The Horde Twins

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Chapter 20- Brett

Brett walked into the living room of their beach house to find Jenny settled against a pillow on the couch, her computer settled in tablet mode. He watched her poke a tongue between her teeth as she concentrated. Her hair had been pulled into a ponytail and upon further inspection, he noticed she’d put makeup on but kept it natural. Her sundress made him smile, he’d picked it out knowing she would look amazing.

“Brett, can I talk with you?” Dustin whispered from the doorway of his room. Brett nodded and went into the bedroom, letting Dustin close and lock the door behind them.

“What did you want to discuss?” Brett asked, crossing his arms and facing his brother.

“I just received a phone call from Timothy,” Dustin explained, and Brett shrugged.

“And?” He wanted his brother to get to the point so he could get back to their mate.

“Justin is causing trouble.”

“Like what?”

“He is suing us for all royalties and copyright of his books,” Dustin shared, making Brett swear.

“Fuck! What did Timothy say?”

“He is working on the details. So far I know Justin is suing for all royalties Jenny’s included and wants to transfer all his books over to a new publisher once he has a new contract set up.”

“He can’t have Jenny’s because she did the work.” Brett paced the room, willing his dragon to settle. The beast raged in his chest, pushing for him to shift and kill the idiot.

“Timothy already assured me Justin cannot go after Jenny’s portion of the profits. We prove that she did all the work. I’d suggest going to Stella, but if she and Justin are still romantically involved she won’t help us,” Brett suggested, scrubbing a hand down his face.

“Stella might if we can convince her Justin is a tool. I’ll tell Timothy to contact Stella. She was his editor and would know more about this. We need to talk to Jenny and have her give Timothy a statement too.” Dustin pulled out his phone and typed away.

“This is convenient too, Justin waited until we were out of the country. Did Timothy say anything else?”

“Justin has threatened to take this public if we don’t give in to his demands. He hinted at knowing about our relationship with Jenny. He has threatened to tell everyone she is our mate and damage her chances of selling her books without our influence,” Dustin shared pacing as he typed out an email.

“Then we counter. We will discuss his terms when we are back in the country, but if anything leaks about Jenny we will ruin him or expose him and how he didn’t write the last three graphic novels. We will have Jenny come out with a statement explaining how she practically wrote the books by herself. We can also expose his relationship with Stella.” Brett would not kowtow to this idiot. He knew Justin wouldn’t want people to know he ran out of creative energy and was riding on the coattails of Jenny’s talent.


“Not a word to Jenny until we know more. I don’t want to ruin her time here. We need to convince her she is our mate before word of this gets to her. I know Jenny will think stepping away from us is the right thing to make this go away. I won’t let her do that,” Brett growled, feeling confined in his dress pants and white dress shirt.

“Agreed. My dragon tried to erupt when I read the email.”

“Mine is sitting just under my skin, wanting to burst out and kill Justin himself.”

“I am in total agreement. That bastard is messing with what is ours, Jenny. I can care less about the money, but that belongs to her, not him.” Brett nodded his agreement and went into the adjacent bathroom to splash water onto his face. He needed to calm down before going out to see Jenny. After another minute, his dragon was calm enough for Brett to risk going out to Jenny.

“Got it under control?” Dustin watched him from the door to the bathroom, leaning against the jamb.

“Yes. Let’s woo our girl.” Brett clapped Dustin on the shoulder and the two of them went out to the living room.

“Jenny, you ready?” Brett called, fixing the cuffs on his shirt. She didn’t answer, making Brett look up at her to see she wasn’t paying attention. Dustin laughed and brushed past him. He bent down and nipped Jenny’s ear, making her yelp. She whipped around and laughed, seeing Dustin.

“Why didn’t you just say something?” she demanded with a sweet smile on her face.

“Brett asked if you were ready. You didn’t answer.” Jenny turned her green eyes on his.

“You did?”

“I did. I even said your name.” Brett moved over to where she was sitting on the couch and bent down to place a gentle kiss on her lips. The touch sent his dragon into a frenzy, wanting to show off for their mate.

Later, tonight we can show her us in our glory. He promised his dragon satiating him enough to let Brett stay in control.

“I’m sorry I didn’t pay attention. I was working on my next panel for Cinderella’s story.”

“Don’t ever be sorry for working on your art. I find it sexy you can get lost in your work,” Brett whispered, bumping her button nose with his. He pressed down on her laptop to push it closed. Jenny let him. He took it and placed it on the charger she’d plugged into a wall earlier.

“Time for dinner.” He held out a hand, and she took it. Dustin took her other hand, and they went out to the waiting town car. The three climbed into the back, Jenny sandwiched between the men. Each one put a hand on her thighs.

“Where are we eating?” she asked, leaning her head onto Dustin’s shoulder.

“Our favorite place to eat when we come here. It is a small family-owned restaurant we discovered years ago when we bought our house,” Brett explained, taking her hand in his.

“What is it called?”

“The Tavern.”

“Sounds rustic.” Brett nodded, thinking about the little place. It had enough tables for five to six groups inside and five to six sitting outside. He hoped they would get an outside table. The view was to die for as the sun set.

“We are here sirs and ma’am,” their driver Pierre announced, pulling to the front of the small restaurant.

“Welcome to The Tavern where the food is amazing, the view fantastic, and the privacy perfect for people like us.” Brett swept his hand out to encompass the small restaurant hidden by palm trees and ferns.

“Very cute, just the type of place I would look for when going on vacation,” Jenny answered, a massive smile on her face. She took each of their hands and let them lead her into the place. Brett caught the owner Soren’s eye. Soren came rushing over and stopped before them.

“Brett and Dustin, welcome back. It has been some time and you have a friend with you.” Soren bowed slightly.

“This is our mate, Jenny. We’d like an outside table if any are available,” Brett told him. Soren gave him a knowing smile and a wink.

“I have the perfect table for a couple such as yourselves.” Soren led them through the restaurant and out back to where the tables faced the ocean. Jenny gasped when she stepped out.

“This is beautiful, sir,” she said, a look of awe on her face.

“Please call me Soren. Malak will be your server today, she will be out in a minute.” Soren handed them their menus and disappeared.

“This is beautiful. Thank you for bringing me here.” Jenny reached out and pulled first Dustin in for a kiss, then Brett. Brett’s dragon rumbled his pleasure, pulling her in for a deeper kiss. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, tasting her fully. He needed to bleed off some of the sexual tension racing through his veins. Pulling back he saw desire cloud her eyes, almost breaking his resolve to having dinner before making love again. Dustin pushed him gently out of the way and took Jenny’s lips with his own before helping her into her chair. Brett settled and took up the menu. He noted they had new dishes to try. Using the menu as a shield, he gave himself a moment to settle.

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