The Horde Twins

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Chapter 25 Brett

Brett watched their mate shift for the first time into her dragon. He didn’t have words. When Jenny told them, she would be their mate, he felt a hole he hadn’t known existed fill in in his heart. As Jenny shifted, both he and Dustin let out a gasp. Jenny’s scales were aquamarine in color, her dragon shorter than either his or Dustin’s. If he had to judge her length, he’d say she was about twenty-five feet with silver claws and a thin tail flicking back and forth. Her eyes remained Jenny’s, he could see her jaw spread in what would be considered a dragon smile. Jenny dove into the water, splashing around.

“Want to join her?” Dustin asked after a moment of staring at her.

“Yes.” Brett shifted in a heartbeat, diving into the water to join their mate. He stayed back to watch Jenny explore the water in her new form. If he thought she was beautiful before, her dragon form made her even more beautiful to him. He wanted to dance with her in the water. Dustin dove behind him headed straight toward Jenny. Dustin twined around her before Jenny went over to him. Brett bumped into her with his dragon’s head, feeling her warm scales against his. Following Jenny back to the beach, he shifted back and smiled at her delight. He’d never seen someone get their dragon for the first time. Mating ceremonies were private.

“Thank you. I feel wonderful. Come shower with me so I can get this sand off me then make love to me again.” Brett didn’t have to be told twice. He and Dustin took her to their room and made love well into the night.

The next morning they were packing up, ready to head back to their home. Dustin stepped into the room Brett used and shut the door.

“Bad news,” Dustin whispered, not wanting Jenny and her new senses to overhear them.


“News has gotten out about our relationship with Jenny. Someone leaked it to the tabloids that our newest author Jenny Wexley has seduced us to give her a chance at a book series,” Dustin explained, and Brett cursed.

“Fuck! Who the hell would do that? Who knew?” Dustin gave him an unimpressed look, waiting for Brett to sort it out. Then it hit him, Justin, that bastard. He didn’t know for sure but would do anything to ruin Jenny’s success.

“Fucking Justin, I want him in our office as soon as we land. His lawyer better be with him.” Brett punched the wall, leaving a hole of dust and plaster behind.

“Already done. Justin will be meeting us in our office with the lawyers present to sort this out. Jenny should know what is going on, don’t you think?” Dustin asked and Brett growled. He didn’t want to ruin Jenny’s good mood, but she deserved to know what is going on with her new book release and Justin’s betrayal.

“When we land, we can tell her. No use letting her worry the entire flight back home. We have to break it to her that we moved all of her things into our penthouse too,” Brett replied, zipping up his suitcase. Dustin nodded and pocketed his cellphone.

Soon they were on the plane headed for home, Jenny settled next to Brett with Dustin across the table from them. Brett kept his hand on her leg, needing to feel her connection with him.

“Are you two okay? I can sense something is wrong. I don’t know how to explain it, but there is a gnawing at my gut coming from my connection between us,” Jenny explained, Brett raised an eyebrow at Dustin. He had heard about the potential for emotional ties, but their parents never spoke about it.

“Well, we wanted to wait until we landed but there have been some issues come up with us terminating our contract with Justin,” Brett began, if what she said about their connection was true she’d worry the whole way home about the wrong things. Knowing Jenny, she would think they regretted mating her and Brett would never let her feel that way. She lifted something within him, something he hadn’t known was there waiting to explode.

“What did the idiot do?” she asked with a heavy sigh.

“He is threatening to sue us for terminating his contract. Our lawyer has been dealing with it since we went to the island,” Dustin shared and she groaned.

“He cornered me when I came out of my interview. I knew he felt cheated out of his money because I am getting it.” Her eyes dimmed, the happiness shining in them since yesterday almost gone.

“He has no legal right to that money. We have your originals of the last book.”

“Then why do you two look so worried?” Jenny peered into Brett’s eyes, hers searching his for something.

“We are meeting to talk with Justin when we land.”

“We as in you and Dustin, not me?” Brett shook his head. He didn’t want Jenny to be bothered with everything.

“Try again, what is going on?” Her voice became harsh, her eyes snapping.

“We suspect Justin let it leak about the three of us being mates. The tabloids have it plastered all over that our newest author is our mate. We are worried it will hinder your ability to sell books,” Dustin finally explained when Brett faltered. Brett didn’t want Jenny hurt.

“That fucking bastard. I’ll kill him myself. He knows nothing about our relationship! Besides, I am an established illustrator in the graphic novel world. He won’t admit it, but many people in our world when we go to comic cons hate him. I want to be there for that conversation.” Jenny pulled out her phone and clicked away on her phone.

“What are you up to?” Brett asked, leaning over to see her working through her emails.

“I have close friends in the community. I want to see if they have sent me any messages about this,” she answered showing him several new emails.

“Smart,” Brett replied leaning back watching anger, then glee passing through her features.

“I see you have interesting news,” Brett remarked after a half-hour of watching her work.

“I am coming with you to talk to him. I think I know how to deal with all of this,” she replied with a laugh.

“You do?”

“I do.” Jenny wiggled in her seat, an evil smile on her face.

“I don’t want to make you mad, ever,” Dustin commented, leaning over to place a quick kiss on her lips. Jenny laughed and placed her head onto Brett’s shoulder, wrapping a hand around one of his arms.

“We won’t land for a few hours, try to get a nap in.” Brett kissed the top of her head and held her close. He and Dustin exchanged knowing smiles, Jenny could be feisty when she needed. She made the perfect balance for them.

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