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Finding Her

One Year Ago…May 1, 2020

“STOP THE FUCKING CAR!!!” Jake yelled at his driver.

Dylan slammed on the brakes and came to stop at the side of the highway.

Jake jumped out of the car and ran back to where he saw something or someone lying in grass along the edge of the highway.

“Oh my God…” Jake mumbled to himself while staring at young women lying in the grass beaten, bloody and naked.

“What is it Jake?” Dylan asked as he looked where Jake was looking. “Oh she alive?”

Jake quickly regained his composure and knelt down beside her. He went to check if she had a pulse in her wrist, when he heard her moan lightly as he lifted her arm.

“She’s still alive. Grab the car...NOW!” He shouted at Dylan.

Jake grabbed the girl and slid into the backseat of the car. He took off his jacket and covered her as best as he could, making sure she continued to breathe.

“To the hospital and hurry.” Jake commanded his driver.

He looked down just as she opened her eyes and moaned in pain.

“Stay with me,” he whispered to her.

She gave him a small smile, and then passed out completely.


Jake opened the door before the car came to a complete stop and carried the girl into the Emergency Room.

“HELP! This girl needs help. She is barely breathing and …”

“Sir, calm down. Bring her back here,” the nurse tried to approach Jake.

He rushed past the nurse and took the girl to the first room open in the ER and demanded the nurse get the doctor immediately. She turned and paged the doctor to come to the room STAT!

“Sir, I need you to tell me who she is and what happened,” the nurse asked while taking her vitals and hooking her up to the machines that monitor her heart and oxygen levels.

“I don’t...I don’t know who she is or what happened. I found her on the side of the highway like this and brought her here,” he responded.

“Why did you page me Judy?” the doctor asked as he entered the room.

“This gentleman brought this young woman into the ER and she is unresponsive,” she replied.

“What happened to her?” he asked as he began checking over her wounds and bruised body.

“He says he doesn’t know and found her this way on the side of the road,” she answered.

“Sir, are you family?” the doctor asked. The doctor eyed Jake wondering if he was the one who did this.

“No, I’m not,” Jake replied impatiently.

“Then if you are unable to tell me anything else, I need you to leave.” The doctor turned to the nurse and continued, “Order a CT scan, X-ray, blood draw…and call the police.”

“The police?” Jake asked.

“Yes, unless you called them already,” the doctor asked.

“No, we drove straight here. I didn’t think she had enough time if we waited,” Jake replied nervously.

The doctor gave him another questioning look, but continued working on the girl lying in front of him. “The police will want to talk to you about where you found her.”

“I don’t have time to sit here and talk to them. I need to get to work. Here is my card, tell them to call me,” Jake handed the nurse his business card.

Jake went to leave, but suddenly turned back to the nurse, “Whatever she needs, make sure she gets it. I’ll take care of everything.” Then Jake walked back to the ER lobby where Dylan was waiting.

“Dylan, let’s go!” Jake left the hospital with no intention of returning.

The car ride home seemed longer than usual as his mind was filled with images of the girl. “Why do I feel the need to help her? I have never seen her before, have I? That’s so... angelic.” He shook those thoughts out of his head by the time he reached his home.

Jake was coming home from a business trip when he found her. He planned on going straight to the office, but it was still early, so he had his driver take a different route along the lake. “If I would have gone straight to my office, we wouldn’t have found her. Would someone else...or would she have died?” Again, he pushed the thoughts out as he took off the blood stained clothes, took a shower, and put on a new suit.

He grabbed an apple on his way back out and headed to his office. His day progressed, but his mind kept wandering back to her. “Who are you and why can’t I get you off of my mind?”

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