The Horde Twins

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Chapter 29 Jenny

The three days Brett went on his trip were hard on Jenny. She loved being with Dustin, but she wanted both of them together. The night he came home, she didn’t let either of them sleep.

Until the comic con she and Geraldine had been putting in long hours to make the book ready. Jenny hinted on her social media accounts about an exciting new endeavor, and her fans had been commenting that they couldn’t wait to see. The night before comic con Jenny was sitting in the living room working on her third book. She sent the second one to Geraldine to edit, but this one didn’t need to be rushed to publication.

“You rat bastard, if you show up at comic con and cause drama I will have your career ended,” Brett hissed coming around the corner. Jenny looked up to see him engrossed in a conversation on his phone. He didn’t see her as he marched angrily down the hallway. Jenny set her things to the side and followed, standing in his open doorway.

“Your lawyer should have told you, you have no claim to anything. We settled things. If you cause a scene, I am going to make sure not a single publishing company will even entertain working with you.” Jenny sighed, he must be speaking to Justin. She had heard nothing about Justin and assumed the guys had it handled. Brett looked up from where he stood, his eyes wide when he caught sight of her standing in the doorway.

“This is my final warning.” Brett hung up and tossed his phone on his bed. He undressed.

“Justin?” Jenny asked, and Bett nodded with a sigh.

“Justin called me to say he would be at New York Comic Con with his Alien Invaders books. He wasn’t originally scheduled to be there because until a month ago he was under our marketing team.”

“Then how did he get a booth?” Jenny knew they gave booths out months before the comic cons. It was hard to get one if you weren’t connected to a company. Usually she needed to know someone at the comic con to get a booth to show off her artwork.

“He is a famous author with a magnificent series. We have made millions off of his books. I think he took most of the profits from you based on the apartment you lived in. Dustin and I have been trying to keep the drama between us and him low profile. We thought that the last time our lawyers spoke and talked about the profits of the last book. He is getting five percent of the book profits. The rest goes to you. Thanks to you for giving us the original manuscript and storyboards.”

“No surprise then that comic con would want him to come. He will draw a large crowd. I didn’t realize how popular our book had become. Justin and I never revisited our agreement after the first book,” she answered, staying in the doorway as Brett stripped in front of her.

“I just don’t want him to cause drama at the comic con and ruin the excitement of your first book coming out.” Brett tossed his dress shirt and pants into a pile, making Jenny laugh. He was so different from Dustin, who places his clothing neatly in the dry cleaning basket in his room.

“Justin and I have been to multiple comic cons, he won’t cause drama if he doesn’t want to be blackballed from all of them in the future. I can’t believe he is so upset about this. He should have known what he was doing dating Stella.” Jenny shook her head and Brett shrugged.

“People do crazy things for money. Do you know much about his relationship with Stella?”

“Nothing other than he cheated on me for a few months before I found out. Then he moved out of our apartment and in with her before taking his earnings and getting a place of his own. I know he lives around here.”

“Damn, thanks. We will have to see what happens tomorrow at comic con.”

“I am excited about this one. How many copies of my book will be available?”

“We have one thousand copies ready to sell and signed by you. How have your social media accounts been going?”

“Good. I announced my new book at the beginning of the week and that signed copies will be available at New York Comic Con. I gave a sneak peek at the first chapter and synopsis of the book. Already my fans are going crazy about wanting to see what is coming next.” Jenny smiled, loving the thought of people wanting her book.


“Wait, do you not follow me on social media?” she asked and Brett stopped, his shoulders hunched.

“I might follow no one on social media.”

“Do you not have your own?” Jenny stared in surprise. She hadn’t heard of anyone not having a social media account. It was how she got her artwork out into the community.

“No. I let Dustin control that part.”

“How do you find your authors then?”

“They send their work in. Several people field it before coming to me. Then I read through it and decide if it is worth anything. Leon does the same for the graphic novel division.”

“Which division are you directly running?”

“I do science fiction and mystery books.”

“Who does the romance?”

“You haven’t met her yet, Claudia Frisk is our romance division lead.”

“Interesting, I’d love to meet everyone.” Jenny smiled as Brett changed into a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt.

“We can arrange that, we will be invite them to our wedding,” Brett remarked, making Jenny frown. They hadn’t proposed, neither he nor Dustin.

“Our wedding?” she asked, glaring at him. Brett turned around and caught the look on her face. He gave her a confused look.

“Yes,” he answered. She saw the misunderstanding on his face.

“When were you going to tell me about this wedding?” she demanded, hands on her hips.

“I — uh — ” Brett stumbled over his words and Jenny walked away. Just because she was their mate didn’t mean they could skate by and not ask her to get married. Walking into her bedroom, she shut the door and went to work on her next book. She ignored Brett knocking and calling for her.

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