The Horde Twins

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Chapter 23 Jenny

Jenny spent the week getting to know Brett and Dustin. Each one took her out on individual dates to have some one-on-one time with them. Brett took her on a bike ride around the island, stopping at a lookout spot to have a picnic lunch. Dustin took her around the town, letting her shop to her heart’s content. One especially rainy day Jenny discovered the men enjoyed board games. They had a rousing game of Monopoly and Ticket to Ride. She lost terribly in Monopoly and saw Dustin’s competitive side peek out. She won the Ticket the Ride game squeaking through with the longest train card. Jenny hadn’t played a board game in years. Her relationship with Justin revolved around him playing video games. All throughout the week, Jenny thought about what she wanted from life. She checked her email and saw she had meetings set up between her and a few editors to see if they would be a good fit for her. One evening Brett and Dustin went out together to get groceries, leaving Jenny on her own. She called Layla.

“Hey, girl! How is beach living?” Layla asked with a cheery voice.

“Wonderful, but has made me do a lot of thinking.” Jenny lay back on her bed.


“Being with Brett and Dustin. They want me to be their mate.”

“That is amazing! I am envious!” Layla’s excitement was palpable through the phone.

“I know, but I am still worried.”

“Understandably. What has you the most worried?”

“If I agree to be their mate, I become a dragon.”

“Fuck! That is outstanding.” Layla’s delight made Jenny feel better.

“The thing is, if I become a dragon, I am going to live for a very long time. According to Brett and Dustin, I will live forever unless I get an incurable disease. Any children we have will be dragon shifters too.”

“So you are worried about living for a long time?”

“Partly. What if we get bored with each other? Forever is a long time.”

“Well, what have you all done this week besides having mind-blowing sex?” Layla asked, Jenny, felt her body flush with heat from head to toe at her friend’s words.

“We have been on regular dates. Picnic lunches, shopping, game nights.”

“Sounds like anything couples would do. People change over time and so do their interests. If you all are mates, the changes will complement each other. From everything I know about mates is that you will always want each other. Even if you weren’t mated to shifters, people all change. It is how you handle those changes that make the relationship. Do you love them?” Jenny paused at Layla’s words. Did she love the guys? Brett made her feel dainty and loved, in the bedroom, he took charge and always made sure she orgasmed before he found his own. Dustin treated her like a princess, making sure her emotional needs were met as well. The two men made the perfect man.

“Yes, I think I do. I’ve never been this happy. Am I moving too fast?” Another worry Jenny had, would people think she jumped in with them because they were the owners of Horde Publishing?

“You do you. No one can tell you what you feel. I will say this, if you love the two of them, then don’t look back. Don’t think about what others will say. Let yourself be happy.”

“Thanks, Layla, you’ve helped a lot.”

“Anything for you boo. Let me know when you are back in town we will go out to lunch.”

“Sounds good.” Jenny hung up and sighed. She loved Dustin and Brett. Now she just had to tell them.

On the last night, they made dinner together by grilling steaks with peppers and onions on the side. Jenny made a peach cobbler, one she remembered making with her mother before she passed away from a heart attack. Jenny and her father had a falling out when he began dating women younger than her. After they finished dinner, Jenny brought out the peach cobbler for them to enjoy in front of the fire. She settled on the thick rug with Dustin to her right and Brett to her left. Tonight she was telling them she loved them. Tonight she wanted to become their mate.

“Got something on your mind, princess?” Dustin asked as she handed him the cobbler. Jenny gave him a small smile and nodded. Both men exchanged worried glances.

“Is it bad?” Brett inquired, accepting his bowl of cobbler and ice cream.

“No. Just a lot of things going through my head.” Jenny didn’t want to tell them just yet, she wanted to see them enjoy the cobbler. She took a bite and waited. Both men took bites and moans came out seconds later.

“This is amazing, Jenny. Do you bake other things?” Dustin asked, before leaning over to place a gentle kiss on her cheek.

“Cookies. I enjoy baking cookies and giving them to my neighbors,” she shared, taking a bite of her own dessert.

“Any news on your book?” Dustin wanted to know after a few minutes of quiet.

“I have meetings set up for next week with a couple of editors. I want to see which one fits with my style best,” she explained, setting her empty bowl to the side. Butterflies erupted in her stomach as she thought about what she wanted to say to Dustin and Brett.

“Wonderful news. We are proud of you.” Brett took her empty dishes along with Dustin’s to the kitchen. He came back in a matter of seconds to wrap an arm around Jenny’s waist. She leaned into the touch before pulling back.

“You said you had something on your mind. Want to share?” Dustin probed with an encouraging smile. Jenny nodded and stood up. She needed space to explain her thinking.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about our time together this week. You two have made me feel special in different ways. I love our time as a trio or just with one of you. I never thought I would be with two men. I couldn’t keep one when Justin cheated and left me. Now I have you two amazing men and I don’t want to give you up. This week has shown me I love you both. Each of you brings something different to this relationship. It is time for me to stop overthinking. If you will still have me, I want to be your mate.” Jenny wrung her fingers and looked up from the spot on the rug she’d been staring at. What she saw worried her for a moment. Both men stared at her without blinking.

“You are saying you want to be our mate?” Brett reiterated, standing slowly. Jenny nodded.

“Yes. You two make me feel special and amazing. I am tired of telling myself I can’t be happy. I want to be happy.” Brett snagged one of Jenny’s hands pulling her into his arms slamming his mouth down onto hers.

“I love you, Jenny,” Dustin whispered in her ear, moving behind her, his hands wrapping around her waist. Dustin’s fingers made quick work of her leggings, pushing them and her underwear to the floor.

“Wait, we are doing this now?” she asked, pulling her mouth away from Brett’s.

“Why wait? We love you and you love us.” Brett caught her mouth again in a quick kiss. Brett snagged her shirt, tossing it off to the side.

“Where do you want to do this baby, here in front of the roaring fire or our bedroom?” Dustin queried, letting her make the choice. Jenny’s body flushed with desire as their hands explored. She didn’t think they’d make it to the bedroom.

“Here, I want to become your mate here,” she gasped.

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