The Horde Twins

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Chapter 22 Dustin

Dustin watched Jenny’s eyes dilate as he and Brett came out of the water. The look of awe and admiration on her face made his cock ridged. He wanted to feel her pussy wrap around him. He sensed Brett’s desire for their mate as well.

Want to take her on the beach? He called to his brother through their link. It was a link that Jenny would have access to if she agreed to mate with them.

You read my mind. Grab a blanket from the porch. Dustin nodded and stepped off to the side, going past Jenny to gather the blankets left on the back porch.

“Did you like what you saw?” Brett asked Jenny, his hands grabbing her around the waist. Dustin smiled at the two. He couldn’t wait to feel her skin against his again.

“You two are amazing! I never imagined how beautiful sea dragons could be. Your coloring is gorgeous.” Jenny turned to Dustin, reaching a hand for him. He came forward, letting her warm hand touch his abs. Sparks shot through his body at her touch.

“God, Jenny, you are beautiful,” he groaned, dropping the blankets in a pile at his feet.

“I want you two to make love to me out here,” she ordered her hands sliding down each of their bodies, grabbing their shafts. She knelt between their bodies, stroking. Dustin groaned at the feel of her dainty hand stroking his thick rod. Closing his eyes, he let the sensations of her touch. Moaning, he thrust his hips forward. Her mouth latched onto him, her tongue stroking up and down. His sac tightened as pleasure streaked through his body.

“Yes Jenny, mmm baby.” Dustin moaned when her mouth came off him with a pop. He opened his eyes to see her giving Brett the same treatment. He loved seeing her kneeling between them, sharing her pleasure. Her hand resumed stroking his cock. Too soon he felt his orgasm coming. Doing his best Dustin held back, he didn’t want to waste his orgasm. Watching Jenny suck on, Brett pushed Dustin to his edge again.

“Jenny, I need to be inside you,” Dustin begged, catching Brett’s eye. Brett nodded and coaxed Jenny down onto the blankets. He pulled her dress up and over her head. Dustin lay down on the blankets, setting Jenny onto his lap. He rubbed his engorged shaft against her dripping pussy lips. The need to be inside her consumes him, urging him to take her instantly. He looks over her shoulder at Brett, who nods again. Dustin speared her slick pussy with his cock, drawing a loud moan from Jenny’s lips. Brett kneels behind her, pushing Jenny’s breasts against Dustin’s bare chest. Brett’s hand slides down her back and Dustin knew what he was up to. He was prepping her ass for him to enter her. Dustin thrust back and forth slamming deep inside of her reaching down to spread her ass cheeks. Brett’s hand probed her ass, Dustin felt Jenny’s gasp.

“Don’t clench Jenny. Let Dustin make you feel good,” Brett ordered, his voice tight. Dustin kissed Jenny forcing his tongue in to mate with hers trying to get her mind off Brett’s fingers in her ass. Dustin renewed his efforts, driving his cock quickly in and out of Jenny. Her nails dug into his shoulders, her eyes shut, a moan on her lips. Dustin nipped at her neck, leaving a blooming mark. He couldn’t wait for the day to make Jenny his. Reining in his dragon, Dustin kept his desires in check.

“Let go, baby,” Dustin urged, pistoning in and out of her slick heat. Each time he pulled out, Brett pushed in with his fingers.

“Dustin,” Jenny begged, rolling her hips, sending shocks through his body.

“Come for me,” he ordered, slamming in once more before his orgasm washed over his body. Dropping his head back, he heaved.

“My turn,” Brett flipped Jenny onto her back, slamming into her with his own cock. Dustin sat up, watching his mate and brother make love. He hadn’t meant to, but he came inside her. Brett and he had made a pact when they were young that if one came inside their mate, the other would too. This way the child born through their mate would be theirs and who sired the child would not matter. Not one to be left out, Dustin captured Jenny’s mouth in a heated kiss, matching Brett’s rhythm with his tongue. He grabbed each of her breasts in his hands, massaging. Her moans spurred him on. Rolling her pert nipples in his fingers, he squeezed. She gasped into his mouth, letting him know what he was doing made her feel wonderful. He released her mouth moving down to take one of her nipples into his mouth swirling his tongue around, sucking gently. Jenny arched her back, pushing her breast into his mouth. She moaned and mewed as the brothers pleasured her. Her nails dug into his arms as her peaked came close.

“God, yes! Yes! Yes!” Jenny cried out before her breath caught. Dustin looked upon her face as she reached her climax. The look of pure pleasure across her features warmed his heart. Brett’s cry met his ears, but Dustin couldn’t pull his eyes away from Jenny. Her beauty captivated him. Brushing her sweaty hair out of her face, Dustin lay down to one side of her as Brett collapsed to the other.

“You okay?” Dustin asked after a minute, letting her catch her breath.

“That was amazing,” Jenny whispered, placing an arm over her eyes. Dustin looked her up and down, seeing sand clinging to her sweaty body.

“Good, let’s get a shower and wash away all the sand,” Dustin answered slowly getting off the blanket reaching down to pick up Jenny. Brett stood and shook out the blanket before setting it on the back porch. Dustin walked into the massive bathroom he and Brett renovated when they bought the place. Helping Jenny into the shower, Dustin turned it on, testing the water until it felt warm. He pushed Jenny under the spray and reached for a washcloth. His favorite part of making love aside from the mind-clearing orgasms was the intimacy gained afterward. Dustin always thought he had a closer connection to the woman he made love to when they cuddled or showered afterward. He was not prepared for the overwhelming feelings of protectiveness and lust for his mate to hit him. Brett joined them a moment later, washing Jenny’s hair, removing all sand from her locks. They worked together to clean their mate. Dustin worried about how quiet Jenny was. She had said nothing since they came inside.

“What is going on in that head of yours?” Dustin asked, tilting her chin up to connect with her eyes.

“A lot, to be honest. You two are amazing in your sea dragon forms. If I choose to be your mate, I will have a life of eternity. I will see my friends grow old and move on with their lives. I am coming to care about you two. I worry about being good enough for you two amazing men. You both have accomplished so much in your lives and I am a broke artist. How is this going to work?”

“We told you we are mates, this will work,” Brett answered, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind.

“We will show you this week. I promise,” Dustin added, bending down to give her a gentle kiss. Brett turned off the water and helped Jenny out. Dustin wrapped her in a towel before grabbing one for himself.

“Come to bed and rest. We have the entire week to get to know each other,” Dustin promised, walking her into their shared bedroom. He helped her lay down before snuggling in on one side, Brett on the other. Dustin waited until Jenny’s breathing evened out before getting out of bed and checking his emails. He needed to know if there were any updates with Justin and the lawsuit. He didn’t think there would be, but he needed to check before he could sleep. Like he assumed there were no updates just yet. Crawling back into bed, Dustin let sleep take him.

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