The Horde Twins

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Chapter 40- Jenny

After her date with Brett, Jenny felt more confident in their relationship. She loved each man for their own personalities. Dustin was attentive and always put her needs first, whether it be in or out of the bedroom. Brett excited her, made her feel amazing all the time. She loved them both. Today she spent the morning working on her next book. Inspiration had struck, and she wanted to get it down before she lost it. At the moment Geraldine came by with the revisions to her next book. Even though it wouldn’t be published for a bit, they both wanted to get a head start. This way if Geraldine needed to work on other projects they were ahead of schedule.

“I think you need to add more attitude here. Rapunzel isn’t meek now that she has found her purpose.” Geraldine pointed at a page that had given Jenny trouble when she’d been first attempting to write it.

“I know. I couldn’t get her attitude right. She is supposed to be arguing with Belle’s decision to involve other kingdoms.” Jenny leaned back, biting her fingernails as she thought about how to change the wording.

“What about this,” Geraldine typed out a few phrases and Jenny read through them.

I don’t see why we have to involve them at all?

What would that do for us?

Do you really want to expose us?

“I like the second one. What would that do for us? It makes her look at the big picture.”

“Perfect. Oh crap. Look at the time. I need to head out.” Geraldine put her phone down and Jenny realized she needed to meet Brett and Dustin at the new house.

“I need to go house hunting with the guys. We are trying to find a bigger home that will fit us and any kids that come along.”

“You aren’t pregnant, are you?” Geraldine asked, her voice full of excitement.

“No. I just had my period. Let me tell you, the guys were very upset. I’m not ready to be a mom. I want to enjoy being with the two of them and working on my books.”

“I get that. I have no plans for babies in my life. Being almost thirty-eight, I doubt I’ll find Mr. Right and want babies right away. I come from a family of eight kids, I did enough raising children when I was a teen to last me a lifetime.” Geraldine gave a shudder, and Jenny laughed.

“I can understand that. I’m twenty-nine and a dragon. I have a lifetime plus to have children.”

“I enjoy being Auntie Gerry. I don’t need to be a mom.” Jenny laughed again and shut her computer down.

“How many nieces and nephews do you have?” Jenny asked, putting her computer away and grabbing her purse, phone, and keys.

“Last count I had fifteen total. Nine nephews and six nieces. My youngest sister Franchesca just got married last year so I know more are coming.”

“Goodness, how do you keep track of birthdays?”

“I have them in my phone with reminders. I keep a stack of birthday cards in my apartment at all times.” Geraldine followed Jenny out of the penthouse, and they took the elevator down to the garage.

“Smart. Thanks for today. I think we can meet next week to discuss any other changes after I fix the ones we talked about today.”

“Good, see you then Jenny.”

“Jenny Wexley?” A tall, bald man with broad shoulders asked. Jenny looked up in time to see another man similar in looks and build come up on the other side of her and Geraldine.

“Who are you?”

“We were told to take you.” The man reached for her, but Jenny was faster and whipped out her pepper spray. He cried out, and she shouted for Geraldine to run.

“Run! Call Dustin or Brett.” Jenny then took off for the ramp. She knew she didn’t have a chance to get into her car. The men would corner her there. Using her dragon’s strength, she bolted.

“Fuck, he said nothing about her being fast. Grab the bitch, the spare isn’t our concern.”

“Get the car, we can run her down.” Jenny couldn’t afford to look back. She kept going. Too bad their parking garage had three floors and their spaces were at the bottom. She huffed, but kept running. As she reached the entrance, a car slammed into her from behind. She fell, smacking her head, and the world went dark.

“I didn’t hire you idiots to hit her with a car! You could have killed her. I don’t need two angry ass dragons coming after me for killing their mate!” Jenny heard Justin’s voice as she slowly came too. She hurt all over and tried to suppress a groan. She didn’t want him to know she was awake. Jenny assessed her situation. Her hands were bound, but her feet were not. Underneath her was a mattress, so she had to be in a bed. The room did not smell musty, so she could assume she wasn’t underground. Her purse wasn’t on her body, but that didn’t matter. Brett and Dustin probably knew she was missing by now and would track her. One reason she never turned off the location on her phone. She never knew when she might lose it or need her GPS.

“You didn’t pay us enough to get pepper sprayed either,” growled one man. Jenny cracked her eyes open and saw she was alone in the room. Opening her eyes all the way, she assessed her situation. Her hands were behind her back, making it hard for her to sit up or do anything. They’d left her feet free.

Let me out, her dragon demanded.

Hang on, I don’t want to shift if we don’t have to. Besides, I want to figure out what that idiot ex boyfriend of mine wants. Her dragon huffed, but settled back. Jenny felt her just under the surface. Nothing would stop her dragon from coming out if she thought they were both in trouble.

“Ahh, you are awake,” Justin’s nasally voice reached her ears.

“Why did you do this?” she demanded, trying her best to sit up and face him.

“Sit her up. I want to see her eyes when I tell her. Two sets of hands grabbed her and set her up. She saw both men who’d tried to grab her from the parking deck, standing beside Justin.

“What is the point, Justin? You know Brett and Dustin will come for me. You can’t kill me.” Jenny prayed she was right about him not killing her.

“I want you to sign over your rights to the last Alien Invaders book. Your boyfriends ruined everything. All you have to do is sign it over and I’ll set you free.” Jenny shook her head. All this over a few hundred thousand dollars.

“I will not do that, Justin. You did nothing on the last book other than spout out an idea. I wrote the words, I did the art. You fucked Stella.” Like hell she would ever let him have credit.

“She dumped me! Stella said she only stayed with me because I had money. Now I have nothing. No money, no girlfriend, no book contracts,” Justin ranted, waving his hands and stalking around the room.

“Serves you right. You were a sucky boyfriend when we were dirt poor. Fame went to your head, and you got too big for your britches.” Jenny laughed. This was too much. He’d kidnapped her for money. Such a cliché.

“You will give me my money, you bitch! You and your stupid boyfriends ruined me! No one in the publishing industry wants to work with me. This is your fault! All you had to do was keep your fucking mouth shut!” Justin rushed toward her, his hand outstretched to slap her.

Oh, fuck no! Jenny didn’t have time to think her dragon came out as a roar. Justin stopped short.

“What the fuck? You are a dragon?” Justin gaped at her, making Jenny let out a roar. He let out a high-pitched scream that would have amused her had she not been furious he’d tried to hit her. The two large men both took off. No, no one was getting away. Jenny slammed into Justin and took off after her kidnappers. She caught them in her claws just as the door burst open. She turned to be on guard for more men, but this time it was Dustin and Brett. Jenny slammed the men down, knocking them both out before turning around to see Justin stumbling out of the bedroom.


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