The Horde Twins

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Chapter 39- Dustin

Three weeks after Jenny and Brett’s date, they were all finally going house hunting. It took their realtor longer than expected to find some houses that were up to their expectations. During those three weeks, Dustin and Brett talked to their mother and announced they’d met their mate. She took it surprisingly well, for them waiting a few months to tell her.

“So you are saying you found your mate, mated her, and are now just telling me?” she’d asked through their phone call. Dustin knew she wasn’t too hurt by them waiting.

“Yes, her name is Jenny Wexley. We wanted to bring her out to meet you after we’ve moved,” Dustin explained, exchanging a look with Brett.

“Yes! Bring her to come see me. We can take a trip up to Napa for a weekend.”

“Whatever you want, Mother. We will get in touch when we plan to come out,” Brett answered, propping himself up against Dustin’s work desk. They’d made the phone call out of Jenny’s earshot, in case their mother said something rude.

“Wonderful! Call me more often, I miss my boys.” They both rolled their eyes.

“Okay Mother. We love you. Talk to you soon,” Dustin replied, and hung up. He looked at Brett and waited.

“How long until she demands we come out there on her time?” Brett asked with a chuckle.

“I’d say if we don’t get out there in the next two months, she will demand we come out. We are going to a house outside the city today. Want to come with me? Jenny is meeting us there.”


“Okay, let’s go.” Dustin turned off his computer and pulled out his car keys. They made their way down to Dustin’s car when Dustin’s phone rang.

“Hi Geraldine,” he said, unlocking his car.

“Jenny was taken!” Geraldine yelled into the phone, making Dustin drop his keys.


“Jenny was taken!” Geraldine yelled again, panic in her voice.

“Slow down Geraldine. Do you know who took her?” Dustin watched Brett stop and turn away from opening the door.

“Say what now?” Brett demanded, a growl in his voice.

“Jenny and I were going down to the car garage. She said she needed to meet you two about a house. Anyway, we got down to the garage, and that is when a group of men grabbed her. They were all wearing hoods and a taller, thin man was calling the shots. From the look on Jenny’s face, she knew the man talking. She yelled about how he was a lousy person and deserved to be ostracized from the writing community.”

“Fuck, thanks Geraldine. We will get her back.” Dustin hung up and turned to Brett.

“Justin has Jenny. Geraldine said a group of men took Jenny from the parking garage under our penthouse.”

“Where could he have taken her?” Brett paced around the car, running his hands through his hair.

“Her phone! She doesn’t go anywhere without it. We can track it down.” Dustin pulled his phone out and opened up the lost phone app. He typed in her number and waited. No signal came up, and he glared at it.

“We don’t have a good signal down here. Let’s get in the car and head up. You drive, I’ll keep track of the signal.” Dustin tossed his keys to Brett. He hated to admit it, but Brett was the better driver. Brett caught the keys, and they tore out of the parking garage. As soon as they were on the surface, Dustin tried Jenny’s phone again. This time it came up.

“She is on the south side of the city, near the docks. Hop on the three-one-nine.” Dustin pointed to the highway, and Brett veered to the right, taking them to the south side of the city.

“Keep updating the app so we don’t lose her.” Brett drove recklessly, going well over the speed limit.

“What are we going to do when we get there?” Dustin asked, thinking about how best to save their mate. Justin didn’t strike him as the type to hurt Jenny. He probably wanted money or her to sign something to get him the money back from his last book. Dustin monitored the app as Brett drove. A text came to his phone ten minutes into their drive.

Don’t come for me. Dustin glared at the text that came from Jenny.

Too late. He wouldn’t leave her to Justin.

“Jenny just told us not to come,” he remarked, showing Brett the text.

“Why would she not want us to come?”

“I don’t know. Maybe she doesn’t want us to get hurt. She is a dragon, so she can take him on her own. I will not let her do that by herself though.” Dustin squeezed the phone in his hand, bouncing a leg.

“Hopefully Justin won’t be stupid. After we save her, we call the police. This has gone too far. Justin cannot be allowed to get away with taking our mate.” Dustin could tell Brett was holding onto his temper and he didn’t blame him. Justin went too far.

“He is a dead man if there is a hair missing from her head,” Dustin agreed, watching as they got closer and closer to Jenny’s phone.

“Park a block away. I don’t want him to hear us coming,” Dustin ordered, pointing to a parking lot for them to leave the car. Brett pulled into a spot and paid for their parking. The two men ran down the street until they were across the street from the building where Jenny was being held. To Dustin’s surprise, it was an apartment building.

“Fuck, what apartment?”

“Hang on.” Dustin called Layla.

“Hi Dustin, what’s up?”

“Justin took Jenny. What is the address we have on file for him?” He prayed it was the same apartment building they were standing in front of at that moment.

“He lives on the south side of the city. Apartment building 3154 on Windsor St. Apartment number 4D.”

“Thanks Layla. I’ll keep you posted.” Dustin hung up before Layla could demand information about her friend. He didn’t need a hysterical woman crying at him right now. Brett and he had to make sure Jenny was safe.

“Apartment 4D.” Dustin hurried into the building with Brett on his heels. They raced up the stairs to the fourth floor and paused in front of apartment D. To his delight, he heard Jenny roaring. She’d turned into her dragon. They were going to have to probably rescue Justin.

“I am not saving that bastard. He gets what is coming to him,” Brett growled when they heard a male shout. Dustin laughed and knocked on the door. No one answered, not like he expected it. Stepping back, he let Brett kick the door in. Brett casually kicked at the door, making the jamb crack. The door opened to a scene that made both men laugh.

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