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A Day at Work

Beep...Beep...Beep Beep...Beep...Beep Beep...Beep...Beep

I woke up to the alarm going off. I’ve never heard it go off before. I felt the bed dip as Jake reached over and shut it off. He rolled onto his back and covered his eyes with his forearm. I rolled onto my side and kissed his shoulder.

“Good morning sleepy head,” I teased Jake.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned, and I kissed him quick on the lips and got off of the bed.

He lifted his arm up and looked over at me as I was heading out of the room. “Where are you going?” He asked sleepily, but in his sexy morning voice.

“I’m going to get ready for work,” I smiled, and headed down to my room.

I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and my hair. I decided to pull it into a ponytail and since my hair is naturally curly, it looked good without having to add anything to it. Jake had bought me some makeup when we went shopping, but I don’t have a clue how to put it on, so I just put on a little lip gloss. “I may have to see if there are some videos online,” I thought to myself.

Since I usually see Jake wear a suit to work, I thought I would try to dress nice. I grabbed a navy blue skirt with a white blouse, black shoes with low heels and added a bracelet, necklace and a pair of earrings. I grabbed my purse and phone and headed out into the kitchen.

Jake wasn’t out here yet, so I decided to make scrambled eggs and toast while I waited for him. I learned how to make them the other day and I survived, so here’s to trying again. I was just plating them up when he walked into the kitchen. He grabbed a plate and leaned down to kiss me and sat at the island. I walked over and sat next to him.

“I can’t believe I’m up and ready before you,” I said to Jake.

“I was too comfortable and didn’t want to get up,” he replied with a smirk.

“What? Jake Masterson doesn’t want to get up and go to work?” I gasped sarcastically. “Are you OK?” I set my hand on his forehead and touched his cheeks, but they felt normal. When I went to remove my hand, Jake grabbed it and kissed my palm and pulled me onto his lap and kissed me on the lips. “Mmmmm, you are definitely OK,” I smiled and went back to eating the rest of my food, while remaining on his lap.

“I love that outfit on you,” Jake whispered in my ear, while reaching for a piece of toast. “It’s perfect for today.”

“Thank you, I was hoping it would be,” I replied with a small blush.

We finished up our breakfast and put the plates in the dishwasher. Jake grabbed the pan and washed it out and set it in the sink to dry.

I picked up my purse, while Jake grabbed his keys and wallet and we left the condo. Dylan was already waiting for us. We got in the car and drove deeper into the city to Jake’s building. It wasn’t as tall of a building compared to others we drove by, but it still had six stories above the main level lobby and seemed pretty tall to me. Dylan stopped in front and Jake and I climbed out of the car. Masterson Marketing was hanging above the entry doors. We walked in together and Jake took my hand as we started walking across the lobby.

As we walked through the lobby, I heard several people say, “Hello Mr. Masterson,” or “Good morning Mr. Masterson.” Jake would give them a nod but kept walking until we reached the elevator. Most of the people we passed gave me a weird look and I heard some whisper, “Who is she?”

We rode the elevator up to the top floor with several other employees. Jake’s hand never let mine go. People got on or off at nearly every floor, so it took a little while to get there. When we finally did, we were the last two and stepped off together. Jake pulled me along with him as we passed a couple of desks that had two women sitting behind them.

“Good morning Mr. Masterson, Miss…” one of them started, but didn’t know my last name and paused.

“Stacy,” I finished for her.

“Good morning Miss Stacy,” she said with a smile.

The other one just glared at me, but smiled at Jake and told him hello.

He led me to his office and held the door open for me as I entered first. He then came in and closed the doors. His office was amazing. It had a huge desk near the right of the room as you walk in, with several bookcases and a nice chair behind it and two chairs in front of it. There was a couch and a couple chairs on the left side with a small table in the middle and some end tables. Right in the middle was a table with several chairs with a TV screen across from it. There was a big window along the outside wall that looked out over the city street. There were several other buildings surrounding it, but it still allowed the morning sun to come through. I noticed a door in one corner of the room, which I’m thinking may lead to a bathroom or a closet.

“Like what you see?” Jake asked me.

“This is a very nice office. Are there many offices up here?” I asked.

“No, this is it. My receptionist and assistant are out front as you saw when we came in and there are a couple of meeting rooms up here as well as a couple of bathrooms. I have my own private one over there,” he pointed to the door I noticed earlier. “I will give you the full tour shortly.”

Jake walked up to me and cupped my face with his hands and gave me a kiss. He let me go and then went around and sat in his chair behind the desk. He looked so regal sitting there with all the books behind him.

“Please have a look around the office, I’m going to listen to some messages and figure out what I have to do today and when. I know I only have a couple of meetings to attend to, but I do want to show you the building and tell you more about the business.” He then proceeded to listen to his messages. I didn’t want to listen in, so I walked around the room.

I started by looking at the books on the shelves behind him, but most were business related or books about the city or other companies. I walked behind Jake’s chair and ran my fingers along his back as I moved past him. Other shelves had some fancy decorations on them or pictures. I did see a photo on his desk of him with two women, one younger and one older, which I’m guessing are his sister and mother. I walked along the front of the room and looked at the TV and worked my way to the couches and chairs. There were several plants in various areas of the room. I finally ended up by one of the windows and looked out into the city below.

After standing there for a few minutes, I felt Jake come up behind me and wrap his arms around my waist and pulled me up against his chest. He kissed the top of my head.

“It’s beautiful from up here,” I commented. “Look at all those people down there,” I pointed at the street. Jake chuckled a little, but humored me and looked down. “Jake? Do you ever just sit up here and enjoy your surroundings?” I asked him.

“No, I honestly don’t. I come to work, get what needs to be done and go home on time if I’m lucky. I’ve never thought about what’s around me,” he answered.

I turned around still in his arms, “ work too hard. You are very successful from what I’m seeing, but you need to take time for yourself once in a while.”

“Someday,” he whispered and looked down. I reached up and cupped his cheek and smiled. I leaned up and he leaned down and we kissed. Knock, knock, knock…

We broke apart and Jake went to the door. “Who is it?”

“Jake, it’s Darcy. Your 9:00 clients are here. I sent them to the meeting room and they are waiting for you.”

“Thank you, I will be right there.” He came back over to me and asked me to join him.

“Are you sure they will be OK with that?” I asked him.

“If they want my business, they will be,” he replied with a smirk. I followed him to the door and he opened it and allowed me to go first. He led me to one of the meeting rooms and we entered.

“Gentlemen,” Jake said with a nod. “Please have a seat. This is Stacy, she will be joining us this morning.” The men nodded their heads and the meeting began.


The meeting lasted nearly three hours. I tried to follow everything they talked about, but got lost several times. When it was over, Jake told me we were going to lunch. We went back to the main lobby where they have a small deli and coffee shop and ordered a sandwich, chips and drink. We sat at one of the small tables and ate our lunch.

I continued to get several strange looks from various employees, but no one stopped to question Jake. I heard various conversations and tried not to smile, while Jake seemed a little annoyed. “He never eats down here, I wonder who he is with?” “She came in this morning with him and now lunch?” “Who is this woman?”

After we finished eating, we got up and threw away our trash and he took me by the hand and led me back to the elevator. Instead of going up to his office, we stopped on the first floor.

“It’s about time I give you that tour I promised you,” he said. As he showed me around the building, he introduced me to various employees and told me about their roles here. He also talked more about the business as we went from floor to floor.

Masterson Marketing has been around for more than 25 years, however, the name has only been associated with it for the last three years when I took over as owner and CEO. My uncle started the business from the ground up and remains on the Board. As the name suggests, we are a marketing company that is hired by various companies around the city, country and world to help them market their brand or products.

We have several teams on each floor that are dedicated to different types of companies: small businesses, big businesses, shopping centers, modeling agencies, music industry and many, many more. Teams are responsible for creating images or logos, writing commercials or song jingles, setting up stationary or computer websites and more. Sometimes we hire models to pose for the ads or go out to the business and take photos of their offices, buildings or amenities. Most teams work long days depending on how fast the materials are needed. Some jobs take a few days, while others may take a month or two up front and then continue long-term. We never run out of companies to work with.”

I could tell Jake was passionate about this company by the way he described what they do and each persons’ roles within the company. Every now and then, I would catch him smiling as he told me about different things, but would return to a straight face if others passed by. He was very stern with his employees and didn’t like seeing them standing around and a few times, I jumped when he yelled to get back to work. Everyone treated him with respect and apologized quickly before resuming their duties.

It took a couple of hours to get through all five floors before we returned to the top floor and to his office. It was about 2:30 in the afternoon and I was told he had another meeting at 3:00. The moment we got back into the office, Darcy buzzed in that he had a call.

Jake answered the phone and put it on speaker, “Hello, this is Jake Masterson.”

“Hello dear, it’s your mother.”

“Mom, what are you doing calling me at work?”

“Can’t I call to talk to my darling son?”

Jake rolled his eyes as I slid into the chair in front of the desk. “Of course, how are you?”

“I’m wonderful, darling. I’m calling to tell you that Lizzie and I are coming to the city tomorrow and we want to stop by and see you. It’s been too long.”

“Mom, it’s not that I don’t want to see you, but I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he said and I gave him a weird look.

“Any why not?” she asked.

“I just...I just have other plans,” he replied, and looked at me with a smirk. I chuckled, but quickly covered my mouth.

“And who are these plans with? They can’t be more important than your own mother.”

“Well…” he looked at me and smiled. “They are with a beautiful woman, and yes, she is pretty important to me, Mother.”

“A woman? Why haven’t I heard about this before now?”

“Because, I wanted to keep her to myself for a little while,” he winked at me.

“Well that time is over. We will be there by 5:00 for dinner and staying the night. I don’t want to hear ‘no’ for an answer.”

“Yes, Mom. We will see you at 5:00 tomorrow evening. But Mom?”

“Yes darling?”

“Please be on your best behavior when you come over,” he told her.

“Of course dear, I wouldn’t want to embarrass you now, would I?” I heard her laugh a little.

“Ha, ha. Mom, I have to get going as I have a meeting to get to. We will see you tomorrow.”

“OK, OK. See you then. I love you.”

“You too,” he replied and ended the call. “I guess we have plans this weekend. I hope you are ready to meet my family,” Jake smiled.

“I don’t think I have a choice,” I replied with a laugh. Jake agreed and nodded his head.

I joined Jake for the last meeting of the day, which was a little more exciting since one of his teams came up to present a new marketing strategy with pictures, songs and more. It was fun and I couldn’t help but glance at Jake every once and awhile while we listened. At one point, he reached over and held my hand. The new strategy was a hit and plans to finalize things was set up for another time in the next week.

The meeting ended around 5:00. Jake and I returned to the office to see if he had any new messages. After checking the phone and email and responding to them, we gathered our things and left. On the way out, the few people that remained told Jake “goodnight” and to “have a great weekend.” He occasionally said, “goodnight” back, but continued walking until we reached the lobby.

He said a few words to the security guard who was left in the lobby and was closing up as the last few employees headed out. I was told the only people that worked Friday evenings and the weekends are the janitorial staff and security guards, unless he needed to come in for something or a special project needed to be completed by a team or two.

We headed outside, while the guard locked the doors. Dylan pulled up in front of us and we climbed into the car. Instead of going home, we went to a restaurant not too far from home for dinner.

“I had a really good time today, believe it or not,” I smiled at Jake.

“Good, I’m glad. I know some of the meetings can get pretty boring, but you handled them well.”

“I admit, the first one was pretty long and I didn’t really understand what was going on. After the tour and you talking about what you did really helped me during the second one and it was much more exciting to listen to. Thank you for taking me, it helps me learn more about you as well as what you do for a living.”

“It was all my pleasure,” he replied with a smile. “You are welcome to tag along any time.”

After dinner, we headed home and got into something more comfortable for the evening. We settled on a TV movie and watched in silence. However, all I could think of was meeting his mother and sister. “What should we have for dinner? What will I wear? Will they like me? What if they don’t?”

“Stop worrying,” Jake said as if he could read my mind. “You will be fine tomorrow and they will love you, I know it.” I smiled and laid my head on his shoulder.

We finished the movie and headed to bed. I continued to think about the weekend until I finally drifted off to sleep curled up in Jake’s arms.

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