The Horde Twins

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Chapter 24 Jenny

Brett wasted no time laying Jenny down onto the thick rug in front of the fireplace. Her body sang at the touch of both men. Dustin knelt by her, reaching out to tweak her nipples the way she enjoyed most. Jenny moaned, closing her eyes, letting her mates pleasure her. Today she would become Brett and Dustin Horde’s mate. It still scared her what was waiting for them when they got back home, but right now she wanted to enjoy their sexy bodies. Reaching out she tugged on their belts urging them to disrobe. In what felt like an eternity, both men were naked and kneeling at her sides again. She loved seeing their tan skin. Touching Dustin’s six-pack, Jenny sat up to reach between Brett’s legs. She wanted to feel his thick cock in her hands.

“God, baby, that feels amazing. I cannot wait until I am sunk in your ass,” Brett moaned and Jenny paused.

“Will it hurt? I know we’ve played a little with plugs, but you are massive.”

“I’ll fit, baby. We’ve been stretching you for this very moment.” Brett kissed her, pumping his hips in her hand. Dustin took her other hand and placed it on his cock. Jenny stroked both men, bouncing between kissing one then the other. Their moans made her feel powerful, two men at her mercy.

“Jenny, after we each fill your holes with our sperm, we need to exchange blood to complete the bond,” Dustin shared through gritted teeth. If he could still talk, then Jenny wasn’t doing her best to please them. She got onto her hands and knees, bending down to take his long shaft into her mouth.

“Fuck!” Dustin moaned leaning back onto his hands pumping his hips up and down. Jenny suctioned her cheeks, using the flat of her tongue to pleasure Dustin. His moans spurred her on until Brett’s fingers plunged into her pussy. She choked for a second on Dustin, surprised at his invasion. Brett’s fingers slipped in and out of her slick entrance, hitting her pleasure spot perfectly every time. Moaning on Dustin’s cock she bobbed up and down releasing Dustin with a pop.

“You are soaking and ready for us,” Brett murmured, kissing one ass cheek then the other. Jenny looked up at Dustin to see a smile on his face. Dustin laid back, motioning for her to climb on. Jenny crawled up his body, placing biting kisses until she reached his lips. Capturing Dustin’s lips with her own, she slipped his cock between her pussy lips. Brett’s hand spread her cheeks before she felt the insertion of the tip of a bottle of lube. Cool, then warm liquid filled her before Brett’s fingers replaced the tip. Two fingers slipped in with little resistance. Jenny groaned, pushing back to help him go deeper inside.

“Patience, baby girl,” Brett murmured. He slipped a third finger inside, making her entrance burn before the warmth of the lube helped ease it.

“You are perfect.” Dustin captured her lips, using his hands to pull her flush against his body. Her ass high in the air ready for Brett’s cock to enter.

“Stay still, my love,” Brett ordered, grasping her ass cheeks, pulling them apart as he pushed the tip of his shaft into her ass. Jenny hissed, his cock much larger than any plug they had played with.

“That’s it, take me in you,” Brett whispered, bending over to place a kiss in the middle of her back. Dustin’s hands massaged her breasts, his lips kissing her again to help her relax and let Brett in.

“Good girl, relax.” Brett moved in and out slowly pushing in with each thrust. Finally, he stilled his cock fully inside her and Jenny felt as if she were going to burst.

“Fuck, one of you move!” she demanded, shifting her hips. Dustin chuckled and pumped into her pussy. The men moved into the perfect rhythm. When Dustin thrust in, Brett pulled out and vice versa. Jenny didn’t know if her body could handle the amount of pleasure coursing through her body. She felt her orgasm building and building with nowhere to go. Gripping Dustin’s shoulders, she groaned, digging her fingernails into his flesh. He grunted and captured her mouth in a bruising kiss. Their bodies moved in tandem until Jenny’s orgasm burst upon her. She screamed out as her muscles tightened before wave upon wave of ecstasy crashed down on her. Collapsing against Dustin, she felt both men groan and fill her with their sperm. Resting her head on Dustin’s chest, she heard his heart thumping in his chest. Brett pulled out first, then Dustin.

“My turn in your pussy,” he announced, pulling her flush against his body. Dustin knelt and slammed into her from behind, filling her ass. Jenny cried out, grabbing onto Brett to keep herself from falling forward.

“Your ass feels amazing,” Dustin groaned gripping her hips slamming into her again and again. Jenny had never seen this side of Dustin, and she liked it. Brett slipped into her pussy with his dick moving slower in and out of her. Jenny held on as both men slammed in and out of her, pushing her to another amazing orgasm. Soon her body began the ascent to another orgasm. In no time Jenny was crying out as another orgasm slammed through her body. Exhaustion overtook her, collapsing onto Brett’s chest as she waited to catch her breath.

“Amazing,” Dustin whispered, pulling out of her and laying on the floor. Jenny rolled off of Brett to snuggle between the men.

“We need to complete the bonding,” Brett remarked a few minutes later. Jenny slowly sat up, watching as both Brett and Dustin put on boxers. She grabbed the throw blanket and spread it over her shoulders, keeping herself warm. Both men came back a minute later, each carrying a wooden box about two inches wide and twelve inches long. Setting them at her feet, she inspected each. The one Brett set down was carved of cherry wood with intricate designs carved into the lid and precious stones dotting the lid. Dustin’s was zebra wood with the same design but different colored stones.

“These are the knives we will use to bond with you,” Brett explained, opening the lid to his as Dustin opened his own. Jenny gasped, seeing a silver and a gold dagger. Brett’s was silver with green stones. She swore they were emeralds before looking at Dustin’s gold dagger with sapphires embedded in the handle.

“These are beautiful.” Jenny reached out and touched each one with a gentle touch.

“When a dragon becomes of age at eighteen, they are gifted their bonding dagger,” Dustin explained, taking his dagger out of the box.

“How deep is the cut?” she asked, afraid of the pain.

“Only enough to draw blood. We will cut our wrists, then yours, pressing the blood together. Once the bond is complete, you will have a dragon of your own. You will meet her tonight,” Brett shared, taking his dagger out. Jenny nodded and let the blanket fall away from her shoulders. Both men sucked in a breath, their eyes dipping to her breasts. Jenny laughed.

“Okay, let’s get bonded.” She held out her wrists to both. First Dustin then Brett kissed her before slicing their wrists then hers. A slight sting was all she felt before a warmth infused her bones. She watched as the cuts on her wrists healed without the hint of a scar. Jenny’s skin rippled and an odd sensation filled her head. All her senses were on high alert, she could smell both Dustin and Brett clearer. Each had their own unique scent. Jenny blinked and a warm voice filled her head.

Hello, I am your dragon.


“Come on, Jenny.” Dustin picked her up and walked her out to the beach. He set her down and back away. Jenny wasn’t sure why he backed away until her body rippled again, this time aquamarine scales shimmered before disappearing.

Can you come out? Jenny asked to the presence now in her head. Closing her eyes, Jenny thought about herself as a dragon and in a heartbeat, she felt her body shift. Opening her eyes, she looked down to see claws where her feet and hands should have been. Looking over her shoulder, she wiggled in glee. She had a tail! Stalking over to the ocean, Jenny dove in, swirling through the water. Two dragons joined her, ones she recognized as Brett and Dustin. Going first to Brett, she wrapped herself around him before doing the same with Dustin. Jenny felt like a brand new person, she felt stronger, more powerful. Going back onto the sand Jenny shifted back standing naked on the beach waiting for her men. Brett and Dustin emerged from the waves, shifted back as men. Jenny jumped with glee and ran over to them.

“That was amazing!” she cried, hugging them both.

“You were beautiful,” Dustin told her, spinning her around before Brett captured her lips in a kiss.

“Thank you. I feel wonderful. Come shower with me so I can get this sand off me then make love to me again.” She pulled them back into the beach house to have her way with her mates.

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