The Horde Twins

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Chapter 34 Jenny

Jenny reveled in her time with Dustin. Making love to him differed from Brett. Brett was the fast and scorching passionate sex. Dustin took his time eating her out before pleasuring her. Today was no different. Dustin kept her busy well into the afternoon. By the time they left the hotel, the sun set. Jenny had to lean against Dustin because her legs were jelly.

“So why did Brett want you to keep me busy?” she asked on their way back to the penthouse.

“He is setting something up for you,” Dustin shared, and she wondered if he knew only that. Narrowing her eyes at him, she watched as he drove home.

“Is this his way of trying to make me not mad at him anymore, because I’m not. I know how Brett is. He jumps in before he looks. I’m not opposed to getting married. I’d just like to be asked instead of being told.”

“I understand that, no one likes to be told we are getting married without a say in it.”

“How would that work with you two? Legally I can only marry one,” she asked, thinking about legal marriage.

“I think that is a conversation the three of us need to make.” Dustin reached over and squeezed her hand before turning into the parking garage. Jenny let Dustin park and lead her back to their penthouse.

“Cover her eyes!” She heard as the elevator opened. Jenny obediently shut her eyes and let Dustin cover them with his hands.

“Brett, where are you?” Dustin called, using his body to guide her into the hallway.

“Leave her in the living room,” Brett ordered. He sounded as if he were in their bedroom. Jenny sighed and slowly walked forward, trusting Dustin to keep her from tripping.

“Whoa,” Dustin whispered as they walked forward, Jenny desperately wanted to know what Brett had done to the place.

“Leave her there.” Brett’s hands took hers as Dustin’s hands moved away from her eyes. She kept them shut, waiting impatiently.

“Brett, what did you do?” she asked, wiggling her body, wanting to know what Brett did to the place. She could smell her favorite French restaurant’s food wafting to her nose.

“Okay, open your eyes,” Brett relented, Jenny blinked slowly and gasped. Brett had decorated the penthouse to resemble a romantic candlelit dinner. He moved the dining table into the middle of the room. He had pushed the couches and chairs to the edges. The fire roared to fight away the chill of the winter weather. He had set the table with three plates, candles lit in the middle, each plate covered in a cloche to keep it warm. Wine was placed in crystal glasses with water next to it. Jenny looked down at her crumbled clothes, feeling out of place. Brett wore a tuxedo, and she noticed Dustin had slipped away. Looking around, she saw him come back out wearing a tux of his own.

“I feel very underdressed,” she finally remarked, looking around at the place.

“There is a dress on our bed,” Brett replied, giving her a gentle push toward the room. She walked down the hall to see an emerald green knee-length dress with off the shoulder sleeves. To her surprise, there were undergarments too, a tasteful black lace pair of undies and a black strapless bra. Taking her time, she changed into the clothing, freshened up her makeup and redid her hair. She had to tell Brett she wasn’t mad at him. He was only doing what he normally does, which is leaping without looking. She hoped he learned to speak with her before deciding for her. With a deep breath she stepped out of the room going back to her two mates. Music played softly in the background. Her men stood by the table waiting for her.

“Jenny, before we sit down I want to say I am sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed you would marry Dustin and me just because we are mates. I let my alpha side take over. I promise not to decide without asking you too. I am used to Dustin and I being on the same wavelength and not needing to discuss everything. I wanted to put together this to celebrate your success as an author. I have it on good authority that your books sold out at almost all bookstores we sent books too. They’ve asked for another shipment and other bookstores are calling us to order books because they are being asked for them. Congratulations Jenny on your success!” Brett lifted his wineglass with Dustin standing beside him looking just as delighted.

“Congratulations Jenny!” She couldn’t believe what Brett said. Her books sold out? She knew she had a ton of fans at the comic con. This was something she’d never experienced. Not even Justin’s last book had such a showing.

“Thank you.” She took the wineglass Brett handed her.

“To you, Jenny!” Brett and Dustin chorused raising their glasses again. She raised hers, clinking it to theirs, and then took a sip. She hummed her pleasure, Brett picked her favorite.

“Okay, sit and eat. You’ve had a busy and long day,” Brett remarked with a wink and a glance between her and Dustin. It still surprised her that neither of them got jealous of her spending one-on-one time with the other.

“Thank you, this looks amazing,” she replied, sitting down and removing the cloche revealing honey glazed salmon with green beans mixed with almonds and bacon.

“My favorite dish too, I am impressed.” She picked up her knife and fork to eat.

“I wanted time to set this all up for you. Dustin and I talked about doing an outstanding job. You were a natural on that panel. I didn’t like them bringing up your relationship with Justin Fae,” Brett growled, his eyes flashing.

“Justin is nothing to me. He didn’t bother me at all at comic con.” Jenny continued to eat and sip her wine.

“Only because we slapped a restraining order on him. He isn’t allowed within a hundred feet of you.”

“How did you do that? He isn’t a threat to me.”

“I have my ways. He has been trying to spread it around the only reason you are famous is because he made you that way. He also threatened to expose our relationship. We will share our connection when we are ready. The best thing is you work directly with Leon as your agent and Geraldine as your editor. She will vouch for your talent too,” Brett assured her sipping his own wine.

“Oh. When did you find this out?”

“This morning. We intended to speak with you tonight about everything. I didn’t want to worry you while you were at the con. You go back tomorrow for more signings,” Dustin took over the explanation. She knew he wanted her to know they shared the blame should it should upset her.

“Thank you for telling me. I will be on alert tomorrow, but know that you two are keeping me safe. Geraldine and I plan on working on my next book starting in a week. She has other projects, and I wanted a break. I finished my third book too. Now I am waiting for the next book to build itself in my head.”

“Is that how you make your stories?” Dustin leaned forward, his plate empty.

“Depends. Most of the time stories bounce around in my head and I pace them out through the first couple of chapters. Sometimes I find I get stuck after the second chapter. If that happens, then I put it aside and work on one that is coming to me in a faster manner.”

“Fascinating. I am not talented,” Brett remarked his plate was empty too. Jenny realized she still had about half a plate of food left.

“Do you need more wine?” Brett asked, getting up to retrieve the bottle. She nodded, and they fell into conversation about her schedule for the next day and their plans for the following week.

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