for her to sit. She sat rubbing the luxurious leather underneath her. The car oozed money.

“While you grabbed your things, I told Layla to be ready to help you go shopping. She seemed excited,” Dustin commented, turning the car on and pulling out of her apartment complex parking lot.

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