To Be Loved...

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Evening of Romance

I took an hour putting everything away that Jake had bought. I hung up all the dresses and tops, put the pants in the drawers and shoes in the closet. He bought me a jewelry box, so I put all the new necklaces, bracelets and earrings away in it. I then got to the bag with all the undergarments. I started putting them in the top drawer and I couldn’t believe what he all picked I told him before...I most likely will not wear half of it. I put the new purses up in the closet, but kept one out that I thought would look nice with the dress I pulled out for tonight.

I took the few things out of the bag I was using and put them into the new purse, including the new phone. As I was putting the phone into the purse, I noticed a light flashing in the corner of it. I hit the on button that Jake had shown me earlier and saw that a message was left. I opened the message and found it was from Jake: “I had a really good time with you today. I hope to make tonight even better. :)” I smiled and put the phone away.

It was around 6:00. I laid the dress on the bed with a new pair of undergarments and set a new pair of shoes on the floor next to the bed. I jumped in the shower, washed my hair and my body, dried off and wrapped a towel around me. I brushed my teeth and my hair and got dressed. I went back and blow dried my hair, which left natural waves. I chose a necklace, bracelet and a pair of diamond earring studs to complete the outfit.

I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe that the woman standing there was actually me. “I hope I look OK. I hope Jake will like it...he should he picked it out. What did he mean by making tonight even better? I don’t know if I can do this.”

My thoughts were cut off with a knock on the bedroom door.

“Stacy, it’s Jake. Are you ready?”

“Um...yeah, I think so.” I replied and opened the door.

There was Jake, standing in dress slacks, white shirt with a couple buttons left open covered with a black suit jacket and wearing dress shoes. His hair was slicked back and his bright blue eyes sparkled as he stared back at me.

“Like what you see?” I teased him and he continued to stare.

“Y...Yes, I do,” he stuttered and smiled.

I blushed again and looked down. He lifted my chin with his finger, “You look absolutely stunning!” He looked me in the eyes and smiled. He then backed up and gestured for me to join him. He kept his hand on the small of my back and he led me out of the condo, to the elevator and to the car waiting for us.

Dylan stopped outside the restaurant. Jake stepped out and held out his hand for me to take as he helped me out of the car. He offered me his arm, which I took with my hand and he led me into the restaurant. We were led to a table for two.

Jake held out my chair while I sat and then sat down across from me. He ordered a bottle of wine and we looked at the menus. I settled for a chicken and pasta meal, while Jake ordered steak and potatoes.

“Jake, I...I had an amazing day today with you.” I stuttered while we were waiting for our meals.

He looked at me and said, “I did too. I can’t remember the last time I’ve enjoyed spending time with someone and shopping at that.” He laughed a little at that.

“I’m glad it was with me,” I shyly responded.

“Me too,” he replied.



“Do you think my memory will ever return?”

“I don’t know Stacy. The doctor said it could.”

“But he said it may not.”

“I know. Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know. I just...I really like it here with you and …” I tried to gather my thoughts when the food arrived.

Jake looked a little annoyed at the interruption, but I was kind of grateful for it. I knew what I wanted to say, but I didn’t know how to say it to him.

The waiter left and we ate in silence at first.

“Stacy, I really like having you here with me as well,” Jake broke the silence. “It’s strange to me since I have always been alone to feel this way after such a short time, but I…”

“It’s a little scary to me to be honest,” I interrupted him. “I mean, I barely know you, hell, I barely know myself right now, and yet I feel safe with you. I guess what scares me the most is, what if I’m supposed to be with someone right now...what if he is looking for me? If my memory comes back, will it destroy me...will it destroy what we are building? We both know my past wasn’t good considering how I ended up when you found me, could you even consider staying with me if it turned out to be worse than we thought? Can I really build a new life without ever knowing my past?” I kept on rambling and asking questions neither of us could really answer.

We continued to eat in silence, when Jake broke it again. “I’m scared too, if I’m to be honest with you. I’m afraid of losing you, even though I’ve only recently found you. You asked if I could stay with you if we discovered your past, the answer is ‘yes’ but I will never force you to stay with me. What I do know, if you were with someone before I found you, a-he’s an asshole who abused you and left you to die; b-he lost you to the people who did this to you and hasn’t come to find you; or c-you were never his to begin with. I will do my damnedest to make sure you don’t return to him under any of those circumstances. If you were mine, I would have searched every hospital in the city or nearby until I found you. It’s been over three weeks and as far as I know, I was the only one to show up at that hospital to see you.”

I looked at Jake and saw the sincerity in his eyes. I do believe he would do anything to find me if he were in that situation. I reached over the table and took his hand in mine and smiled. “Maybe I can build a new life…” I answered my own thoughts.


After dinner, Dylan took us by Grant Park to walk along the lakefront, since we weren’t too far away. We walked along quietly, but it was a nice quiet, not awkward silence. A couple of times, I felt Jake’s fingers brush the back of my hand, until I found the courage to turn mine around and catch his. Our finger entwined as we walked while the sun set to the west.

We walked over to the Buckingham Fountain, which is the most beautiful sight I have seen since I’ve been in Chicago, especially with the sun nearly set behind it. We walked around the edge of the fountain hand in hand until I took a couple of steps and realized Jake had stopped. I turned around, my hand still in his, and walked back to him.

As I looked up to him, he brought his other hand up to my face and cupped my cheek. I closed my eyes for a moment to enjoy his touch. When I opened them back up, Jake’s face was much closer to mine and I noticed him look at my lips, then back up to my eyes, asking for permission.

I closed the gap and our lips pressed together. Jake let go of my hand and wrapped his arms around my back while I reached up and placed my hands on the back of his neck. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and explored every inch. I didn’t exactly know what to do, so I followed his lead and did the same.

We broke apart after a few minutes to catch our breaths. He rested his forehead on mine and we stood in silence only hearing our breathing and rapid heartbeats.

A chill ran through my body and Jake felt me shiver and stepped back. I don’t know if it was from the amazing kiss or the cool breeze from the lake. Jake took off his jacket and wrapped it around my shoulders and we walked back to the street where Dylan was waiting. Neither one of us said anything, but I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face the entire car ride back to his place. “I certainly wouldn’t mind doing that again,” I thought to myself.

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