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Shopping Day

I looked at the clock as I rolled over...6:34 am. The dreams continued to haunt me all through the night and I feel like I didn’t sleep much at all. They just seemed so as a little girl being taken over and over again or seeing the blurred face of the man who took me. Their voices ring through my head...a man and a woman’s...taunting me, yelling at me.

Shaking my head to rid me of the thoughts, I got out of bed, went to Jake’s sister’s room and grabbed another outfit for the day. I pulled out a simple floral dress and clean undergarments and went back to my room. After my morning routine, I got dressed and slid on the sandals Jake first bought me and went out to the kitchen to grab a glass of water.

“Good morning,” I jumped when I heard Jake’s voice and nearly dropped the glass I was holding.

“Good...good morning,” I replied while turning around.

He was wearing a pair of sweatpants and nothing else. “Oh my…” I thought and started to blush and turned away. He has the body of a god, enough definition to form a beautiful six-pack, just enough muscles showing in his arms, and a gorgeous and hairless chest.

I heard him chuckle as he walked up to me, grabbed my glass and finished the water that was in it and set it on the counter. I was trapped between him and the sink. I felt my face get really warm and my hands started sweating. “I’ve never been this close to a man before...have I? What are these feelings I’m going through? God, I want to run my hands over that…” I snapped out of my thoughts and moved out from under him and across the kitchen.

“You’re up early,” I heard him say.

“I...I couldn’t sleep.”

“More dreams?” he asked.

“Same ones. They just keep replaying over and over.”

“I’m sorry,” he replied, “I wish I could help.”

“It’s ok. You’ve helped me enough already. It’s not like you can stop the things going through my head.” “Unless you replace those nightmares with dreams of you,” my subconscious finished for me. I blushed again at my own thoughts and turned away, yet again.

“I’m going to make some breakfast, would you like to help?” He must have sensed my discomfort and changed the subject.

“Sure, I guess.” I walked over to the island. “Just tell me what I can do.”

Jake pulled some eggs and bacon from the fridge and started up the stove. In between the burners, there is a flat area for making things like bacon and pancakes and such like that he was telling me while showing me how to turn on the right buttons. He pulled out a pan for the eggs and asked me to grab some bread to make toast. I went to the fridge, grabbed the bread and butter. He grabbed a couple of plates and silverware and set them on the counter near me. He said I could put the toast right on the plates when it was ready. We continued making breakfast in silence.

After everything was done and plated, I sat on a stool at the island, while Jake stood on the other side. We began to eat.

“I see you found another outfit from Lizzie,” Jake commented.

“Lizzie?” I looked up with a questioned look.

“My sister, the one who’s clothes you’re wearing. Her name is Elizabeth, but we call her Lizzie.”

“Oh, um, yes, this is one of hers. It’s a little a few areas, but it’s nice.” I heard Jake laugh a little under his breath.

“After breakfast, I’ll get dressed and we will head out and go shopping.” Jake stated. “For you. And no arguments,” he added.

“Yes, sir,” I replied knowing I’d lose any fight I’d start over this.

Jake looked up at me, smirked and went back to eating.


Dylan stopped the car on Michigan Avenue, where Jake and I stepped out and began our shopping spree.

Going from store to store, Jake got me whatever I needed, and didn’t need. After a couple of hours, he was carrying bags from a variety of stores carrying dresses, shoes, various outfits, and more. At each store, he would ask me to try on outfits and show him. At first, I was a little nervous about it, but it became fun and turned it into a little fashion show for his eyes only. Occasionally, I would see him snap a picture with his phone and give him a smile.

As we walked down the street, he spotted a lingerie store and pushed me in that direction. I was shocked, but went in reluctantly with him. I looked around but couldn’t see myself wearing any of these garments...if you can call them garments. Seeing my hesitation on grabbing anything, he went to a rack and grabbed several pairs of lace panties. I don’t think my face could get any redder, until he called over a girl to assist me with finding a proper fitting bra. I just stared at him, while he laughed and looked around some more.

The girl took me to a fitting room and told me to remove my dress. She noticed the bra I was wearing and how big it was, but didn’t ask any questions. She grabbed a measuring tape and took all the measurements she needed and told me what size to look for. Compared to Lizzie and the other women I saw in this store, I knew I was small...just a 32B. I heard her comment to herself... “She isn’t much bigger than a pre-teen getting her first bra.”

I looked down and held in the tears after hearing that. She left the room telling me she would find a few bras for me to try on. I looked back into the mirror and the tears escaped. I knew I was too skinny, but to compare to a young teen? I couldn’t be that young, that doctor said I had to be at least be 18, but could be older. “Why can’t I least remember my age?”

The girl returned with several bras to try on, which I did. They all fit nicely, but I chose the ones that were the most comfortable and covered the most. I gave her the ones I didn’t want. I finished getting re-dressed, grabbed what I wanted and went back to find Jake.

I found him at the counter talking to the salesgirl who was obviously flirting with him. I also noticed a pile of clothes in front of him on the counter...bras, panties, nightwear and stockings. I added the couple items I had and just shook my head. He laughed and told the girl to ring everything up. After he paid, I couldn’t get out of the store quick enough.

“What’s the hurry?” Jake asked while laughing at me running out the door.

“I can’t believe what you bought there. I won’t wear half of that. Besides, how did you know what size I was?”

“The girl that helped you, told me when I asked her. I knew you wouldn’t grab anything yourself, so I helped you out a little.”

“Oh my God Jake...I can’t believe you.” He laughed again.

“Come on, let’s grab something to eat and then continue on.” He led me to a diner a couple buildings from where we were. He set the bags down after getting us a table. He grabbed his phone and sent Dylan a message to come pick up the bags we currently had.

We looked at the menus, placed our orders and waited for our food. Dylan came by and picked up the bags we accumulated thus far, which was far too many in my head, but I promised I wouldn’t argue with Jake over this.



“Why are you doing this for me?”

“Because I want to.”

“That’s not a reason.”

“It is too.”

“No, it’s not.”

“It is too,” he smiled that beautiful smile I’ve become to love.

“Jake,” I whined.

“OK, OK. I truly do want to do this for you. I’ve told you before that I feel the need to protect you and care for you and I can’t explain it. There is something special about you and I want to do whatever I can to help you.”

“Have you ever done this for anyone else before?” I asked, but not sure I wanted to know the answer.

“No. Well, other than for my mother and sister. I don’t find myself helping other people just because.” he answered, and I knew he was being honest. He didn’t seem like someone who would do this when I see him interacting with other people.

“Thank you...again. I feel I’m always saying that lately.”

“You are welcome and you really don’t have to say anything.” He reached over and grabbed my hand.

I blushed and pulled my hand back. “Why did I just do that? It felt...nice. Maybe too nice.”

“I’m sorry,” he said while looking a little ... sad?

“It’s ok. I just...I just don’t know what this is.” Pointing between him and I and I don’t understand the feelings I’m feeling when I’m around him.

His smile returned and we continued talking while we ate. When we finished, he paid the bill and we continued on shopping from store to store. Dylan came by a couple of more times to pick up bags we collected. This time, they weren’t all mine as I convinced Jake to buy a few things for himself.

“What is that?” I asked, pointing to a large metal object in a small open plaza.

“That is ‘The Bean’,” Jake replied. “It’s a popular landmark here in Chicago.”

“I can see that. Look at all the people. Can we get a picture?” I asked him, probably sounding like a little kid asking.

“Sure, let’s go,” Jake grabbed my hand and pulled me up close. We turned with our backs to the Bean, and Jake took a picture with his phone of us both. I couldn’t help but get a little closer to him, and smiled. He never let go of my hand as we walked around the landmark and I even caught him looking down at me a few times with a smile on his face. I don’t think my smile ever left my face.

We continued to walk the rest of the afternoon, hand in hand, going from shop to shop or looking at all the various sights to see. “I wonder if he really ever spent time down here and actually enjoyed it.” I thought to myself watching Jake.

“Jake? Have you ever spent time just enjoying your day like today?”

“No, I have never had time.”

“Never had time? Or never took the time?”

“I guess, I never took the time. I never had a reason to.”

“Well, I’m glad you did today. I have had a lot of fun and I think you have too.”

“Yeah, I guess I have. Thanks to you.” He squeezed my hand and smiled, a genuine smile. “Come on, I have one more place to take you before they close.”

He took me to a phone store and told me to pick any phone that caught my eye. I looked around, but it was overwhelming. There were so many pictures on the phones and I didn’t know what any of them meant. The salesman came up and was explaining the difference between a couple of phones, but I didn’t understand a thing he said to me. Jake must have seen my face and came up next to me.

“We’ll take this one over here,” he told the salesman.

“I will go grab one and meet you at the desk to set it up. Please pick out a case for it and anything else you’d like.”

“Thank you, Jake. I had no clue which one to get, it’s much.”

“Have you ever used a phone before?” he asked.

“I don’t recall doing so, especially not one like this. I’ve only seen you using yours.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you how and I’ll make sure my number is programmed into it.” He turned and grabbed a case for it, as well a ring to put on the back that I guess helps you hold onto the phone or could be used as a stand on a table.

When we got over to the desk, not only did he put the supplies down, I noticed another box sitting there. When I asked what it was, Jake said it’s a laptop which he will also show me how to use. I guess you can search for things on it, not sure what, and play games and other stuff. Sounds cool.

The salesman came out and finished up setting up the phone. He asked if I had an old one to transfer any files, which I told him I didn’t, but Jake told him to add his contact information right away for emergencies. He put the case on it and a clear screen protector and handed it over to me. Jake paid for everything and we left.

Dylan picked us up and took us back to Jake’s place. Dylan and Jake carried all of the bags up to the condo and placed them in my room.

“Pick out one of the nicer dresses, we are going out to dinner tonight. Be ready by 7:00.” Jake said, grabbed his bags and went to his room, I’m guessing to get ready himself.

It was 5:00 now according to the clock, so I had a couple of hours to get ready.

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