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A Day on the Lake

We got up around 9:00 and started to get ready for the day. Oh, I forgot to mention that since the weekend Jake’s family was here, I couldn’t sleep alone. I finally gave in to Jake’s pleas and moved all my clothes into Jake’s room into the second closet. I’ve been staying in here ever since.

I took a shower first and just wrapped the towel around me when Jake walked into the bathroom. “Hey,” I said with a shocked expression on my face. “I’m almost done, give me just a minute or two.” But instead of leaving, he came over to the sink and started brushing his teeth. I laughed, but did the same and then brushed through my hair.

Through the mirror, I noticed him stripping off his pajama bottoms and turning the shower back on. I caught him glance over his shoulder and catch my eye in the mirror. I turned away and smiled. Before I could leave, he pulled his boxers off and stepped into the shower. I couldn’t help but stare at this hunk of a man. I heard him say, “If you like what you see from behind, you are welcome to join me and see the rest.” I coughed a little and then ran out of the room. Before I closed the door, I heard him laughing from the shower.

The weather was expected to be pretty warm today, but I didn’t know if it would be cooler on the lake or not. I put on a swimsuit that Jake had bought me on a recent shopping trip and then covered it with a pair of jean shorts and a three-quarter length sleeve top. I also grabbed a pair of jeans and a sweater and packed them in a bag in case it got cool along with a pair of undergarments and a nice cocktail dress in case we stopped for dinner somewhere. I pulled out a pair of sandals that would work on the boat and going out for dinner. I packed my purse with my wallet, lip gloss and my phone.

As I was slipping on my shoes, Jake walked into the bedroom with just a towel wrapped around his hips. He gave me a little smirk as he walked past me heading into his closet. He came out a few minutes later fully dressed in jeans, a white dress top with the sleeves rolled up and simple dress shoes. He grabbed his wallet and keys from the dresser and put them in his pockets and then grabbed his watch and put it on his wrist.

“Are you going to bring a swimsuit or change of clothes?” I asked. “I already put my stuff in this bag here and I’m sure I can make a little room for yours.”

“I will grab a suit, but not sure if I’ll get into the water,” he replied. “We will have to stop for sunscreen on our way to the marina so you don’t burn out there in the sun. Let me know if there is anything else we might need when we get to the store.” He handed me his extra clothes and swimsuit and I added them to the bag.

We had a quick breakfast together and prepared a picnic lunch to be brought with us. While we were preparing it, we decided that we would stop for dinner somewhere along the lake. I grabbed the basket with the food while Jake grabbed the bag and we headed down to his car in the garage and left for the store. We went into the store, but I really didn’t need anything other than the sunscreen, but did grab a couple of candy bars and some snacks to have throughout the day. Jake paid for everything and we headed to the marina.

We parked the car in the lot and walked to the docks. I was overwhelmed with all the very large boats lined up in the marina. We walked down a few rows and we stopped in front of a large yacht that looked like a small modern house floating on water. It was gorgeous and my excitement grew as we stepped onto the ship. A gentleman that worked for the docks, was preparing the lines to allow us to set off and greeted us as we boarded.

Jake took our bag and basket into the lower portion of the yacht, which I eventually found out houses a small kitchen, dining area and a bedroom with a small bathroom. I walked along the side of the boat and looked around the marina, the city skyline and out into the lake.

Jake came out and joined me and showed me around and told me more about the boat and how to maneuver it. We had climbed up to the top level and we entered an enclosed room that had a wheel to steer the boat and is where you turn the engine on and off. There was a radio to communicate with land or other ships and a lot of other fancy gadgets that I had no clue what they did. He introduced me to Chris, his ship captain who proceeded to start the engine and we set off to tour Lake Michigan.

While Chris led us out of the marina, Jake and I walked back outside, climbed down the stairs and stood on the deck at the bow of the yacht to watch where we were going. I loved the feeling of the wind in my hair and closed my eyes as the sun beat down on my face. Jake took my hand and led me to a bench and we sat down and enjoyed the trip.

We headed north and Jake pointed out various buildings along the lakefront and some other noticeable ones seen from the lake. He showed me Navy Pier and Lincoln Park. If you looked closely, you could even see our condo building. As we continued north, we moved out into the middle of the lake where we passed a few other boats, but otherwise was nothing but quiet and calm waters.

It was nearing noon when we decided to eat lunch. Jake called up to Chris to put down anchor for a little while and he shut the engine off. I went and grabbed the picnic basket and brought it back up to the deck. We set the food up on a small table and enjoyed it together. Chris remained in the cabin and kept to himself.

After eating, I took off my outer layer of clothes and asked Jake to put some sunscreen over my back and arms. There was plenty of room to lay out on the deck and I enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my, still very pale, body. Jake was reading on the bench, but I would catch him watching me every once in a while. At some point, he had turned on a radio and we listened to a variety of music.

I’m not sure how long we sat that way, but I must have rolled over at one point and fallen asleep while on my stomach. I woke up to some birds flying nearby and leaned up on my arms and looked at Jake who was sleeping on the bench with his book laying on his chest. “He looks so adorable right now. He seems so relaxed and I like seeing him this way.” He must have felt me staring at him as he slowly opened his eyes and took in our surroundings.

The weather was getting pretty warm since it was about mid-afternoon.

“Jake, is it safe to get into the water here by the boat?” I asked.

He looked around and not noticing any other ship, nodded his head. “Yes, we should be able to go in for a little bit. The water is pretty calm right now, so we should be good. Do you know how to swim?” he asked me.

“I”m not sure, but I just want to cool off for a bit and figured you could help,” I responded.

“Here, put this on before we get in,” he handed me a black vest thing. “It’s a life jacket and will keep you afloat on the water. We have a tether we can attach to it to keep you from floating too far from the boat.”

“Thanks,” I said and tried to put it on, while Jake went to change into his swimming trunks. I couldn’t quite figure out how to close it, so Jake came over to help me secure the vest when he returned to the deck. He rubbed my arms with his hands and leaned in for a small kiss before leading me to the water’s edge.

He grabbed the tether line and clipped it to the vest and I climbed into the water. It felt amazing. I was told to kick my feet to keep above water, which I did, but the vest did a good job as well. Jake climbed in behind me and swam out a little ways from the boat.

He swam back to me and wrapped my legs around his back while I wrapped my arms around his neck. He was kicking his feet and moving his hands to stay above water, but I think my vest helped us both. I leaned in for another kiss and savored the moment.

We stayed in the water for a little while and then Jake helped me back onto the boat. He grabbed a couple of towels and we dried most of the water off and sat down on the edge and let our feet hang into the water. I leaned on his shoulder with my head and closed my eyes.

Jake noticed it was now getting close to dinnertime and pulled me back up to the deck. While I went into the lower cabin to change back into my clothes, he told Chris to head closer to land and find a marina to park in so we could get some dinner. Jake then came in and joined me while he changed back into his jeans and shirt. He gave me the rest of the tour of the cabin, which was very spacious considering it was a boat.

We went back to the deck and as we got closer to land and I looked around. I noticed what looked like a tower reaching into the sky with a wheel on it turning as it went up and then went back down. There was a metal track looking thing forming a hill next to it and while I was looking at it, a train car went up and back down.

“What is that?” I asked Jake, while pointing to the objects.

“That is ‘Great America’,” he replied. “It’s a theme park located just north of Chicago that is filled with roller coasters, carnival type rides and so much more.”

“That sounds fun,” I responded. “Can we go there some time?”

“Sure we can. I haven’t been there in a very long time, but it was fun. Maybe next weekend or so,” he told me. “There is also a large mall nearby called ‘Gurnee Mills’ we can go to as well. We may go up on a Saturday morning to the park, find a hotel and go to the mall on Sunday, if that sounds good to you.”

“It does, but we can go whenever works best for you. Thank you.” I smiled.

We continued down the coast until we found a marina that wasn’t large, but was big enough for us to pull into. We climbed out and walked to a small diner not far from the docks. We each ordered some seafood including shrimp and fish and enjoyed each other’s company.

We arrived back on the yacht a little after 8:00 and headed back out onto the lake. Jake and I sat along the edge of the deck and cuddled as the breeze flew through our hair. We sat there until we arrived back on the marina where his yacht is kept. By now, the sun was setting and it was a very beautiful sight.

Jake helped Chris pull the yacht up to the dock and the dockhand helped gather the lines and secure the boat to the dock. Jake was standing along the bow tightening the rope and as the sun set in front of him, I couldn’t help but be amazed at the sight in front of me. “He is an angel, my angel. I don’t know what I did to deserve this man in my life, but I’m forever grateful for him at this moment.” I knew at that moment, I wanted him more than anything. I wanted to hold him, kiss him, touch him and love him in every way.

When I pulled out of my thoughts, I noticed Chris and the dockhand leaving the area. Jake and I were the only ones around. I asked Jake if we were going to head home and he told me that we would be staying on the boat for the night and asked if I was OK with that. I most definitely was.

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