The Horde Twins

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Six months after her abduction, Jenny sat in the back of a courtroom, listening to why Justin did what he did.

“I was broke. All the money I made from my books was lost because of my gambling problem. The men I bet with weren’t the ones who would give me time to put together the money. They’d seen my downfall in the news. I didn’t have any book deals at the moment and couldn’t guarantee they would get their money. Jenny was my last hope. If I could get her to give me the royalties for the last Alien Invaders book, I could pay them off. I admit I was angry with her. She got a book deal and when I saw her at the Comic Con, I lost my cool. I am deeply sorry for what I did.” Justin broke down in tears. It did not convince Jenny they were actually tears. She hadn’t known about his gambling problem, they’d broken up by that time.

“Fake,” muttered Brett beside her. Jenny giggled and hushed him with her hand. He brought it to his mouth, kissing her ring. Dustin sat to her tight, holding her other hand. They’d chosen to get married in a few months once they finished their home with the renovations. Her second book had just hit stores, and she was leaving the following morning for her book tour.

“We call our next witness to the stand. Jennifer Wexley.” Jenny stiffened. She hadn’t realized they would call her up. The week before, she’d given her statement to be used in the court.

“Just tell the truth,” Dustin urged, helping her up. She walked up to the stand and gave her oath to tell the truth.

“Are you Jenny Wexley?” the prosecutor began.


“How do you know the defendant?”

“He was my boyfriend almost four years ago. We also worked together on the Alien Invaders series as the artist.”

“Why did you two break up?”

“Objection, relevance?” The defense lawyer stood up to object to his question.

“It will help establish his character,” the prosecutor argued. The judge nodded.

“I’ll allow it.”

“Please, Miss Wexley, why did you and the defendant break up?”

“He cheated on me with his editor.” Jenny wouldn’t share more than the minimum.

“Isn’t that against company policy to date someone you work directly with?”


“What happened the day the defendant kidnapped you?” Jenny sighed and went into her explanation of the day Justin had her kidnapped.

“Thank you, Miss Wexley. No more questions.” The prosecutor sat down and the defense lawyer stood up.

“Miss Wexley, how did you feel when Mr. Fae cheated?”

“I was mad at first. Now I am indifferent.”

“Would that color the way you worked with Mr. Fae on the Alien Invader books?”

“No. I needed the income. I had to swallow my pride and continue to work with my ex-boyfriend to continue to pay rent.”

“How did you get the rest of the royalties from the last book?” Jenny looked out at the prosecution.

“Objection, that was handled through litigation with Horde Publishing.”

“Sustained. Ask a different question Mr. Young.”

“What kind of person was Justin when you dated him?”

“We were twenty-five when we started dating. We met in college. He was the typical boyfriend. We went on dates, stayed in, did what all couples do. I don’t see how this is relevant?” she asked, confused where the defense was going with their line of questioning.

“Would you say Mr. Fae had malicious tendencies?”


“Thank you. No further questions.” Mr. Young Justin’s lawyer sat down before the prosecutor stood back up.

“One last question.”

“What was Justin’s attitude the last time you spoke with him before the kidnapping?”

“I’d say he was angry. He didn’t like that he lost the lawsuit against Horde Publishing.”

“Thank you. You may go.” Jenny stood and walked back to her men.

“You did great,” Dustin whispered, taking her hand. Brett and then Dustin were both called up to talk about the lawsuit and their connection to Jenny. Greta also went up to speak. The two men who’d taken her each had time to speak. Jenny checked her watch to see it was closing in on four in the afternoon. Bouncing her leg, she wanted to get home. She had a surprise for the guys and couldn’t wait to share it with them.

“The jury will deliberate after closing remarks,” the judge announced. Each lawyer stood to speak before they sent the jury off to do their civil duty. Jenny’s nerves got the better of her. She felt sick to her stomach.

“I’ll be right back,” she told the guys before bolting for the bathroom. Jenny made it to the stall with seconds to spare before her lunch came up.


She waited to see if more was going to come up, but after a minute she felt fine. Exiting the stall, she washed her hands and rinsed out her mouth. As she went back out, Dustin and Brett stood outside the bathroom with worried looks on their faces.

“I am fine. My nerves just got to me.” Jenny smiled and took their hands.

“Please come back in,” the bailiff announced, motioning for everyone to come back in to hear the verdict.

“Will the lead juror please stand? Has the jury reached a unanimous verdict?” the judge asked, looking at the group of men and women.

“Yes, Your Honor. The jury finds the defendant guilty on all charges.”

“Thank you. Sentencing will be scheduled. Court adjourned.” The judge stood and walked out. Jenny relaxed against the bench seat, thankful the jury found Justin guilty.

“Now I can go on my book tour without feeling worried. He is guilty and will be punished.”

“Dustin will be here for the sentencing in your stead since we’ll be all over for your tour.”

“I thought Layla was going to be my assistant on my tour?” she asked, giving Brett a smirk.

“She is, but I am coming along as a representative for Horde Publishing. It is part of what I do for our company. The bonus is that you are my future wife.” Brett kissed her cheek as they walked out of the courthouse.

“What time do you two fly out?” Dustin asked, climbing into their car.

“The plane flies out at nine forty-five tomorrow morning.” Jenny buckled in, trying to hide her excitement. While they were at the courthouse, she’d let Layla use her key to get in and decorate the penthouse.

“Why are you fidgeting back there?” Dustin asked, glancing at her in the rearview mirror.

“No reason,” Jenny lied, but she and her dragon both knew her secret. Dustin lifted an eyebrow, but didn’t say a word. Jenny tried to keep her eagerness down so the guys wouldn’t be suspicious. After what felt like hours, they arrived on the parking deck. It had taken Jenny several months to be comfortable parking at the bottom of the deck again. She had her parking space moved to the front entrance, right next to the elevator. Normally the building wouldn’t have allowed it, but Brett and Dustin made a strong case for her. They moved it temporarily since they would be moved into a new house soon.

Jenny took each of their hands and walked with them into the elevator and up to the penthouse. When the doors opened, she let go of their hands to let them go in first. Her eyes bugged out, Layla had outdone herself. Layla filled the place with pink and blue balloons and matching streamers. ‘Congratulations Dads’ with the S drawn in hanging across their floor to ceiling windows.

“Jenny?” Brett turned around, and in a split second, he had his hand on her stomach. Dustin was a touch slower on the uptake, but soon was standing next to Brett.

“Does this mean?” Brett asked, and she nodded, unable to find her words. Tears poured down her face.

“I’m pregnant,” she finally whispered, joy radiating off her mates.

“How? When?” Dustin asked, scooping her up and carrying her to the couch.

“I’m two months late. I thought it might have been the stress from Justin’s trial, but I went to the doctor earlier this week. She confirmed I am almost nine weeks pregnant.”

“Hallelujah!” Brett yelled, jumping up to fist pump the air.

“When does that make you due?”

“The middle of January next year. Plenty of time for us to get a nursery put together in our new house.” Jenny laughed when both men hugged her tightly.

“How soon will you find out if you have twins in there?” Dustin wanted to know, rubbing her still curvy tummy.

“My first ultrasound is scheduled for after the book tour. They took blood when I went in this week and can tell me if we are having a boy or a girl.”

“Your book tour is a month long. Are you able to put off an ultrasound that long?” Brett inquired, becoming serious.

“I spoke with the doctor. She said I could push it off if I wanted. If I want an ultrasound while on the road I’d have to speak to the insurance to find a clinic that will cover it and send the results to my doctor’s office.”

“The sooner the better. I’ll have Layla help me schedule it for you while we are on tour. Your first stop is in D.C. I am sure there are plenty of places there we can get an ultrasound done. If not, after that you are headed to Orlando.” Brett scrolled through his phone, looking at her schedule.

“Brett chill. I want to enjoy being pregnant with you two tonight. We can figure out logistics later. Now come here and love me,” Jenny ordered, getting annoyed at her overbearing but lovable mate. Dustin laughed and kissed her.

“And I thought I’d be the one doing that to you,” Dustin joked before passing her off to Brett. Brett captured her lips in a searing kiss and laid her back on Dustin’s lap. He made his way down her body, removing her underwear and shorts. Dustin took her lips with his, making love to her mouth as Brett devoured her pussy. In a matter of what felt like seconds, Jenny was screaming her orgasm. The men didn’t let up, each one taking turns to make love to her all night in front of the ‘Congratulations Dads’ banner.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it. This is the first time I've written a story with two men and one woman. I'll come back and edit it after I've stepped away for a bit. Thank you again!

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