The Horde Twins

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Chapter 36 Jenny

Jenny couldn’t believe how much she craved Brett and Dustin being inside of her. Brett in her pussy and Dustin in her ass was the perfect combination. Rotating her hips, Jenny drove both men deeper inside her. Brett’s cock hit her cervix, making Jenny see stars. The edges of her vision went dark, and all she could focus on was the feel of Dustin and Brett’s cocks. Digging her nails into Brett’s arms, she leaned back into Dustin’s chest. Turning her head, she caught Dustin’s lips in a kiss. Her orgasm built slowly. With each thrust, she moved closer and closer to her destination.

“I’m not some delicate flower. Fuck me!” she demanded, her eyes glowing with her own dragon. They needed their mates to send them over that edge.

“As our love commands,” Dustin murmured, renewing his thrusts. She cried out as Brett slammed into her at the same time. His hands came up to grab her breasts, tweaking her hard nipples, adding a new sensation to their lovemaking.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned, leaning forward to kiss Brett. Pushing her tongue into his mouth, she dueled tongues with him. He moaned into her mouth, slamming into her pussy. Jenny’s orgasm crashed down on her like a tidal wave of pleasure. She screamed out as her pussy clenched onto Brett’s cock. Dustin slammed into her once more before becoming stiff behind her. The warmth of his cum filled her behind. Brett followed a beat later, pumping his seed into her pussy. Jenny clenched around his thick cock until the last of her orgasm passed. Dropping onto Brett’s chest, she tried to catch her breath. Dustin pulled out of her a moment later and helped her lay down, curling around her back. Brett pressed against her front, placing a kiss on her nose.

“I love having sex with you two,” she whispered, unable to speak any louder.

“Good, because it won’t ever stop,” Dustin assured her with a kiss on her shoulder. Jenny nuzzled Brett’s chest, letting the air cool her heated skin.

“Do you want to eat?” Brett asked after a few minutes of them sitting in silence. Jenny’s stomach rumbled, making both men laugh.

“I think we should shower and then we can eat,” she suggested, sliding to the end of the bed to walk into their bathroom. Both men followed and made love to her again, this time with Dustin in her pussy and Brett in her ass under the spray of the shower. It took them another hour to get to dinner, where Jenny had to reheat everything.

Over dinner, they talked about what they wanted in their new house.

“I want us to all share a bedroom, none of this Dustin’s room and Brett’s room. If that means we have to renovate and make a huge master bedroom, I am all for it,” Jenny explained, while taking a bite of her dinner.

“What if we found a house where there were three floors available? We could make the top floor into a master suite with an office for you to work in. The second floor can be the kids’ bedrooms and playroom, and then the main floor for our living room, kitchen, and dining room,” Brett suggested, making Jenny smile.

“I like that idea. Maybe we can have a baby space available in our room until they are old enough to sleep in their own room. We can have a bassinet or something until they are old enough to sleep through the night in their crib?” Dustin added, sipping his wine.

“Not a bad idea. When we are done having babies, we can convert it into a cute sitting area or something,” Jenny offered, making both men smile and nod.

“Okay, so now we need to think about finding a realtor and fixing anything in this place,” Brett remarked, looking at the main living area with narrowed eyes.

“What do you think needs to be redone?” Jenny asked, turning to look at the place. It looked immaculate, as always, to her.

“I’m thinking of a fresh coat of paint and updating some fixtures. It shouldn’t be too much work and we can get top dollar for our penthouse.”

“Makes sense. How soon can we move?” Jenny asked, sipping her wine, holding back a moan. They always had the best wine in the house. She hoped one day she would be an expert on picking the best wines, like they were. Brett had such a great nose for wine and always picked the best. It was one thing she admired about him, along with his decisive attitude. When he wanted something, he went at it with one hundred percent. Jenny smiled softly, looking at her, men. Dustin was the more emotionally attuned to her and Brett, the powerful alpha. Each of them had a unique part of her heart. How did she get so lucky to have the two of them?

“What are you thinking about there?” Dustin asked, giving her a sweet smile.

“Just how lucky I am to have you two. Not even two months ago I was sitting in a rundown apartment with thrift shop furniture. Now I live here, have amazing mates and a best seller. I couldn’t imagine this would be my life.” Brett reached over and squeezed her hand.

“We are the lucky ones. You’ve made our triad complete. You are strong enough to put me in my place when my alpha attitude gets out of control.” Brett leaned over and kissed her softly.

“We love you Jenny. Nothing will change things. Sure we will have disagreements, but we will always resolve our issues. This is for life and dragons live for a long time.” Dustin stood up and went around the table to crouch next to her taking her other hand. She looked down at him, searching his eyes for anything to negate his last words. All she saw was love and desire. Leaning forward, she kissed Dustin.

“Thank you.”

“What do you say to a date, just you and me? We have not had a lot of one-on-one time since I travel a lot,” Brett asked, pulling her attention back to him.

“I’d love to spend a day with you. You are right, I feel like I get to spend more time with Dustin because he isn’t gone for work.”

“While you do that, I’ll hunt down a realtor.”

“It can wait until tomorrow. I want another round with my men tonight,” Jenny remarked, getting out of her chair and walking down the hall, shedding clothing as she went. To her delight, two growls came from behind her. Standing at their bedroom door, naked, Jenny curled her finger to beckon her men. Both came forward and the night did not disappoint.

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