The Horde Twins

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Chapter 27- Jenny

The next two days Jenny met with four editors. The first one she hated on sight. They met at a coffee shop. When she’d walked in, he looked her up and down with a frown.

“You don’t look like the type of woman Dustin and Brett would be sharing. The rumors must be false,” the man commented.

“I take it you are Reese?” Jenny asked, looking at her phone for his contact information.

“That I am. Leon asked me to meet with you and see if your book is worth my time. I looked at what he sent me.” Jenny nodded and sat down across from the man holding onto her tea. She wasn’t sure if her hands were free she wouldn’t deck the man. He sat in his chair, leaning back with one arm over the chair back. He had slicked-back blond hair, reminding her of a certain fictional character. His personality fell pretty close too.

“And?” she asked, knowing what he would say.

“Very juvenile. I only work on graphic novels for adults. Throw in some naked princesses or sex with their princes and then you have a book.”

“That isn’t the point of this book. They might have their significant others, but sex and nudity are not what my book is about,” she explained, and Reese shook his head.

“I took this job to see pictures of nude women.”

“Well then, that makes this decision easy. I don’t think we will work well together. Thank you anyway.” Jenny stood and walked out of the coffee shop to call Brett.

“Hey baby, how did your first meeting go?”

“The man is a sleazeball. I hope he is good at his job for who he works with because he was nothing but rude to me.” Jenny walked back to her car to wait for her next meeting. She’d scheduled them an hour apart in case she hit it off with one of them.

“Who did you meet with?”

“Reese Portsmyth.”

“Ah yeah, he works usually with our adult books. I believe he is very good at his job with male writers. I’ve heard rumors he isn’t great with female writers.” Brett’s voice sounded irritated, and she hoped she didn’t cost another person their job.

“Don’t fire him. I know editors don’t have to leave their homes much, so maybe he is just awkward with people.”

“I won’t, but I will have Leon speak with him about being more polite to the people he works with.”

“Thanks, sweetheart. How is your day going?” Jenny leaned back in her seat, keeping an eye on the clock. Brett told her about getting ready for another business trip. He received a manuscript from a writer in California.

“So, how long are you going to be gone?” Jenny didn’t want to make him feel guilty for leaving right after they mated.

“Just three days. Two of those days will travel time.”

“Okay. When do you go?”

“Tomorrow. So tonight I’ll make you feel good.” Jenny laughed at his deep rumble.

“Good. I love being with you and Dustin. It will be strange without you at the penthouse, but it means when you come back it will be even more special to have both of you together again.”

“Baby, you are making me not want to go.”

“Go and when you come back you and Dustin can have me all you want.” Jenny laughed at Brett’s groan through the phone. Looking at the clock, she sighed.

“I have to go meet Geraldine Hosa for our meeting. Love you.”

“I love you too, Jenny. Call me when you are on your way home.”

“I will.” Jenny hung up and went back into the cafe to meet Geraldine. She walked in and looked around until she spotted a woman with a computer open, red frizzy hair framing her pale face. She had headphones on her head and was bobbing up and down. Jenny walked over and sat in a chair near her and tapped the table gently to get her attention. The woman looked up and shook her head, her eyes focusing on her.

“Are you Geraldine Hosa?” Jenny asked, and the woman gave her a bright smile.

“I am, would that make you Jenny Wexley?” Geraldine asked, holding out a hand for Jenny to shake.

“I am.”

“Wonderful. I loved your book! The two chapters I read given to me by Leon were read within minutes. I went back and reread multiple times to get the feel of your work. I think you have a hit on your hands,” Geraldine replied, turning the computer for Jenny to see she had up her work. There were already notes on the drawings and some words in red. Jenny leaned forward and smiled seeing the edits. Geraldine took her time and gave her a sample of what she could do for Jenny.

“I like your additions, that makes sense.” Jenny leaned forward and zoomed in on one spot where Geraldine caught the color change Jenny missed when she’d looked last time.

“I’m glad. Have you finished this one?” Geraldine picked up her cup and took a long sip.

“Yes, and books two and three if this one does well. I have ideas for book four too.”

“Excellent. I see great potential for this book. You will capture the hearts of many girls. I feel there aren’t enough graphic novels for girls. These aren’t just for boys, they encourage girls to build their reading too.” Jenny smiled at Geraldine, she liked her. If the other two did not give her the same feeling, she would be picking Geraldine for certain.

“Wonderful, I have meetings with two other editors tomorrow and then will reach out to let you know if I have chosen you. Mind if I take a closer look at your recommendations?” Jenny asked, shifting the screen to look closer.

“Leon, let me know you were meeting with others. Who else are you meeting with?”

“I met Reese Portsymth earlier, tomorrow I will meet with Jason Vecna and Kayleen Johnson.”

“All capable editors. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting any of them in person. I only know their work and the reputation they have among the editing community.”

“Makes sense. I don’t know everyone in the illustrator’s community. I have my work out there for others to see but don’t spend a lot of time with others. Cons are probably the closest I get to spending time with others. Even then, if I couldn’t get myself to an airport before I had a car, it made it harder for me.”

“I use a lot of public transport as well, better for the environment,” Geraldine shared, making Jenny like her even more. She felt very comfortable with Geraldine.

“If I choose you to be my editor, there are some things we will have to have an understanding about.”

“I understand. There will be confidentiality between the two of us. Anything spoken about in our meetings stays between the two of us,” Geraldine offered, making Jenny smile.

“Good. I’ll be in touch with you tomorrow after my meetings.” Jenny held out a hand, Geraldine shook it with a smile of her own.

“I look forward to your call.” Jenny nodded and walked back out of the cafe back home to tell Dustin about her meetings once he came home. She planned on making dinner since mostly she would work from home.

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