The Horde Twins

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Chapter 26 Jenny

Walking into Brett’s office, Jenny saw Justin sitting with his lawyer. She’d met him once when he helped them write the terms of their contract with Horde Publishing. Her blood boiled seeing him sitting there with a smug expression on his face.

“Why are you here?” Justin sneered when his eyes met hers.

“You are spreading vile about me around the publishing world.” Jenny wouldn’t let her mates handle a situation like this alone. She needed to be a part of this process.

“It isn’t vile if it is true. You are sleeping with the owners, that is why you got a book deal,” Justin remarked. Both Brett and Dustin let out snarls. Jenny put her hands on their chests.

“Easy what you say, Justin,” Jenny warned, taking a seat across from him. Brett and Dustin took seats on either side of her with their lawyer Michael Sampson taking a seat next to Brett.

“We are here to discuss Mr. Fae’s terminated contract, and the money owed to him. I am his lawyer, Trent Hernandez.” Trent opened a file he had sitting in front of him.

“We released Justin from his contract because he was sleeping with his editor. Our contract clearly states you may not have a romantic relationship with your editor or the manager of your branch. Leon runs the graphic novel division of our publishing company,” Dustin explained, taking out his own copy of Justin’s contract.

“That may be the reason you released him from publishing more books, but that does not mean you can take the royalties owed to him on his last book,” Trent countered, this time Micheal spoke up.

“It has come to my client’s attention Mr. Fae did not write the last book. Ms. Wexley has the original draft of the last book.” Michael opened a tablet, showing the first draft Jenny sent him.

“I gave her the idea!” Justin roared, his fists clenched on the table.

“That is why you are getting one percent of the money for your book,” Micheal answered, his voice not wavering from his even tone.

“Do you have proof Justin did nothing for the book?” Trent argued and Jenny nodded.

“I sent Justin the final draft to proofread, but he and Stella passed the book on to the printers without checking it. The printer caught that I left a blank page in the middle of the supposed final draft. Mr. Dustin Horde came to my apartment to ask about the blank page. Had Justin or Stella been involved in the last book, this would have been caught before going to the printers and costing money for the company,” Jenny shared not taking her eyes off her scumbag ex-boyfriend.

“This is stupid, I want my money!” Justin slammed his fists on the table standing up leaning over the polished wood.

“No,” Brett answered, crossing his arms over his chest, leaning back in his seat.

“Then be prepared to deal with this in court!” Justin walked out of the room. Once he left, everyone let out a collective sigh.

“This will not go away, is it?” Jenny asked. Both Brett and Dustin shook their heads.

“We weren’t able to tell him to stop spreading the news to the tabloids either,” Dustin remarked, glaring at his phone.

“Well, I can send a cease and desist order. If Justin wants to see any money from his books then he will,” Michael offered. He stood to clean up his things.

“Thanks, Michael.”

“Any time, I’ll keep you up to date on the situation.” Micheal walked out of the room leaving Brett, Dustin, and Jenny behind.

“I am so sorry this is happening.” Jenny put her face in her hands. Justin wouldn’t be happy until he ruined her life.

“I have an idea,” Brett announced after a few minutes of silence.”


“How fast do you think we can get your book edited and ready for release? Our company is hosting a few of our graphic novel artists and authors at the local comic con.”

“I am done writing it. I think it depends on how quickly we can find an editor who has the time in their schedule. Stella usually took several months to get to Alien Invaders because she was helping others.”

“Okay, when do you meet with your editors?” Brett turned to face her fully.

“Tomorrow I am meeting with two and then the next day I meet with the other two,” she answered wondering what they were getting at.

“I know you want to do these meetings on your own, but once you pick an editor, I want you to let Leon know. I will tell Leon the editor is to put aside all other work until your book is ready for publishing. I can then talk with our printing guys and see if they can get your book printed in time. We put the marketing group on it and release your book at the comic con. You have fans who come see you at those, right?” Brett shared his idea and Jenny shook her head.

“Yes, I have plenty of fans. Justin was my way into the publishing company, but I do character art for some online personalities.”

“Perfect. Once we know we can get your book out in time, I want you to blast your social media about your new book coming out,” Brett explained and Jenny nodded.

“Okay, I can do that. I’ll let you know when I pick an editor.” Jenny wasn’t sure how this would help with the Justin issue, but she wanted the world to get her book as soon as possible.

“I’ll make a cryptic announcement on my Twitter and Instagram. Then I can announce when we publish the book. I am almost done with my third book, you two giving me time to work on our vacation helped. I have an idea for Ariel thanks to our trip too,” Jenny answered watching both men smile.

“Good, now I need to get you home. I want to sink my cock into your pussy,” Brett growled, pulling her to her feet. Dustin wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and nipped at her neck.

“I’d love to get at your ass again too.” Jenny shivered, desire roaring in her veins deafening her.

“Then get me home,” she ordered, taking their hands.

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