The Horde Twins

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Chapter 28 Dustin

Dustin came home to the smell of pot roast, hitting his nose as he walked into the penthouse. As he rounded the corner of the hallway, he saw Jenny standing in front of the stove stirring a pot of steaming water. Upon closer inspection, the pot held peeled potatoes. Instantly he knew she was planning on handmade mashed potatoes. Jenny hadn’t noticed him yet, she had earbuds in. Walking up behind her, Dustin wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Hello my love,” he whispered, nipping at her neck. Jenny jumped in his arms spinning around to give him a bright smile.

“Welcome home, Dustin.” Jenny pecked his lips, then took out her earbuds.

“How were your meetings?”

“I’ve picked my editor, remember me telling you about Geraldine Hosa?” Dustin nodded, remembering their conversation with Brett the night before. Brett had left that morning for his trip.

“I remember you gushing about her last night. Did you decide to go with her?” Dustin loosened his tie.

“Yes. She and I hit it off perfectly yesterday. I called her after my other meetings and we are going to work on getting my book ready for publishing. I told her we were on a time crunch because of New York Comic Con,” Jenny explained, lifting the steaming pot of potatoes off the stove to strain them out. Dustin watched as she moved the soft potatoes into a stand mixer he didn’t know they’d owned. Her movements captivated him. He hadn’t known how sexual watching a woman cook could be.

“Will you be able to get it done in time?” Dustin asked, trying to pay attention to her words.

“I think so. She already had great comments for the first two chapters. I think if you give us two weeks of non-stop time to work, we can do this. Did you talk to Leon about wanting to push this book?”

“I spoke to him yesterday. He said you were his top priority. Justin is causing problems for him too. Leon said he’s had a few authors contact him about concerns they would get fired. He has spent the past week fielding these phone calls. I took some of them on today for him.” Jenny frowned and added milk and butter before turning the mixer on.

“Has anyone wanted out of their contracts?” she asked, placing a cloth over the mixer.

“A couple. We’ve talked them down. Why did you put a cloth on that?”

“Keeps the potatoes warm. Go change and I’ll have dinner ready for you.” She waved him off, making him laugh. Pressing another kiss to her lips, he went to his room to change. Placing his suit in the dry clean bin, he pulled out a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Dustin took his time putting his watch away, and the cuff links his parents gifted him. He brushed the gold and realized that he and Brett had mated Jenny but didn’t call their mother to tell her they’d found their mate. Grabbing his phone, he sent a text to Brett telling him they needed to call their mother for a video call once he returned home. Brett sent him a reply saying they would get on it the minute they got home. Neither of them wanted to hear about her finding out about Jenny before they told her. Dustin had been so focused on getting Jenny to agree to be his mate, he hadn’t spared a second thought for his mother. She’d moved to California after their father passed away from an incurable disease. Normally dragons lived for hundreds of years, but if they contracted an incurable disease in the end, it would take them. Their healing powers only worked so quickly and in time the disease would win.

“Dustin, dinner is ready,” Jenny called from the dining area. The more he thought about the penthouse, the more he realized they would need to buy a house. If Jenny got pregnant, then the penthouse wouldn’t be big enough or safe enough. It would be weeks before Jenny would know if she became pregnant the night of their mating. Every other time they’d had sex, both he and Brett wore condoms. One night during their week away they’d talked about children. Jenny said she wasn’t ready for children and would only risk getting pregnant the night they mated. He understood her want to wait. She was young and now that she had a dragon, they had years for her to bear children. He and Brett were both ready to be fathers, but it was Jenny’s body and her decision.

“Coming my love,” he called back, putting his phone on the charger. Since Jenny came into his life, Dustin refused to keep his phone on him during meal times. He wanted her to have his full attention. Walking out he smiled seeing the table set with a glass of wine at each plate with food dished out.

“Smells and looks wonderful.” He pressed a kiss to her temple and settled at the table.

“How was your day besides fielding phone calls?” Jenny asked once they were both sitting down.

“Other than that, pretty normal for me. I have a meeting with the board of directors this week to talk about our newest division.”

“Anything about Justin?”

“Nothing yet. I am sure he is gearing up for another round with his lawyer. Our lawyer is on it and will keep me up to date on any developments. We want to get your name out there as an independent author and illustrator. What time are you working with Geraldine tomorrow?”

“She is going through my book tonight and will get back to me, probably within a few days. We won’t be sitting together working. She’ll email me with changes and I’ll decide what needs to be changed and we will go back and forth until both of us are happy with the results,” Jenny explained, taking a sip of her wine.

“Makes sense. What will you be doing in the meantime?” Dustin took a bite of his pot roast and moaned his pleasure.

“I’m working on the rest of Cinderella’s book and fleshing out my storyboard for Ariel.”

“How do you do that?” She fascinated him and how she worked through the process of creating.

“I start with the storyline, decide what I want each chapter to be about. I write which characters will show up when. I always write descriptions of the characters, so I have a clear picture of what I want them to look like. I write out dialogue I think each panel should have and what the scene looks like. I usually sketch out a quick picture.”

“Sounds more complicated than just writing it,” he replied, digging into his meal with gusto.

“It helps me have a good idea of what I want my story to look like before I sit and draw the panels and add the speech bubbles. Sometimes I need to write a short forward to show what the story is about. This one is Ariel being asked to join the Royal Guardians. I have to give a background of Ariel and her story. I’ve chosen to use the traditional story of Ariel, but she comes back with powers to become one with the sea. She doesn’t have a prince and is the rogue of the group,” Jenny shared making Dustin raise an eyebrow.

“That is a unique take on her story.”

“I don’t want to make them like the cartoon princesses you see for little girls. I want the people who read my stories to see the princesses are more than just needing a prince to solve her problems. There is nothing wrong with finding love, but you shouldn’t depend on your mates or husband for everything. That is how I feel about being with you and Brett. I love you both but don’t want to ever feel like I am using you to care about me without doing something in return.” Dustin smiled and reached over to squeeze her hand.

“Brett and I will always care for you, but I understand you wanting to be an equal partner in this relationship. You wouldn’t be our mate if you wanted to use us.” Jenny smiled and leaned over he met her halfway for a deep kiss. She tasted of merlot and pot roast. Reaching out to take her hand, he pulled her forward.

“Want to continue this in our room?” he whispered, pressing his forehead against hers.

“Yes, please.” With those words, Dustin pushed back from the table and pulled her to her feet. Scooping her up, he marched down the hall to the room they shared.

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