The Horde Twins

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Chapter 31 Jenny

Jenny showered after her run, letting the hot water wash away her anger with Brett. She shouldn’t stay mad at him. It didn’t help any relationship. She told him what he’d done wrong and hoped he would fix his ways.

“Jenny!” Dustin called through the door, making her sigh.

“The bathroom door is unlocked,” she called back, poking her head out of the shower. In walked Dustin wearing a pair of dark wash jeans and a light green polo shirt. His hair had been gelled into his signature style.

“You okay? I heard you yell at Brett.”

“I shouldn’t have lost my temper,” she replied, pulling her head back into the shower to finish washing the soap from her hair.

“Yes, you should have. He needs to know you will not go along with everything he decides. We are mates, it doesn’t mean we can’t have disagreements. You have a voice in this relationship,” Dustin assured her through the curtain. Jenny quickly rinsed the soap and turned off the water. Pulling back the curtain, Dustin stood there with a towel out. She took the warm towel and wrapped it around her body, then took another towel to wrap up her wet hair.

“Really?” she asked as she stepped in front of the mirror.

“Yes. Brett will learn from this, don’t worry. How long do you think it will take for you to be ready? We are expected to show in an hour.”

“That soon?” She scurried around the bathroom, moving through her morning routine.

“We need to leave in thirty minutes.”

“Then get out so I can finish,” she replied, giving him a push with a smile on her face. Dustin bent and gave her a kiss before stepping out of the bathroom. With her heightened hearing she heard him tell Brett,

“Don’t push it today, Brett. Just be by her side and listen.” Jenny smiled and went to work styling her hair and doing her makeup. She tried not to put too much makeup on, she preferred the natural look.

“I am ready!” she announced twenty minutes later, dressed in a black sweater dress with blue and green swirled leggings.

“You look beautiful.” Brett walked over and kissed her cheek tentatively. Jenny smiled and leaned into the kiss.

“Thanks. Are you both coming with me?” she asked, looking up at Dustin.

“Yes. I’ll be going around while Brett stays at the table with you as protection. I am going to do some recon on Justin. If he says anything nasty about you, I’ll be there to record and bring toward our lawsuit.” Dustin kissed her lips and took her hand. The three left the penthouse and into Jenny’s car, since it was the biggest one the three owned. She settled in the front seat, put her hands in her lap and took a calming breath. Comic cons always made her nervous. She worried no one would come out to see her. On social media, she announced last night her schedule for the day so people could come by and get books signed. She had a panel Dustin got her on as a female graphic novel author. The first thing today was the panel, then the afternoon was her signing.

“Here is your book,” Brett told her, handing her a hardback copy of her book. Jenny gasped and turned it over in her hands. The picture she’d drawn for the cover looked amazing. Carefully opening the book, she thumbed through the pages. The glossy images met her eyes, stinging from seeing her very first fully written book.

“I--” She didn’t know what to say. The book was perfect, amazing, wonderful.

“I have it on good authority the minute they added your name to the author panel. The ticket sales doubled. You have a massive following, Jenny. Did you know that?” Brett asked, reaching from the back seat to pat her shoulder.

“I did not know. I know I have followers because of posting images on my social media accounts. I had not thought about it,” she answered slowly running her hands over the book. Having her hard work tangible in her hands filled her with pride.

“We are here.” Dustin parked the car at the parking garage in a spot marked with her name. Another thing that surprised her. Usually when she came to these, she had to fight for a parking spot at least a mile or more from the convention. They walked into the convention center to be met by Layla.

“Jenny!” Layla shouted, running up to give her a massive hug. She hadn’t seen Layla since the party.

“What are you doing here?” Jenny asked, returning the hug. Layla always took any nerves Jenny felt away.

“I am here to help you. Leo asked me if I would be interested in helping a new author get settled at the con. When I found out it was you, I agreed immediately.” Layla took her hand and pulled Jenny into the convention center to a table for check in. Jenny looked over her shoulder at Dustin and Brett, both had bright smiles on their faces.

“Jenny Wexley for check in,” Layla announced to the woman working the table. The woman had bright purple hair. Her eyes went wide as she looked up.

“The Jenny Wexley?”

“That is me,” Jenny replied, giving a shy wave.

“How wonderful! Here is your pass to get into the convention. It also marks you as an author. On this paper you’ll have your schedule, a map of the convention and where your table is for the book signing.”

“Thank you.” Jenny took the information and tucked it into her bag, then put her pass around her neck. She handed Layla hers and then looked at Dustin and Brett standing behind her.

“We’d like to check in too. Brett and Dustin Horde. We are here with Jenny,” Dustin shared in a soft voice. The woman’s eyes went even wider when she caught sight of the guys behind Jenny. She knew what she saw. Both men were much taller than her or Layla. Their dark hair and golden hazel eyes made them easy to look at. Jenny knew what they hid beneath their clothes, making her want them. Her arousal met her nose, which meant both men could smell it. Dustin’s hand touched her back, and he leaned down to kiss her cheek.

“You keep smelling like that and I don’t know if I can wait for tonight.”

“I can’t help it. I thought about you two naked,” she whispered back with a wink.

“Damn girl.” Dustin pulled her close and placed a deep kiss on her lips, not caring about who saw.

“You two might want to hold off on public displays. You were in the tabloids earlier this week,” Layla remarked when Dustin let Jenny go.

“Oh?” Jenny asked, turning back to her friend. The check in woman handed Dustin and Brett their badges for the convention.

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