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A New Week

I woke up Monday morning, to Jake kissing me on the forehead. He was already dressed for work.

“Good morning,” I mumbled as I opened my eyes.

“Good morning,” Jake smiled back at me. “I’m heading out to work, but call me if you need anything.”

“When are you coming home?” I asked him.

“I should be home around 5:00 or so. I’ll call if I’ll be late.” He kissed me on the lips. “See you soon.”

“Have a good day,” I said, and rolled back over.

After sleeping another hour or so, I got out of bed and took a shower. I put on a pair of white jeans and a pink blouse, slipped on some socks and went out to the kitchen to eat.

I found some cereal and poured myself a bowl and made some toast to go with it. I quickly ate and then washed up my dishes and made sure the kitchen was clean.

I noticed the laptop that Jake had bought me on the dining room table plugged into the wall. “He must have set it for me before he left.” I’m still not sure exactly what it all does, but I thought I would see if I could figure it out. When I opened it up, it looked like it had finished charging, so I unplugged it and decided to go sit on the balcony and play around on it.

When I looked at the screen, I noticed a picture that said, “Click Me.” I figured out how to move the little arrow thingy and clicked on the picture. When it opened, there was a set of instructions on how to use my email and do some internet searches. “When did he have the time to set this up?” I shook my head and smiled.

I followed his instructions and found the email button at the bottom of the screen and clicked on it to open it. Sure enough, he had an account all set up for me and there were already a couple of messages. “I noticed the email he created for me and giggled a little. [email protected] I may have to change that, but it works for now.”

The first message was from Google mail welcoming me to the program and giving me a tutorial on how to use it. I played around with the page until I found a setting I liked. The next message was from Jake. “Good morning Stacy. I hope you are having a good day so far and if you are reading this, then I’m guessing you found my set of instructions left for you. I set all this up earlier this morning before I left for work. Please take time and explore it as there is so much to discover. I can show more tonight or later this week. See you soon! Jake”

I found the reply button and sent him a message back, “Good morning Jake. Thank you for setting all this up and yes, I did discover your little set of instructions. I haven’t gone on anything other than this so far, but I will be playing around with it in a little bit. See you soon! Stacy” I didn’t really know how to spell all of the words I wrote, but I copied Jake’s words that I used and if I did spell something wrong, the screen seemed to correct it. That’s pretty cool.

I then opened up the Google button that Jake said to and typed in random things to see what it did. I found a lot of pictures and sites to go onto to get more information on things and so much more. I then typed in Jake’s name in the search bar. I saw a few pictures of him at the top of screen attending various events in the city or with his company behind him. I saw a couple of pages that had his information listed such as his company name, his name, and much, much more. Some were articles that were written about him and some of the work he has done for the city or for his company. The last page I opened up was his Facebook profile. I’m not sure what it is, but it had a picture of him and some basic information on one side and a few messages on the other. I read through them, but there wasn’t much to read.

I closed out Google and saw another email from Jake on the other screen. I opened it up, “Hey babe! Glad to see you trying this out. I’m getting ready for a meeting, but will give you a call around the lunch hour. See you soon! Jake” I didn’t reply since he was going to call. I shut the cover of the laptop and enjoyed the nice breeze.

A little while later I got up and went back inside. I made myself a sandwich for lunch. I told myself to see if there are cooking guides on the internet so I can learn to cook for Jake some night. “I’ll do that later,” I thought.

Jake did call me shortly after that and asked how things were going. I told him they were going OK. I asked him how his day was going and he told me it was just a bunch of meetings and not very exciting. We hung up after a few minutes as he had another meeting scheduled. I spent the afternoon watching cooking shows and copying new recipes to try out.

Just after 5:30, Jake walked in the door with a bag of Thai food. He brought it into the dining room where I was sitting and then went and grabbed a couple of plates and silverware and returned. Before sitting down, he came over and gave me a kiss. I put the laptop away and we enjoyed dinner and cleaned up everything when we were done. We spent the night watching the news and then a movie before turning in.


The next couple of days went the same way. Jake would get up before me and leave after kissing me goodbye. I would watch some TV, play on the laptop or my phone, since Jake has shown me how to use more of the apps and games, or practice my new cooking skills. I would either spend some time on the balcony or terrace or go for a walk around the neighborhood to get some fresh air as the weather has been wonderful.

Thursday night, I decided I would make dinner for Jake and I. I found a recipe for homemade pizza earlier in the day and had gone shopping for the ingredients I needed that he didn’t already have. I spent an hour or so making the crust and sauce. I added the cheese and covered it in pepperoni. I didn’t know what other toppings Jake likes, so I kept it simple for tonight. I had it in the oven when Jake walked in the door.

“Smells good in here. What is it?” Jake asked as he came into the kitchen as I was washing up some of the dishes I used. I felt him slide his hands around my waist and kiss my neck and shoulder.

“It’s pizza,” I replied and turned my head to give him a kiss. “I made it from scratch, so I hope it turns out.” Just then, the timer went off on the stove. Jake grabbed a hot pad and pulled it out of the oven.

“It looks delicious,” he said while inhaling the aroma as he set the pan on the top of the stove. I went to cut it with a pizza cutter that I found, but Jake took it from me and cut it himself. I grabbed two plates and set them on the island and a couple of sodas from the fridge to drink.

Jake set a couple of pieces on each plate and was the first to bite into a piece. I held my breath. “Mmmm, it’s good, but very hot,” he took a drink to cool his mouth off. I laughed and then took a bite of my own piece. It was really good. We ate the rest of our meal and talked about our day.

“What are you planning on doing tomorrow?” Jake asked.

“Nothing special,” I replied. I was probably just going to sit around and do what I’ve been doing every day this week.

“How about joining me at work?” he asked.

“Really? You want me to come with you?”

“Yes, I would. I’d like to show around and meet some of the team. It’ll also get you out of the house and see more of the city.”

“Sounds good,” I smiled. It would be nice to spend a day in his world, not that I have any clue what he actually does.

“Good,” he smiled.

We again cleaned up the kitchen together and watched the evening news. Instead of watching a movie, we went and sat up on the terrace as the sun set. We then came back inside and got ready for bed.

I still have all my clothes in my room and that is where I shower and get ready at night and in the morning. Since the first night I slept in Jake’s bed, I’ve been sleeping there every night. It seems to help with the nightmares to have him nearby. We haven’t done anything more than kiss, as we are both a little afraid I will freak out again. He does hold me close, which I really enjoy.

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