The Horde Twins

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Chapter 6 -Jenny

Jenny couldn’t believe she had let Dustin and Brett play her like a piano, bringing her to an orgasm with their hands and Dustin’s mouth. Standing on the dais with Brett talking into the microphone, she noticed Justin taking a sniff around her.

“Why do you smell like sex?” Justin whispered. She glared at him and hissed.

“None of your business and how would you know I smell like sex?” Jenny wanted Justin to move away from her, but she couldn’t afford to cause a scene.

“We dated for three years Jenny, I know when you’ve had sex.” Jenny stepped away from him when she saw Dustin come up the dais. He winked at her and stood next to Brett.

“We’d like to have the author share some of his thinking on the story he recently wrote. You’ll be getting it in your party gift. Dustin and I wanted to share with you one of our most successful newest ventures, the graphic novel Alien Invasion: When Holberts Attack. It is the last of the series written by Justin Fae and illustrated by Jenny Wexley.” Brett motioned for Justin to step forward, handing him the microphone. Jenny sighed, Justin would get all the credit, and she had to sit back and let him pretend he wrote it. Out of the six books in the series, she’d practically written three of them. She could claim she wrote the first three too because Justin gave her the basics of his ideas and she helped him flesh them out.

“Thank you Brett and Dustin for giving my book a chance. This came about six years ago with a little dream.” Justin continued his story, one she’d heard him lie through every time they published a new book. He took the credit, and she sat back and let him.

“Thank you Justin, would you give us a synopsis of your newest story?” Dustin asked, Jenny looked at him. What was he up to? Justin paused and almost lost his facade. She knew he didn’t know what the story was about. He hadn’t tried to help her write this one.

“I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise,” Justin replied, a smirk playing on his lips.

“Jenny, would you like to talk about your process of creating the book?” Brett asked, all eyes turned to her. She froze, public speaking was not something she enjoyed. Her stomach almost always tried to throw up. She shook her head, but Dustin touched her on her lower back, giving her a push forward. His touch comforted her.

“Uh um, well Justin sends me the story and I draw the pictures and do the text on the book,” she explained, looking at Brett to see if he wanted more from her.

“Maybe you can tell us what the last book is about?” Brett gave her an encouraging nod, he placed a hand on her back offering her some strength.

“The last book is about our hero Fritz fighting off the Holberts and making a treaty to help connect the galaxy and finally have peace.”

“Thank you Jenny, I am sure this will be the most popular book yet,” Brett replied, wrapping an arm around her waist. She smiled up at him and returned the side hug before walking back over to where Dustin and Justin stood. Justin glared at her, Jenny didn’t know why he was upset. He dumped her over three years ago and had been sleeping with Stella.

“Thank you everyone for coming out to celebrate our anniversary. Horde Publishers wouldn’t be where we are without people like Justin and Jenny to help us share our love of reading. Enjoy the party and don’t forget to take the hot off the press Alien Invaders.” Brett set the microphone back on the stand and walked over to Jenny. He took her hand, Dustin took the other, and they walked her out of the party.

“Jenny, come home with us,” Brett begged, he kissed her hand, staring at her. He looked a lot like Dustin, but had more of a devil may care attitude. Jenny wanted to, she wanted to see what the two dragons could do to her. Did it make her a slut to go home with men she barely knew? Would people judge her? An undeniable pull to the two men sat in her chest.

“I want to say yes,” she whispered, Dustin crowded her from behind while Brett pressed against her front.

“Be ours,” Dustin murmured in her ear, kissing the sensitive flesh. She shivered and pressed her ass into his body. She felt his cock pressing through his dress pants.

“Let us show you how it can be with two men worshipping your body.” Brett kissed her, his hands held her hips while his tongue dove into her mouth. Jenny moaned softly, desire blooming in her womb.

“I can’t promise forever,” she replied when Brett released her.

“Give us one night,” Dustin begged. Jenny nodded, before she knew it a car pulled up to the street and she was being ushered inside. Both men followed her in, settling on either side of her. Each one placed a possessive hand on her thighs as the car moved away from the curb. Jenny couldn’t help but feel nervous. She’d decided to go home with her bosses.

“I need you to promise if this doesn’t work between us, you won’t fire me. I cannot afford to lose my job,” she blurted out. Both of them gave her incredulous looks but nodded.

“Your job has never been in jeopardy. Today you confirmed a suspicion I had,” Brett explained, leaning over to press a sweet kiss to her lips.

“What suspicion?”

“You wrote the last Alien Invaders book,” Dustin replied, turning her face so he too could place a kiss on her lips.

“I didn’t,” she lied.

“You did. Joe, our printer, noticed it was better than the others,” Brett answered, turning her back to him to place a more passionate kiss to her lips. Dustin’s hand cupped her breasts, massaging them through her dress.

“I needed the money,” she explained. She didn’t want Justin to get in trouble for having writer’s block.

“How many have you helped him write?” Dustin dipped his head, kissing her neck. A shudder went down her spine, making her push her breasts into his hands.

“Dustin,” she moaned when he dipped a hand into the top of her dress. His warm fingers found her perky nipple, rolling it between his thumb and pointer.

“How many, Jenny?” Brett’s harsh voice reached her ears, he held her hips, letting Dustin touch her.

“All of them,” she moaned when Dustin yanked her top down, her breasts tumbled free. Each brother took one in his mouth, torturing her. Jenny couldn’t speak anymore. Dropping her head back onto the seat, she let them play her like an instrument. A hand slipped up her thigh, bunching her floor-length gown around her waist. She felt cold air hit her moist pussy lips. She wanted them to take her, make her orgasm again and again.

“Sirs, we are here,” the driver announced. Jenny blinked her eyes open, watching the men put her back together. Brett stepped out of the car first, holding a hand out to help her. She took it, he didn’t let go and walked her into a luxury apartment building. Dustin caught her other hand, holding it tight. Happiness settled over Jenny, she enjoyed being between the two men. Jenny tried to look around the lobby, but Brett moved through to the elevator quickly. He slipped a key into the elevator and pressed the penthouse button. Of course they would live in a penthouse. Her legs shook with anticipation. Giving in to her need she leaned into Dustin’s side, he wrapped an arm around her waist keeping her steady. The elevator moved quickly until it dinged, announcing they’d arrived at the penthouse. Jenny gasped when the doors slid open. One wall was floor to ceiling windows, giving her a beautiful view of the city. The furniture cost ten times what hers did, but looked comfortable and well used. They mounted a flat screen TV above a fireplace. Images of Brett and Dustin taking her in front of a roaring fire filled her mind, making her pussy gush, dripping down her legs.

“Tell me what you are thinking, little one,” Brett ordered, Jenny could tell he enjoyed being in charge.

“It’s too embarrassing,” she answered, shaking her head.

“Nothing will shock us, my dear. We can smell your arousal,” Dustin shared making her blush a deep shade of red.

“Maybe I’ll share with you later,” she replied, walking into the space. Brett went over to the wet bar and poured three glasses of whiskey. She didn’t normally drink spirits, but her nerves needed something to settle her. Sitting in one armchair, Jenny gave herself space to think. With both Dustin and Brett pressed against her, she had a hard time telling them no. Brett handed her a glass and sat on the sofa. Dustin cradled his glass and sat next to Brett.

“Jenny, are you okay with this? We don’t want to push you into anything?” Dustin asked, she knew he was giving her a chance to back out. Jenny thought about it. Nothing but desire pulsed in her veins thinking about the two of them taking her. She’d always wanted to be more adventurous in her lovemaking, but Justin preferred the standard positions.

“I want to try,” she whispered, sipping her drink. The whiskey passed down her throat, burning a trail to her stomach. Warmth filled her belly.

“Oh, my beautiful little one.” Brett set his drink to the side, helping her to her feet. She saw desire flare in his eyes. Dustin stepped behind her again, unzipping her dress. The strapless dress fell to her feet, revealing her black strapless bra and her silver shoes.

“Oh darling, that is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” Brett’s voice sent shivers down her spine. Dustin’s need was evident pressed against her ass. She always wanted to know what it felt like to have a man in her ass.

“Let us show you what being with two men is like.” Brett knelt in front of her, pulling her toward him. His mouth latched onto her pussy. She gasped her surprise, then moaned when his tongue pressed on her clit. Dustin removed her bra, massaging her bare breasts.

“You like it when I twist your nipples,” Dustin growled, showing her what he meant. The pain mixed with her pleasure, sending shocks through her. Spreading her legs wider, she let Brett eat her while Dustin played with her nipples. Jenny laid her head on Dustin’s shoulder, looking up at him. He bent down and captured her lips, moving his tongue to mimic what Brett was doing to her. Groaning, she pressed her hips down onto Brett’s face. She needed more. Brett slapped her ass, pulling his tongue back. Pain was quickly replaced with pleasure running through her.

“Let him pleasure you baby,” Dustin murmured, pinching harder. Jenny didn’t know she enjoyed being spanked. Jenny held onto Brett’s clothing clad shoulders, trying her best to hold still. Brett sucked her clit into his mouth as he pumped two fingers into her pussy. She gasped and came as a tidal wave of desire roared over her. Shudders wracked her body, making her knees go weak. Dustin caught her and swept her into his arms. He marched her down the hallway to a bedroom with a king sized bed. The cool sheets pressed against her heated skin. Sitting up, she watched the two men stand in front of her.

“You two are wearing too much,” she commented, motioning to their full suits. Both gave her smirks that made her pussy gush again. She wanted to know what it would be like to have them inside her.

“Strip,” she ordered, hoping they would do as she asked.

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