The Horde Twins

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Chapter 8- Jenny

Jenny awoke laying between Brett and Dustin. All three of them were naked and in a tangle of limbs. Jenny lay there for a moment before deciding she needed to use the bathroom. Carefully disentangling herself, she gathered up her dress and bra, then slipped into the hall bathroom to clean up. She laughed at the disarray her hair was in. Sex with Dustin and Brett didn’t allow for neat hair. Thinking back to last night, she sighed. Three orgasms, three. Justin couldn’t even give her one! Jenny dressed and looked around the penthouse. She didn’t fit in here. She was second-hand everything, nothing she owned was new except her computer. She knew the rumors about Dustin and Brett Horde. They moved in very rich circles. She was not the right person for them. To spare herself the embarrassment of being asked to leave, she took it upon herself to leave. While fixing her hair she’d found the hair combs. Layla explained they were a gift from Dustin and Brett. Layla had grabbed them when Jenny had been with Jimmy, getting her hair done. Inspecting them, she gasped. They weren’t fake diamonds; the stones were real! What the hell? What kind of gift was that to someone they’d just met? Jenny searched around until she found a scrap of paper. Quickly scrawling a note, she messaged for a ride-share to pick her up. Setting the combs on the note, she put on her shoes and slipped out of the penthouse. She knew she was doing the right thing, but her heart didn’t seem to agree. A pain filled her chest as she left the building. Five minutes later she was on her way back to her apartment. She giggled as she thought about how she’d just played Cinderella. Two fairy godfathers in this case made her feel beautiful for the night.

“We are here, Miss,” the driver told her. Jenny stepped out of the car and sighed. Back to being the poor starving artist. Jenny plugged her phone in and settled to work on her own book. She’d been working on a story where the fairytale princesses weren’t the ones in distress. They secretly had a society where they saved the people in their kingdoms. She’d written two already, one about Belle, her favorite princess establishing the society, and one about Rapunzel. Currently, she was working on Cinderella’s book. What she would do with them? She had no idea. Maybe when the awkwardness between her and the Horde twins faded she could show them the books. She changed into a pair of leggings and an oversized sweater. The weather had turned cold overnight.

Diving into her world of princesses and dangers, Jenny quickly lost track of time. It was early afternoon when a knock on her door pulled her back to the world around her. Blinking away the blur in her eyes, she set her computer down and answered the door.


“Hello, Jenny.” Brett snagged her wrist, sending tingles down her spine. He tossed her over his shoulder and marched her down to the car. She struggled in his hold. How dare he just grab her! She’d left a note.

“Brett Horde, you put me down right now!” She kicked her feet, struggling to get down. He slapped her ass, sending pain and pleasure racing through her body.

“No. Girls who sneak out don’t get put down.” He dumped her into the back of a brand new SUV. She could tell it was new because of the smell.

“You’re insane.” She crossed her arms and glared at the man. Behind him stood Dustin with a sheepish look on his face.

“Well? Why are you kidnapping me?” she demanded. This time she looked in Brett’s eyes. His eyes flared gold as he glared at her.

“You left.”

“Yes.” She wouldn’t try to deny it. She had left.

“Why?” Dustin asked her, his voice soft. She saw the hurt in his eyes and sighed. Rubbing at the headache coming between her eyes, she explained.

“I am not the right girl for you two. You need someone who can handle the high society events you both frequent. I am plain Jenny Wexley.” She motioned to her chubby body. Both men growled at her.

“You are not plain to us Jenny.” Dustin pushed Brett out of his way, cupping her cheek. Shivers slipped down her spine. Dustin and Brett may look the same, but their personalities were nothing alike. Dustin, gentle and sweet with her. Brett, strong and take charge.

“I’m no good as a mate,” she whispered. She wanted both of them badly, but she wouldn’t put herself in a situation where others would make fun of her.

“You are our mate, Jenny. You were made for us. Brett and I have been looking for our third for a long time. We finally found you and won’t let you slip through our fingers so easily.” Dustin leaned into the car and kissed her cheek.

“Please come home with us, Jenny. I cannot let you stay here in this awful place,” Dustin continued, he took both her hands in his, squeezing gently.

“We only met. I can’t move in with you two. People will talk.”

“They won’t say a damn thing,” Brett growled, he had a frown on his face, his arms crossed over his body displaying his thick muscles.

“You can’t keep everyone from being rude,” she countered.

“Not if they want to keep their job or their life.” She gave a soft smile, Brett would protect her.

“I can’t promise to be your mate yet, but I’d like to give this a try.” She motioned between the three of them. Both men gave her smirks, Dustin pushed her further into the car and Brett climbed into the driver’s seat.

“Wait!” she yelled, holding up her hands.

“What?” Brett asked from the front seat.

“I need my things. I don’t want to wear dirty clothes every day,” she replied, plus she wanted her laptop and phone.

“Ten minutes,” Brett grumbled, motioning for her to hop out. She hurried out of the car and back to her apartment. Dustin had closed her door. She hurried inside and threw together a bag of clothing, toiletries, and her work things. With Justin’s story ending, she needed to find more work.

“Do you need help?” Dustin called from her doorway.

“I am almost done,” she replied, shoving extra undies in her bag. If the guys kept ripping her underwear, she’d have none left.

“Can I take anything to the car?” he asked. This time he was leaning against her bedroom door frame.

“My computer bag.” She pointed to the neon pink bag. It had been a gift from Justin.

“Interesting choice.” He picked it up, and she frowned.

“It was a gift. Not the one I wanted,” she answered, zipping her duffle bag.

“From who?”


“Nope.” She watched in shock as Dustin emptied the bag, shredded it with dragon claws and picked up her things.


“You will not bring that into our penthouse. Justin has no place in our home. I’ll get you a new one.” He leaned down to kiss her shocked face. Shaking her head, she sighed into the kiss.

“Fine.” She hated the bag, anyway.

“I’ve got enough for a week,” she announced, picking up her bag. Dustin took her bag too and motioned for her to lead the way out of the apartment. She waited until he closed the door before locking up.

“Can I have a room of my own?” she asked, climbing into the SUV. She admired the leather seats.

“You can sleep in the room we all shared. Brett and I have separate rooms.” Dustin held her hand while Brett drove them back into the city.

“I am warning you, I keep weird sleep hours.”

“I was wondering about that. Why work at night?” Brett asked from the front.

“A habit I picked up when Justin and I were trying to get someone to publish our book. I worked as a clerk in a bookstore. The only time I had to work on my illustrations was at night.”

“Did you sleep?” Dustin brushed a finger under one of her eyes. She knew she had dark circles.

“Not much. I am better now that I’m able to live off my earnings. I still struggle with my time. I guess I’m used to the late hours.” Dusting chuckled, kissing her cheek.

“We can help with that,” Brett promised with a growl in his voice that sent a shiver down her spine.

“Did you get a new car?” she asked, wanting to change the topic.

“No, you did,” Dustin told her. Jenny stared at him for a moment.

“Hang on, I thought you just said I did?”

“Yes. We bought you a car so you can travel around the city and visit Layla,” he answered. She shook her head. This was the diamond combs all over again.

“I cannot accept something so expensive,” she objected. Both men growled at her.

“Let us take care of you please,” Dustin begged, wrapping her up in a tight hug.

“This is too much.”

“No, it isn’t. You are our mate. We need to take care of you. Our dragons won’t let us treat you any less,” Brett explained, pulling into an underground parking garage.

“I’ll try,” she agreed. There would be no arguing with them about these things. When their relationship failed, like all her others, she would leave behind any gifts they gave her.

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