The Horde Twins

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Chapter 32 Jenny

Jenny waited until they were away from the check-in table to talk with Layla about her remark.

“What do you mean about the tabloids?” she demanded, pulling Layla into a quiet corner. Thankfully, the con hadn’t opened to the public just yet, so the place was relatively quiet.

“They showed you and the twins in a photograph leaving the party.” Layla pulled her phone up and took a minute to search for the article. Turning her phone back, Jenny saw the headline. Horde Twins Leave Party with Mystery Woman. She took a minute to scan the article. Her name was nowhere to be seen.

“They don’t know who I am,” Jenny remarked, feeling the tension in her shoulders recede.

“No, but it means the paparazzi will follow the two now that they are back in the States.” Jenny nodded her agreement, Layla made a good argument.

“We wanted to keep our relationship quiet until my book made it out into publication. Justin is complicating things too. He is mad about losing his contract.”

“I know, another reason they sent here me. I am on Justin patrol. I know what he looks like and can act like a friend speaking with him. Dustin and Brett are both big men, they can be intimidating.” Layla looked over at the two waiting out of earshot.

“I wish Justin would leave it be. He will get picked up by someone else.” Layla shook her head at Jenny’s words.

“No. Word has spread about his feud with Dustin and Brett. I’m afraid he is developing a reputation for being hard to work with. Aside from that, you wrote the last book. How do you think he’ll fare without his ghost writer?”

“That isn’t--” Jenny objected, but backed down when Layla shook her head.

“I know all the work you did on those books, remember?” Layla crossed her arms and glared at Jenny.

“Fine. I shouldn’t feel bad for him, but I do.” Jenny couldn’t shake the fact she felt bad for Justin. Yes, he cheated on her, but that shouldn’t affect their working relationship.

“Stop that right now. I know what is going through your head. Even before he cheated, he was bad to you. He used your skills as an artist and storyteller. Come on, first up is your panel.” Layla ended their conversation and pulled Jenny in the room’s direction. She took her seat at the table with a placard with her name.

The room filled with all kinds of people. What surprised her the most were the people dressed at her female alien character Tims. The care that went into the costumes blew her away. She saw some of her favorite Dungeons and Dragons characters from a show she binged on YouTube.

“Thank you, everyone, for coming out so early in the morning. Our panel is about women authors. We have, Tianna Forth, Jessica Jonas, Hannah Greenwood, Lauren Rally, and Jenny Wexley. I am your host Whitney Tyler.” Whitney Tyler was known for being a podcast celebrity who dove into the nitty gritty of author life. Jenny loved listening to her interview authors, Whitney did one with Justin when their first book came out. She wore a plain white blouse with bright pink skinny jeans and her hair had been kept loose in a poof around her face. Big gold hoops hung from her ears.

“I’ll start us off with a question. While I do that, there is a microphone in the middle here. Please line up carefully.” Whitney leaned against her podium, facing the authors.

“Hello ladies! All of you have a new book coming out and one of you has your first solo book. Tell me what made you think of your current release?” Whitney asked, giving everyone a bright smile.

“Tianna, why don’t you start,” Whitney continued nodding at the first author in their row. One by one, the women gave amazing explanations about their stories. Each one was from a different genre.

“Jenny.” Whitney turned her dark eyes onto her.

“Well, as you might know, I was the illustrator for the popular Alien Invader series written by Justin Fae,” she started before being blown away by the cheers.

“Well, while creating it, I loved drawing aliens, but I wanted to write stories geared toward women too. I always wondered what happened to the princesses after they were married. It never sat well with me they were just pretty ornaments. Royal Guardians are about the princesses protecting their countries. Belle’s book has been released today.” Jenny looked out at all the people staring at her with rapt attention.

“Thank you, Jenny. Okay, now we will open up the question-and-answer portion. Tell us your name,” Whitney announced, nodding at the first person in line.

“My name is Gina. This question is for Ms. Greenwood. What made you want to have plus size women as your heroine?” Jenny sat back and listened to the other panelists answer the questions asked by the audience.

“Hi, my name is Hope. This question is for Jenny Wexley. Rumors have been swirling around that Justin Fae had a falling out with Horde Publishing. Does this have anything to do with your new series?”

“Wow, great question Hope, Jenny?” Whitney turned curious eyes onto Jenny.

“No. Royal Guardians was being picked up by Horde Publishing before the issue with Justin came out. Our series ended, and I wanted to continue as an author and illustrator.” Jenny tried to keep her answer vague. She didn’t want to out Justin.

“Hi, I’m Patty. Jenny, is it true you and Justin had a relationship?”

“Yes. We broke up years ago.” Jenny became uncomfortable with the personal questions being sent her way.

“I want to remind those of you asking questions. Our author’s personal lives are not up for question. I will pass any other personal questions,” Whitney stepped in. Jenny gave a relieved smile and let the panel continue. The rest of the panel went smoother, and they posed many questions to Jenny about Royal Guardians and Alien Invaders.

“Thank you, everyone, for coming out. Check the schedule for where our authors will be. Miss Jenny Wexley has a book signing beginning in an hour. Don’t forget to get a signed copy of the Royal Guardians: Belle’s Adventure.” Whitney closed out the panel and Jenny slipped out with Layla waiting for her.

“I am glad Whitney shut down those personal questions. I was about to text you to tell you to pass on the next one,” Layla remarked, walking Jenny to Dustin and Brett waiting outside the room.

“Same here. Did you find anything more about Justin?” she asked, seeing him walk into the con, a stack of books being pulled on a cart behind him.

“Nothing more than the fallout with Horde Publishing. Your men have done a superb job at keeping the issues quiet.”

“That is because we have ordered him to cease and desist. If he continues to bring it up in interviews or on his social media, we have every right to sue him for everything,” Brett explained when they became close enough. He pressed a kiss to Jenny’s cheek. Dustin bent down and kissed her lips before taking her hand.

“Great job, my love.” She smiled up at Dustin and noticed Brett was keeping his distance. She should make up with him before they went to bed for the night.

“You have an hour break before your signing. Let’s get something to eat.” Brett led the way into the con, Jenny released Dustin’s hand to his confusion. He reached for her again, but Jenny shook her head, flicking her eyes to the professional cameramen and women around the hall. He frowned but nodded his understanding. Jenny felt bad, but she didn’t want their relationship to come out just yet. She needed Royal Guardians to be a success.

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