The Horde Twins

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Chapter 21- Jenny

Jenny watched Brett and Dustin throughout dinner. They looked nervous as if something wasn’t right. Suddenly a terrible thought came to her mind. What if they realized she wasn’t their mate? What if they were going to tell her they’d made a mistake and send her back to her shithole apartment? Dessert arrived at the table looking like a work of art. The small family-run restaurant had surprised her with their amazing food at every course. Dessert didn’t disappoint. Each of them had a different dessert. She’d chosen the chocolate cheesecake with white chocolate roses set on top. Dustin chose their peach cobbler and Brett got key lime pie. Each of their desserts was just as beautifully created.

“This is amazing. You have a very talented pastry chef,” she told Soren when he came out to check on them.

“Thank you, my wife will be pleased to hear that.” He bowed and went back inside.

“Okay, you two are killing me. What is going on?” she asked when Pierre was out of earshot and the two exchanged another look between them.

“What do you mean?” Dustin asked, turning his piercing eyes onto her. A shiver of desire raced through her body, making Jenny almost forget what she wanted from them.

“You two keep exchanging glances over dinner. Are you regretting telling me I might be your mate?” To her horror, Jenny felt her eyes sting.

“No!” Brett barked out, getting out of his chair to clasp her hands and knelt by her side.

“We have been discussing how best to show you our dragons,” Dustin answered, coming to her other side. Jenny gave him a disbelieving look. She suspected that wasn’t all of what they worried about.

“Well, what is stopping you from showing me?” she asked seriously interested in seeing their dragons.

“We can show you tonight, even in the dark we are large enough to see,” Brett answered going back to his seat.

“I would love to see them. They are a huge part of us being mates. I have a question about being with dragons.”

“Shoot,” Dustin replied, settling back in his seat.

“How long do you live?” She suspected they were much older than they looked. To her, they were in their early thirties, but she’d read enough dragon lore to assume they were much older.

“We are seventy-five. Dragons can live forever unless they contract an incurable disease.” Jenny frowned. If they could live forever and she might make it to her nineties, what would that mean for them?

“How far do you age?”

“We stop about mid-fifties aging wise,” Brett replied, reaching for her hand.

“Then how would this work? At some point, I will look older than you two and someone will mistake me for your mother, not mate.”

“When we mate, there is a part of the mating process where we give you a dragon of your own.” Jenny stopped the bite of cheesecake to her mouth.

“Wait, what?”

“After we mate intimately, we will exchange a touch of blood to give you a dragon of your own. You will age alongside us and continue to be with us for as long as we all live.”

“No fucking way?” she gasped dropping her fork forgetting about the dessert in front of her.


“That is amazing and another thing I will have to think about. Being your mate could be for centuries. How do we not get bored with each other?” she asked another worry added to her list.

“Dragons mate for life. We won’t get bored with each other. We may change over time and explore other hobbies, but mates are forever. Dustin and I won’t ever want another woman in our lives,” Brett assured her, Jenny wasn’t sure how much she believed him. Her track record with men was not good.

“Finish your dessert and we will take you back to the beach house to show off our dragons. No one is asking you to decide this second. I can tell you have a lot to think about.” Dustin kissed her cheek and settled back to finish eating. Jenny nodded, Dustin always seemed to know what was swirling around in her head without her having to say anything. Taking another bite of her dessert, she tried to push all her worries out of her mind.

“Dustin is right, you don’t have to agree to mate us yet. We took this vacation to spend time together to show you how amazing being mates will be.” Brett winked, taking a bite from his dessert. The three finished eating and left the restaurant, both men holding her hands. Jenny sensed they were nervous and excited to show her their dragons. She wondered what they would look like. Would they be the same since they were twins or different?

“Are there different dragons?” she asked as they made their way back to the house.

“Yes,” Dustin answered, rubbing his thumb on her hand.

“What type are you two?”

“We are water dragons.” She cocked her head to the side, trying to figure out what that meant.

“You breathe water instead of fire?” she asked, and Brett let out a laugh.

“We swim in water when we shift. That is why we have this beach house and a pool on top of the penthouse,” Dustin explained in a calm voice.

“Would I be a water dragon? If we have any children, will they be water dragons?” Jenny couldn’t stop the stream of questions spilling out of her mouth.

“Yes, to both those questions,” Brett answered, taking her hand and placing it in his lap.

“How old do you have to be to shift?”


“This is a lot to take in.”

“We understand. Let’s take this a step at a time. We are home, so let’s go behind the house and show you our dragons,” Dustin replied just as the car stopped in front of their home. Jenny nodded, her thoughts swirling in her brain as she followed him out of the house. Brett brought up the rear, keeping her going through the house and out to the beach.

“Stand here,” Brett ordered, pointing to a spot on the sand. Jenny crossed her arms and waited. To her delight, both men stripped out of their clothing.

“We have to be naked when we shift or our clothing rips,” Dustin explained, folding his clothing and setting shoes on top. Jenny nodded, not wanting to say a word.

“Just remember we won’t hurt you,” Brett added before he and Dustin stepped back onto the sand further away. Jenny watched as they each went their separate ways until they were about fifty yards apart. Neither said a word and if Jenny hadn’t been focused on them, she would have missed it entirely. One second both men were on the beach naked and then they were blue, green, and gold mottled dragons. Jenny gasped, placing a hand over her mouth. They were beautiful. Brett’s dragon stepped forward, lowering his head. Jenny closed the distance between them, reaching a hand slowly to touch the dragon’s nose. She hesitated for a scant second before putting her hand on his scales. He felt warm to the touch. Jenny noticed neither dragon had wings, but a large fin protruded from the middle of their backs.

“Dustin,” she called, motioning for him to come forward. Jenny looked him over and noted his coloring and pattern differed from Brett’s. While Brett’s face was mostly green and gold, Dustin had blue, green, and gold scales covering his face.

“You two are water dragons, can I see you in the water?” she asked, she didn’t know if dragons could smile, but she swore she saw a smirk cross Brett’s snout. Dustin nodded and turned around, Jenny was careful of his tail. She watched him thunder down the beach before leaping into the waves. Brett followed. Jenny came to the edge of the water, letting it lap at her feet as she watched her mates. Mates? Did she really think that? They’d spent five days together and already she didn’t know if she wanted to go without them. Jenny cried her delight when Brett’s dragon leaped from the ocean, diving back in with a grace she envied. Not to be outdone, Dustin’s dragon broke the surface, launching himself in the air. For the next twenty minutes, she watched the two dragons play in the water. Jenny wondered what she would look like as a dragon. All too soon both men were coming out of the water, shifted back and naked. Any thoughts Jenny had in her head about the dragons disappeared as she noticed both men were sporting thick shafts between their legs.

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