The Horde Twins

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Chapter 35 Brett

For the next month Brett kept a close watch on Justin and his drama. It seemed the worst was behind them. Several other publishing companies had reached out to make sure their contract was up with him. Brett assured them Justin Fae no longer worked for Horde Publishing and could be offered a contract from them. Something about Justin going silent worried him. They still kept their relationship with Jenny quiet. Her book was on fire. It made the New York Times bestseller list. She’d been asked to come on several talk shows about how she changed the princess persona. He was proud of how much the world came to love her works.

One night he came home to Jenny and Geraldine sitting, heads almost touching as they edited book two for Jenny. Dustin and he had talked about wanting to get her second book out six months after the first and try to keep her on a six-month release schedule as long as she could keep up.

“How are you ladies?” he asked, walking into the living room.

“Good. We are in the middle of editing book two,” Jenny answered, looking at him over her shoulder. He loved how comfortable she’d become in their home.

“Glad to hear it. We want to release it in a couple months,” he replied, walking over to give her a quick kiss. Geraldine had signed a nondisclosure agreement before becoming Jenny’s editor. She had become a regular in their penthouse. The more Brett looked around, the more he realized this wouldn’t be a big enough space when they had children.

“How long do you two think you’ll be? Gerry, are you spending dinner with us again?”

“Not tonight. I have a date,” Geraldine replied, picking up her phone to check the time.

“Speaking of which, I need to head home and get changed. We can pick this up next week, Jenny. Have a wonderful weekend.” Geraldine collected her things and bid everyone goodbye. As she left, Dustin walked in.

“Hi Dustin,” Jenny called, closing down her computer and walking over to him. He gave her a sweet kiss.

“What are our plans for this weekend?” Jenny asked, coming into the kitchen where both men stood sipping beers.

“Nothing, really. I wanted to talk with you about something,” Brett answered, leaning against the counter.

“Oh?” Jenny raised an eyebrow, making Brett want to drag her down the hall to make love. He loved all her expressions.

“I think we are outgrowing the penthouse. What do you say about house hunting?”

“Where are you thinking?” Dustin asked, setting his beer down.

“Well, nothing too far from the city. We have offices here, but Jenny doesn’t need to work in the city. Geraldine lives about a half hour outside the city so if we move closer to her then Jenny wouldn’t have to commute far for them to meet.”

“Are you thinking about children?” Jenny planted her hands on her hips and frowned.

“Not until you are ready to have babies, I was just thinking. You would do well with an office to spread out in. This way you wouldn’t have to pack everything up each night. We could enjoy having a yard and get a pool,” he shared wanting them to see what he was dreaming.

“How big?” Dustin asked, Brett saw him working the numbers in his mind.

“Nothing extravagant but big enough we wouldn’t need to move if we were to have children together.” Brett also wanted to propose to Jenny, but he needed to speak with Dustin in private.

“Why don’t we sit over dinner and talk about what we want in the new house?” Jenny suggested as the timer went off. Brett took a sniff, realizing Jenny had made dinner.

“What did you make?” he asked, turning to see her pull out a roast out of the oven.

“Gerry gave me this great recipe. We put it together while talking through some ideas for the Cinderella book. I made roasted peppers and carrots along with some crusty bread. I didn’t make the bread. I picked it up at the bakery we love,” she explained, placing the roast to rest.

“Okay, we will get changed while the roast rests then we can chat,” Dustin announced loosening his tie. Brett caught desire wafting from Jenny.

“Save that for after dinner.” Brett crashed his lips down on Jenny, holding her close. She let him in with a swipe of his tongue. He released her only to watch Dustin grab her and kiss her too.

“Maybe dinner can wait.” Brett picked Jenny up and tossed her over his shoulder. Marching down the hall with a giggling Jenny over his shoulder, he went into their bedroom. Dustin followed, shedding clothing as he went. Brett dropped Jenny onto the bed and stripped out of his clothing. Walking over to her, he thrust his cock into her waiting hands.

“Stroke us both, my love.” He nodded toward Dustin walking up with his cock thick. Brett moaned when her small hand wrapped around him, stroking up and down. Her hands were magical, and he never wanted to go a day without her touch.

“That’s right, baby. Pleasure us both.” Jenny moved her hands up and down their shafts for a moment before she stopped, stripped her clothing before kneeling between the two. Her mouth slipped down Brett’s cock, her tongue rubbing the underside. He jerked at the sensation, almost ready to spill himself like a teenager during his first time. Brett slipped his hands into her hair, helping her move back and forth along his cock. Bending his knees, he pumped in and out of her warm, wet mouth. Jenny suctioned her cheeks, changing the pressure of her mouth on his shaft, pulling him deeper. He couldn’t hold back any longer. His dragon took off, and he slammed into Jenny’s mouth. She choked, but let him pound into her mouth until he spilled his seed down her throat. Pulling out of her mouth, Brett smiled down at his mate. He watched her jerk off Dustin with him, spilling his cum over her hands and chest.

“Now I want to cum inside you.” Brett gently tossed Jenny onto the bed, pressing a kiss to her lips.

“I want both of you,” she replied, pushing him off her and crawling into his lap. Brett’s cock sprang back to life, ready for her once again. Helping Jenny straddle his lap, Brett pushed into her waiting pussy. He held her still while Dustin lubed his cock.

“Dustin, you ready?” Brett asked over Jenny’s shoulder.

“Yes.” Dustin pushed Jenny down onto Brett’s chest, spreading her ass cheeks. Slowly he pushed in and out of her ass, helping her stretch for his cock. Brett held still as agonizingly slowly Dustin pushed in. Jenny let out soft breaths, her eyes shut as Dustin pushed into her. Brett captured her lips, helping distract her as Dustin pushed home in her ass.

“I’m in baby. You feel so tight.” Dustin leaned forward to place a kiss on her shoulder.

“Just move!” Jenny groaned, pushing her hips up and down. Brett growled low in his throat, thrusting into her pussy. He and Dustin alternated moving in and out of her, playing her like a violin. Soon Jenny was panting, her skin covered in a fine layer of perspiration as the two made love to her.

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