The Horde Twins

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Chapter 3- Brett

Brett paced his brother’s office. Dustin did the paperwork and Brett checked in with the authors. He enjoyed being able to travel around the country and ride his motorcycle. Now Dustin sent him a text telling him to be at the office they needed to talk about something important.

“Layla, where is Dustin?” Brett asked their secretary for the fifth time.

“He went to Frost to check with Jenny Wexley about that missing page. I received a message from him saying he was on his way back here with Jenny. She needs a dress for the party tonight,” Layla explained, not looking up at Brett. He growled and paced around some more. His dragon was unhappy and unsettled. Something was wrong, and he wanted to get out and fly around to help his beast calm down.

“Do you know Jenny?” The way she said her name, Brett wondered if they were friends.

“She and I were best friends in high school. I still visit her now and then, but she lives an hour from here. It is hard to have girl time when you live so far apart. She also doesn’t own a car so she can’t come out to me here.” Brett frowned, did they not pay their employees enough to own a car?

“I see. When will they be here?” he asked, looking at his watch.

“Now,” Layla replied, nodding behind him. Brett turned around and his dragon roared in his chest. Standing next to his brother was the most amazing woman. Her brown hair had been piled into a bun on the top of her head. Her green eyes took in everything around her. Standing next to Dustin, she barely reached the man’s shoulder. Her curves called to him. She was perfect.

“Jenny Wexley, meet Brett Horde, my twin brother,” Dustin announced. Brett walked over to the little woman and took her hand, kissing it gently.

“Pleasure to meet one of our talented illustrators,” he murmured, smiling down at her. Her green eyes went wide as he kissed her. Tingles spread through his body, he knew what she was to him. Dustin did too, Jenny Wexley was their mate.

“Layla, please take Jenny to find her dress for the night. Also take her to a salon and let them do her hair and makeup,” Brett ordered pulling out his wallet. Layla appeared next to him with a smirk on her lips. He handed her his credit card, not taking his eyes off of Jenny.

“I can’t take your money,” Jenny objected, shaking her head. Brett smiled and took her hand again.

“Please let me. I want to make sure we take care of you for our party.” Jenny stared at him, he saw her warring with herself but nod in the end. Brett’s dragon rumbled. They were taking care of their mate.

“Come on, Jenny, before they change their minds.”

“Oh Layla, get yourself something too as a thank you,” Brett added, looking over at his shocked secretary.

“Let’s go, Jenny.” Layla took her hand and pulled Jenny away. Brett’s dragon didn’t understand why they were letting her go. We need to take it slow with her. She looks like a deer in headlights.

Jenny and Layla left the office. Brett looked at his brother and said,

“Please tell me you felt that too?” He needed Dustin to feel Jenny was their mate.

“Yes. When she opened the door she snapped at me demanding why I had woken her up. Too bad the feisty attitude went away once she knew who I was.” Brett frowned, he liked feisty, dragons needed someone who could handle their needs.

“Do you think she is up to handling both of us?” Brett asked and Dustin nodded.

“She is our mate, she was made for us.”

“True, so what happened with the page?”

“Turns out she forgot to add it to the file. How the editor assigned to her books missed it is beyond me. We need to find Stella and talk to her about the slip up, this isn’t the first time she did that,” Dustin answered going into his office. Brett followed and dropped into the chair across from Dustin’s desk.

“Something else bothering you?” Brett asked, he sensed an underlying frustration in Dustin.

“She was romantically involved with Justin Fae at some point.” Brett’s dragon growled, he didn’t like Justin. The only reason he had taken Justin on was his storytelling. The man oozed slimeball.

“And?” There had to be more to Dustin’s thoughts.

“I don’t think the latest book he wrote is his.”


“Well, Jenny made a comment about helping Justin more with his book because he struggled. When I asked why, she said she needed the income.”

“Are you saying Justin didn’t write the latest book?” Brett growled. The man didn’t deserve the royalties, Jenny did.

“I’m not sure, we will have to talk to him.” Dustin clicked on the computer while Brett waited.

“I sent the final edit to the printers. I want you to check and make sure they can get the two hundred copies we need for tonight done.”

“Sure thing, but what is our plan for Jenny?”

“We both dance with her tonight and convince her to come home with us. She cannot go back to that awful apartment again. She lives in a rundown, dirty part of Frost.”

“I want to know what we are paying our illustrators and authors. Why can she not afford a car? Layla mentioned she didn’t have one and couldn’t come into the city to visit.”

“Plus, all her furniture was secondhand. The most expensive thing in that apartment is her laptop.”

“Hmm, now I want to look into her ex.” Brett didn’t like the information Dustin gave him about their mate. She should live in their penthouse with everything she wanted. When they mated her, they would show her their horde, and she’d never want for anything again.

“Printers first. We can deal with Justin and his deceit after the party.” Brett grumbled but pushed his way up from the chair and out to the printers to check on their progress.

“Going now.” Brett saluted his brother and left to take his bike out to the printers. While on the bike, he thought about their mate and wondered how she was getting on with her shopping. He couldn’t wait to see her dolled up. If her in jeans, a sweater and no makeup made him horny like a teenager, he knew her dolled up would drive him crazy. The printer shop took ten minutes to get to. When he arrived, the machine was running and pages were coming off the press.

“Everything better now?” he asked Joe, their manager.

“Yes. The first book is coming off the press now,” Joe replied, handing him the completed book.

“Looks good,” he commented, flipping through the story. It was the last of Justin’s alien invaders series.

“This one differs from the others,” Joe commented, looking through the book.

“How so?”

“It is better,” Joe replied, showing him the images and words. Brett hadn’t read many of them because aliens were not his thing. He preferred mysteries and detective stories. Brett read through the graphic novel enthralled with the story.

“It is an excellent end to the series,” Brett agreed, setting the book down.

“Maybe the author had help this time,” Joe mused, and Dustin’s comment about Jenny practically writing the story came to mind.

“He might have had help.” Brett nodded to Joe and left. He sent a message to Dustin letting him know the books would be ready. Brett got onto his bike and went to their penthouse to get ready for the party.

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