The Horde Twins

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Chapter 5 -Dustin

Dustin looked around at their anniversary party. Where were Jenny and Layla? The party started over an hour ago. He had spoken to Layla three hours ago, telling her there was a gift for Jenny that she needed to pick up around the corner from the salon he knew Layla frequented. It paid to listen to his secretary talk about her friend Jimmy. He’d spotted Justin with Stella on his arm not long after the party started. Dustin felt his dragon growl, he did not like Jenny’s ex.

“Have you spotted her?” Brett asked, coming over to hand him a glass of whiskey.

“No, and Layla is ignoring my calls,” Dustin replied, eager to see his mate again.

“The pull is strong with her. I never thought the mate bond would bother me this much. I know she is still in the city, but not having eyes on her is killing me.” Dustin agreed with his brother. He needed Jenny. Dustin sipped his whiskey, scanning the room once again. He paused when he spotted Layla. Standing next to her, Jenny was a vision in deep blue. Dustin grabbed Brett’s arm and nodded toward Jenny.

“Hot damn,” Brett whispered, Dustin murmured his agreement. The two of them made their way to her.

“Hello beautiful,” Dustin called. Jenny looked up at him with a smile on her face. Dustin smiled, seeing the diamond hair combs in her deep brunette locks.

“Hello.” Dustin stepped to one side of her, while Brett took the other. Each man took her hand and walked her away from Layla.

“Thank you Brett for the card. Layla has it in her purse,” Jenny mentioned looking over her shoulder at her friend.

“I’ll get it from her later. Right now I want to get to know you.” Dustin watched goosebumps break out over Jenny’s skin when her eyes connected with Brett. Brett was the more rough and tumble of the two. Dustin preferred the finer things in life, while Brett was happy on a motorcycle with cheap beer.

“I’ll pay you back once I have my next paycheck,” she promised, Brett gave her a confused look.

“No, no Jenny. This is a gift. You do not need to pay me back.” Brett lifted her hand to his mouth, kissing her knuckles. Dustin did the same with her other hand.

“We want to make sure you are cared for,” Dustin added. Jenny gave them a wide-eyed stare.

“How can you say that? You don’t know me.”

“We take care of what is ours,” Brett replied and nodded at Dustin. Dustin pulled Jenny to him, sweeping her out to the dance floor.

“Jenny, you look beautiful tonight.”

“Thanks, it is all Layla and Jimmy from the salon. Layla helped me find my dress and Jimmy’s team did my hair and makeup.”

“It is you. You looked beautiful in your jeans and sweater too.” He didn’t want her to think she needed to look like this all the time for her mates.


“The moment I saw you at your door yelling at me for waking you up, I thought this woman looks amazing. She has the right curves just for me and Brett.”

“I heard you two share women,” she commented, a blush spreading across her cheeks. Dustin wondered if it went lower.

“We are a pair, when we find our mate we will share her. We have shared a woman from time to time, but we’ve dated separately too. We’ve known since girls became an interest that we were destined to have one woman for us both.” Dustin spun her out and back in catching her against his chest. Her curves pressed against him, making his cock stir.

“You two want to share me for the night then?” she asked, looking up at him. Dustin shook his head.

“No. We want you to be our mate. To be with us forever,” he explained, watching her process his words.

“Forever? I don’t know you.”

“Then let us take you out. We can go on dates and you get to know us,” he replied. There would be no way he was letting her go home.

“Um, I uh. I’ve never been with two men at once,” she whispered, the confession making Dustin laugh.

“That does not matter. You will love being with us.” He bent his head and kissed her, he couldn’t resist her anymore. Jenny gasped into the kiss, letting his tongue enter. She tasted of the most addicting honey. He needed more, his cock sprang to attention pressing against her belly. Dustin walked them off the dance floor and into a private area of the space they’d rented. He sent a mental call to Brett to meet them.

“What about the party?” she asked when he released her lips.

“They won’t miss us for a minute,” he replied, pressing another kiss to her lips. Brett came through the back door to the room and wrapped his arms around Jenny, his hands sliding up to massage her breasts. Dustin felt her moan. He mated her mouth the same way he would her pussy lips.

“You feel perfect Jenny,” Brett’s low growl made her shiver. Dustin knew she wanted them both, he could smell her arousal.

“That’s right, my mate, let him touch you, make you feel good,” Dustin encouraged her to let Brett touch her while he kissed her senseless. Jenny’s hands fisted in his lapel, holding herself to him. Dustin’s hands held her hips, keeping her upright.

“My turn,” Brett growled, turning Jenny to him. He kissed her while Dustin took over, making her body feel good. His need for her ramped up when she moaned against Brett’s mouth. Dustin needed to taste her honey. Brett, take her to the couch. Brett walked them back to the couch with Dustin following. Jenny sat her body twisted to face Brett never letting go of the kiss. Dustin knelt at her feet, slipping her dress above her knees. Her musky scent of arousal hit Dustin. His dragon roared, wanting him to shift. Taking a few breaths, Dustin kept control of his dragon. Placing his hands on her knees, he slid up to the apex of her thighs. Pushing her lacy panties to the side, Dustin slipped his fingers in. She was dripping with need. Groaning, he nudged her knees further apart.

“Let him in, baby,” Brett ordered, pulling her legs further apart. Dustin reached up and tugged her panties with his shifter strength as they ripped apart. He pulled the ruined panties away taking a deep breath.

“Jenny, you smell amazing,” he groaned, pulling her to the edge of the sofa Dustin put her legs over his shoulders. He couldn’t wait to get past the curls protecting her very heat. Dustin looked up to see Jenny looking down at him.

“Is this okay?” he asked, he didn’t want to push her past what she felt comfortable with. Her sharp nod had him slamming his mouth on her pussy. Her gasp encouraged him to slip his tongue out to press on her clit.

“Oh god!” her cry met his ears. He sucked on her clit, feeling her jerk underneath him.

“That’s it baby, let him pleasure you. Do you like it when his mouth is on your pussy?” Brett’s deep voice met his ears. Dustin wanted Jenny to feel amazing. Slipping two fingers into her waiting pussy, he heard her moan.

“You look amazing spread for Dustin.” Dustin looked up to see Brett’s hands in her dress twisting and pinching her nipples.

“Oh god!” Her voice sent shocks down his body, he needed to feel her wrapped around his cock and soon. Dustin renewed his attention, drawing an orgasm out of her. Her pussy clenched on his fingers and gushed onto his tongue. He lapped up every drop. He didn’t want to miss any. He sat back on his heels, looking up to see Jenny. Her eyes were closed with a smile on her face. Her skin flushed from her orgasm. He nodded at Brett. They had begun their pursuit and nothing would stop them from convincing Jenny to be their mate.

“You taste like peaches and cream,” he told her, sitting on the couch next to her. Jenny opened her eyes and stared at him. Shock, then embarrassment covered her face.

“I cannot believe I just let you do that to me. There are people right next door,” she whispered, pushing her dress over her legs. Dustin and Brett let out groans.

“No one heard, I promise.” Dustin kissed her cheek. Brett gave her a smirk and kissed her other cheek.

“Come, we need to get back to the party.” He stood and held out his hand for Jenny. His painful cock needed her attention, but their private moment together was for her only. She took it and let him pull her onto shaky legs.

“I have no underwear on,” she gasped, catching sight of the ruins of her panties.

“Makes it even sexier.” Brett winked, and Dustin watched them go back out to the party. Dustin made a quick stop in the bathroom to clean up his face before walking out into the party to join his brother and mate. Brett stood on the dais at the front of the party with Jenny and Justin. Dustin joined them and let his brother start their thank yous.

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