The Horde Twins

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Chapter 33 Dustin

Dustin watched Jenny settle into her booth. Next to her was a stack of her book ready for signing.

“How long do you think she’ll be mad at me?” Brett asked, crossing his arms leaning against the pillar.

“I don’t know. You were pretty stupid assuming anything about Jenny. The day you pulled her out of her apartment and she yelled at you should have told you she wasn’t someone you can bulldoze over. I know how you think because we’ve been together since day one, not everyone else is that way. Jenny needs you to be open and communicate with her.” Dustin smiled when he glimpsed the line of people waiting to get a book signed by Jenny. He saw many of them holding copies of the last Alien Invaders book. The signing ticket included one signature for the bronze package. The silver package included a signature on her Royal Guardian book. A gold package gave the person two signatures and her Royal Guardians book.

“Signing for Jenny Wexley will start in two minutes. Please have your ticket token ready so we can move the line quickly,” Layla announced walking up and down the line showing the tokens they’d given out. Jenny’s head whipped around to catch his eyes, panic lighting them. Dustin walked over and knelt next to her, letting the table block what he did. Taking her hands, he kissed her knuckles, making sure anyone with a camera couldn’t snag a picture of them.

“There is a massive line of people waiting for you, Jenny. You are a success whether you think it.” Her eyes softened, and he felt her heartbeat slow.

“You did an amazing job at the panel and you will be great now.” He squeezed her hands and let go, walking back to where Brett stood. Brett’s lips were down turned and his brow furrowed. His eyes were not on Jenny but a ways behind her. Dustin followed his line of sight and saw Justin. Justin stood with his arms crossed, glaring at the line of people lined up for Jenny. Following a hunch, Dustin pulled out the schedule for the comic con and saw Justin had a book signing at the same time. He walked around the tables, staying out of eyesight of Justin. His line was not nearly as long as Jenny’s. Thankful for his shifter hearing Dustin overheard snippets from others.

“Did you see Jenny Wexley’s line? I loved her work in Alien Invaders.”

“I heard Justin Fae got released from Horde Publishing.”

“Do you know why?”

“Rumor has it he and Jenny had a huge falling out. His series finished, and she just released her first solo book.”

“Wow, I need to get a copy of her new book.” Dustin watched the two girls walk toward the line, stopping to pay for ticket tokens. Dustin wandered around the con picking up whispers around actors, actresses, authors. Jenny and Justin seemed to be the talk of the con.

“You ruined me!” Dustin heard Justin’s yell and rushed back to the area he’d left Jenny.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Justin. If you have something to say to me, you can do it after I am done signing books. These people did not come here to watch you throw a hissy fit,” Jenny snapped back, turning her face to the next person in line.

“Hi tell me your name.” A little girl probably around ten walked up with her father. In the father’s hands he held the Alien Invader books, and the little girl had a copy of Royal Guardians: Belle’s Adventure.

“I’m Nataly.” The young girl placed her book on the table. Jenny smiled brightly at her, ignoring Justin seething to her right. Dustin beamed with pride at his mate. She didn’t let Justin provoke her.

“I hope you love Royal Guardians.”

“I read all your Alien Invasion books with my daddy. We came to see you. I want to draw and be an artist when I get older.”

“That is amazing, try everything. It took me a long time to figure out my style. Try many mediums and techniques. You’ll find what works best for you,” Jenny replied, signing both books placed in front of her.

“Thank you, Ms. Wexley.” The father and daughter duo walked away. The entire three hour signing Jenny kept a smile on her face. She talked with everyone and signed until Dustin could see her rubbing her hand. Justin had stalked back to his booth when Jenny refused to engage with him. Dustin made a wide circle around Justin’s and Jenny’s booths, listening to everyone talk around him. He stopped at a booth selling hand bound journals. Having seen what art supplies Jenny used when she wanted to draw, he went in search of items to make her a surprise.

“Dustin,” Brett called, striding toward him with a determined expression on his face.

“I think I know how to make Jenny forgive me.” Dustin raised an eyebrow and waited for Brett to share his idea.

“I want you to take her out. Get her away from the penthouse. I am going to set up a candlelit dinner. I am going to cook her favorite foods and get down on my knees and beg her to forgive me.” Dustin did his best to hide his smirk.

“Okay.” Dustin nodded and went back to Jenny, his gifts in his hands. Brett slipped away, taking a taxi back to the penthouse.

“Jenny is done,” Layla announced when Dustin came back. The line had been closed down and Jenny sat at the table, her lips turned up in a pleased grin.

“Want to walk around the con or are you ready to go home?”

“I want to walk around, but I am exhausted. Can we come back tomorrow?” Jenny propped her head on her hand.

“We can come back tomorrow. I want to take you out to celebrate.”

“Where is Brett?” Jenny looked around and Dustin gave her a smile.

“He had to do something. Come on.” Dustin took her hand and helped her to her feet. They slipped out the back way of the convention center. Instead of taking her to the car, he walked into the hotel.

“Why are we here?” Jenny asked as he paid for a room and they went into the elevator.

“I was told to distract you.”

“You were?” Dustin nodded and scooped her up in his arms when the elevator opened. Marching down the hall, he paused at their door.

“Can you get the door love?” he asked, holding her up with one arm as he pulled the key out of his pocket. Jenny took the card and unlocked the room. Dustin didn’t bother looking around. He dropped her onto the bed, crashing his lips to hers. He needed to feel her against him. Last night, her being mad at Brett didn’t help his desire for her.

“I love you Jenny,” he murmured, slipping his hand up her dress. Using a dragon claw, he sliced her underwear off.

“That is so hot,” she gasped, pushing his jacket off and pulling his shirt off.

“I am going to fuck you until you can’t walk. I want you to scream my name as my cock slams into your pussy.” Dustin made quick work of her clothing before stepping back to take off his pants, socks and shoes. Standing naked in front of his mate, he smiled down at her. He loved her curves. Kneeling at the foot of the bed, Dustin pushed her thick thighs over his shoulders, settling himself between her legs. He took a deep breath, the desire radiating off her body painfully hardened his cock. He reached down and stroked his own cock before pressing his lips to her pussy.

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