The Horde Twins

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Chapter 38 Jenny

They ate lunch at a casual dining space, something she never would have expected from Brett. The place had a mix of couples and families, all enjoying the atmosphere.

“Welcome to Big Bad Wolf Burgers. We sell the wildest burgers in town.” A perky young woman with bleach blond hair came up to their table. Jenny gave her a smile and opened her menu.

“I am Cheryl, and I’ll be your server for the afternoon. What can I start you with to drink?”

“I’d like a diet coke please,” Jenny replied, looking over at Brett.

“Coke for me. We’d like to start with an order of your bacon cheese fries.” Jenny’s mouth watered at the sound of bacon, cheese, fries. She loved them but rarely got them because of the calorie count.

“I’ll get that in and your drinks will be out in a minute.” Cheryl walked away, and Brett winked at Jenny.

“I know you love cheese fries. The perk of being a dragon, you burn through calories faster than an average human.”

“What? You mean I could have been stuffing my face with ice cream? Why didn’t you two tell me?” Jenny stared at her mate in shock. How had they thought to leave out that important information? They’d been mated for about a month.

“It never came up. Now you know. Is there anything else you want to know?” Brett asked, leaning back in his side of the booth. Jenny took him in. He was the epitome of sexy. She loved Dustin for his classic look. Brett had a more rugged, dangerous vibe.

“Here are your drinks. Do you know what you would like to order?” Cheryl placed their drinks down before pulling out a pad and pen.

“I don’t know yet. Can you give me a few minutes?” Jenny asked, since she hadn’t looked at the menu yet.

“Of course. I’ll come back in a few minutes.” Cheryl walked away to work at another table. Jenny looked down at the menu.

“Well, I know I’ll live just as long as you two. We are a triad. I haven’t met your family and you don’t know mine.”

“We can make a trip to visit when your sister has her baby.”

“I’d like to go on a trip before that. I don’t want to take away the excitement of the new baby coming in with two men. I think they will be very accepting because my aunt is married to a bear shifter.”

“Maybe we can plan one after your press tour. You have several radio interviews this week. I wanted to talk to you about being your assistant for this trip.”

“You, the owner of Horde Publishing, want to humble yourself to be my assistant while I talk about my book?” Jenny didn’t know how to take that information.

“Well, Dustin and I both wanted to be with you, but since he is the day-to-day manager, I get to travel. You are going on a couple of morning talk shows, too. You’ve taken the literary world by storm.” Jenny shook her head in shock. She’d only written a story about the princesses being more than a pretty face.

“You don’t believe me. Have you seen the latest in the sales from your book?” Jenny shook her head again. She should really look at the menu. Her eyes landed on a barbeque burger, and she decided that would be good enough.

“You’ve sold over a million copies! Jenny you are a sensation.” Brett reached over to squeeze her hands. She gasped. How the actual fuck?

“That is so much to take in. Is that why we are here?” she asked, and Brett shook his head.

“No, today was just to spend time with you.” Jenny nodded and smiled.

“I’d love for you to come on the press tour. When do I start?”

“Two weeks. We are hammering out your schedule. You get final say of course, but this has been my part of the business fielding phone calls.”

“Has more come of Justin? I feel like he is lurking right around the corner waiting to ruin everything.”

“Nothing that I’ve heard. Several publishing companies got in touch with Dustin about him but I don’t know the details.”

“He is sneaky. If things don’t go his way, he is going to come after us again. I know we settled the lawsuit, but he will be underhanded in other ways.”

“Dustin has our PR department keeping close tabs on anything that has to do with you. We want to control as much press about you as possible. At some point our relationship is going to be revealed. The good thing is of us do not handle the graphic novel section of our company. This way it won’t look like we gave you your start because you are our mate.”

“Thanks Brett. I appreciate everything you and Dustin do for me. I am excited to start house hunting for us.”

“Are you two ready?” Cheryl asked, setting down a piping hot plate of cheese fries.

“Oh, yes. I’ll take the barbecue burger with the house salad.”

“I’ll get the Big Bad Wolf with onion rings.”

“Excellent choices. I’ll put those in.”

“Not to change the subject, but when do I get to meet your family?” Jenny popped a fry into her mouth, moaning her delight.

“On the press tour, most likely. We will travel to California for several of the talk shows. She lives out there.”

“Okay.” Jenny hoped their mother would like her. The rest of lunch, they talked about Brett’s mother and her family. She enjoyed spending time with him, with no worries. The laid back lunch made her feel relaxed.

“What is next?”

“Shopping.” Brett’s eyes lit up and Jenny laughed.

“Okay, let’s go shopping.” They spent the rest of the afternoon going around the local mall. Jenny stopped in a bath bomb store to stock up on some fun products. Brett had never seen a bath bomb before, so Jenny showed him a video on her phone. He was fascinated and demanded they get one of each type in the store. She went into a bookstore to admire her book on the shelves before picking up a few of her favorite books. Then they bought her some new clothes and shoes for the press tour. Brett hadn’t wanted her to repeat outfits. It took them the better part of three hours to come up with enough outfits Jenny felt comfortable in. She refused to wear tight fitting clothing. It was not something she felt good in and told Brett so when he shoved another body con dress into her dressing room. To her surprise, he respected her choice and brought her dresses and pant outfits that fit her personality better. By the time they came home, the sun had set and Dustin had dinner on the table.

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