The Horde Twins

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Chapter 9 -Brett

Brett could not believe their mate left them! Last night being inside her, he felt right for the first time in a long time. Jenny was their mate. He pulled into the underground garage for their penthouse and parked her car. He reached into the backseat and took her hand. He needed to feel her and know she wouldn’t run off.

“How did you get back to your apartment?” he asked, he saw Dustin grab her bag from the car and saw her computer not in a bag.

“Dustin destroyed my computer bag,” she explained having followed his line of sight. Brett held out his hands for the computer, Dustin passed it over.

“This is a very nice computer. Dustin told me you had nothing new in your apartment.” He saw her blush and realized he might have embarrassed her by talking about her meager possessions.

“I spent my money on my computer and programs. Everything else was less important,” she answered, reaching to take the computer. He pulled back, she was their mate and didn’t have to carry anything.

“I see. Well, that all changes now. You are our mate. What we have is now yours,” he shared, pressing the elevator button he laughed at her shocked expression.

“You two are insane. You don’t know me at all and are offering me the world.”

“True, we know you are our mate and our dragons don’t enjoy waiting. How would you feel about dating? Each of us can take you out and then the three of us can go out together. At the end of a week you can make your decision.”

“A week? That is all I get?”

“By the end of a week together, you’ll know.” Brett leaned over and kissed her cheek. He saw Dustin glare at him. He knew he was being high handed, but he couldn’t imagine a world without Jenny now that they’d met.

“I want more than a week. You can’t rush a decision,” she countered crossing her arms to glare at him.

“How long do you want? Our dragons won’t wait forever. They don’t understand human nature.”

“I don’t know how long I’ll need. I just know I’ll know. Justin left me for Stella a month into us publishing his book. How do I know you two won’t dump me for the next hot author who comes along?” Brett’s dragon bristled at her words. Didn’t she know what being a mate was all about?

“That’s not how mating works Jenny. Once we mate it is for life. There is no divorce when true mates are found,” Dustin explained reaching out to take her other hand. His voice was soft, and Brett knew he was trying to assuage her fears.

“I just need you two to promise me time. Justin and I were together for three years. He promised me forever and a month later he dropped me. It is hard to bounce back from someone telling you they want you forever to nothing.” Brett wrapped his arm around her shoulder kissing her cheek again. They arrived at the penthouse. He ushered her inside, setting her computer on their coffee table.

“We can give you time, but I can’t promise we won’t do everything in our power to convince you sooner.” She nodded and sat down on the couch.

“What do you two do on your days off? Do you take days off?” she asked, smiling up at him. Dustin went down the hall to place her bag in the master bedroom. Brett laughed at her question.

“We try to take time off each week. I travel a lot to meet with potential authors. We try to be hands on when offering a new contract. Dustin stays in the office, I work with the printers and editors.”

“So you were the one who met with Justin? He didn’t want me at the meeting when he pitched his first book.”

“No actually. We’ve been trying to have several other people help us find authors. Alien Invaders was our first foray into graphic novels. They’ve become increasingly popular among the younger generations.” Brett settled next to her taking her hands. He needed to be touching her.

“How are the deals brought about then? I mean the contracts?” He narrowed his eyes at her then laughed.

“Why Jenny, do you have your own book you want published?” Her eyes went wide as a blush spread across her cheeks.

“I have books I’ve written but they are no good. Plus, if you two are my mates I can’t ask you to publish them. I want someone who will be honest with me about them,” she answered, he understood her trepidation.

“Well, you can meet with Leon, he is the one who handles our graphic novel division,” Dustin suggested coming back into the room sitting next to her. She smiled and shook her head.

“I don’t know. I don’t want him to know I am your mate when we meet. He might be swayed to offer me a deal because of you two,” she answered, Brett frowned.

“We can keep our relationship private for now. I’ll set up a meeting with Leon about a potential new author. I won’t say a word about us being mates,” Brett promised, she smiled, stood up, and walked over to kiss him. Brett’s dragon purred his contentment. Their mate was safe in their penthouse and she was kissing them.

“So what do you do on your days off?” she asked sitting between the two of them.

“I ride my motorcycle out to the beach often.”

“I spend a lot of my time reading,” Dustin answered motioning to the bookshelves.

“Sounds like a mix of me. I enjoy being on the beach with an excellent book,” she replied, Brett shared a knowing smile with his brother.

“It is a little cold to go to the beaches around here. Would you like to go to St. Thomas for a getaway?”


“Well, not right away. We will have to get tickets, hotel reservations and a passport for you if you don’t have one,” Dustin interjected a soft smile on his face.

“I have a passport. After Justin’s book was accepted, he told me he wanted to take a trip and to get my passport.” A shadow crossed through her eyes making both men growl. Justin might just lose his contract if he kept hurting their mate. Brett hadn’t liked the man, but his stories were getting the company much needed revenue.

“Jenny, how much work did Justin put into the book we are releasing next month?” Brett asked, he watched her sink in on herself. She would protect the loser even though he had done nothing for her.

“Don’t protect him. If he violated his contract, we have every right to terminate our relationship with him.” Dustin turned her to face him, his hands on her shoulders. Brett pressed against her back letting her know this was a safe space to share.

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