The Horde Twins

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Chapter 7- Dustin

Dustin smiled at their mate. She was trying so hard to be in charge. He knew his brother. Brett liked to be in charge in the bedroom. Dustin wanted to sink his cock into her luscious ass. He looked at Brett and nodded. They both stripped off their clothes, letting her watch as piece by piece they revealed their bodies to her. Her eyes dilated when their pants came off. Dustin knew he was a lot to handle.

“Like what you see little one?” he asked, cupping his cock pumping from base to tip. He rubbed the drop of pre-cum along himself. She nodded, her tongue came out to lick her lips. He liked the fire in her eyes. There was the woman he met earlier that day waking her up.

“Come here,” Brett ordered. Dustin watched Jenny hesitate for a moment, but stood and reached out with both hands to stroke their cocks. Her dainty hand barely wrapped around Dustin’s cock. He groaned, leaning into her touch.

“Take my cock baby, just like that,” he moaned, he saw his brother move behind Jenny.

“Spread your legs and bend over Jenny.” Brett slapped her ass, she jumped. Dustin smelled her arousal. She liked him being rough with her.

“Put Dustin in your mouth, little one,” Brett ordered. Jenny bent over and took his cock in her sweet wet mouth. Dustin slipped his hands into her hair, the urge to pump in and out of her mouth swelled in him. Her tongue swirled around him, her hands braced onto his thighs to keep her upright. Brett entered her from behind, pushing her further onto Dustin’s cock. Dustin helped her set a pace that matched Brett’s shaft pounding her. He groaned when his length met the back of her throat. She was perfect for them. He didn’t worry she would break with Brett slamming into her body.

“Good baby, you are so good,” he gasped when she scraped her teeth along him. Just the right amount of sting to keep him from spilling himself into her mouth. He caught Brett’s eye and nodded. They would not mate her tonight. This was for them to help her see they were the perfect triad. Dustin groaned, pumping his length in and out of her wet mouth. Her tongue moved along the bottom of his steel length, causing Dustin to twitch in her mouth.

“I am so close baby,” he held her head in his hands helping her set a pace with Brett pounding her from behind. Jenny moaned around his mouth, he looked at Brett and nodded again. Brett reached around and pressed on Jenny’s clit. She twitched and moaned, her rhythm faltering. Brett pulled out of her with a roar and spilled his cum across her bottom. Dustin slammed into her mouth one more time before spilling his seed deep down her throat. Waiting until his cock stopped twitching, he pulled out of her mouth and went to the bathroom to get washcloths to clean everyone up. He wiped down her bottom after cleaning his cock.

“That was amazing, Jenny,” he whispered, helping her to the bed. He lay on one side of her, Brett took the other. She lay facing him. Brett slung an arm across her waist, Dustin pulled her close to let her use his chest as a pillow. She gave a satisfied smile before falling asleep. Dustin closed his eyes and let sleep take him. Their mate was in their bed. Everything was right.

The next morning Dustin awoke knowing something was wrong. The bed was missing something. He opened his eyes to see only Brett laying in the bed. Jenny wasn’t between them. Before he panicked he got out of bed, put on a pair of boxers and went to do a turn around the apartment. Normally he and Brett slept in separate rooms, they had reserved this room for their mate. He came back into the master and looked around, noticing all of Jenny’s personal items were gone. The damn woman left!

“Brett, wake up!” he shouted, pulling out a polo shirt and jeans. He stuffed himself into the clothing before rushing into the bathroom.

“Why?” Brett groaned, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

“Jenny left, that’s why!” Dustin brushed his teeth quickly. They needed to catch her before she thought last night was a mistake.

“Fuck!” Brett jumped out of bed and rushed around getting dressed. Dustin hurried into the kitchen, turning on their coffee maker.

“Where did she go?” Brett demanded, storming into the kitchen. Dustin shrugged and looked around to see if she left a note. On the counter sat the hair combs and under them was a torn piece of paper.

I just got a good look at the hair combs. I cannot accept such an extravagant gift. Thank you for a wonderful night.


“Damn it!” he cursed, handing Brett the note.

“Doesn’t she know she is our mate?” Brett asked, picking up the hair combs.

“I don’t think she thought we were being honest. She has a lot of self doubt. When I was in her apartment, the place was a mess. She rarely cleans, doesn’t take care of herself. Layla explained she had weird hours. Maybe she didn’t think she was right for us? Who knows what goes through women’s minds. All I know is, we need to get her back.” Brett nodded his agreement and grabbed two travel mugs from the cabinet.

“We will take your car and go get her.”

“My car only has two seats. Where will we put her?”

“She doesn’t have a car. We should buy her the top of the line SUV. Then she would have space for any babies we have later,” Brett suggested. Dustin chuckled but shrugged. She would become their mate, and would need a car to get around.

“Fine. We can go to see Terence. He should have an excellent selection of SUVs for us to pick from. Paying all cash will speed the process, and we should have the car within two hours. I don’t want Jenny to be in that awful apartment for long. We need to move her out and in with us,” he replied, filling his cup with black coffee. His brother preferred creamer. Brett smirked, leaning against the counter.

“Dustin, we gave her multiple orgasms last night. She will move in with us.”

“I don’t know Brett. We can’t assume anything. Jenny has a feisty side. I saw it when I woke her up. Plus, we need to deal with Justin and his deceit. If he didn’t do any of the work on the book we are releasing next week, then he shouldn’t get any of the money. I also need to look into his relationship with Stella. If it is more than a professional one as Jenny hinted at then Stella will lose her job. We have a strict no dating the authors policy if you are their editor. It means mistakes.”

“We can deal with that on Monday. Come on, we need to get our mate.” Brett hurried out of the apartment. Dustin shook his head and followed.

Within two hours they were driving a brand new Audi Q5 top of the line with every feature available. They’d picked a beautiful blue paint job.

“She will love this,” Brett announced, leaning back in the seat. Dustin insisted on driving the car. He needed to make sure it would be a smooth ride for Jenny.

“Only if she accepts it,” Dustin pointed out, he was more worried about Jenny rejecting them. He pulled into the apartment complex Jenny lived in. Brett growled.

“This place is terrible!” Brett climbed out of the car, frowning at the building.

“She lives on the third floor,” Dustin said pointing to the rickety stairs.

“How much do we pay her?” Brett asked, stepping on the stairs with care.

“I had Layla look into that, Jenny gets thirty percent of the royalties for the books. How have we overlooked such a great artist? I have several other authors looking for someone to help them create graphic novels. I know several who want to turn their best-selling books into graphic novels to make them accessible for younger readers.”

“We need to review all contracts. Our authors and illustrators shouldn’t live in such awful conditions,” Brett replied, banging on Jenny’s door. Dustin watched the knob turn and Jenny peek out.

“Hello Jenny.” Brett snagged her wrist, tossed her over his shoulder and marched her down to the car.

“Brett Horde, you put me down right now!” Jenny demanded, kicking her feet. Dustin watched Brett smack her ass and hold her tighter.

“No. Girls who sneak out don’t get put down,” Brett replied, dumping her into the back of the SUV.

“You are insane. Let me out!” she demanded, crossing her arms.

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