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Making Love

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Jake led me into the lower cabin and made sure the door was locked and secured. I excused myself to use the bathroom and when I came out I found Jake in the bedroom with only his jeans on. I stopped in the doorway, leaned against the frame and watched him as he got the bed ready for us. I smiled a huge smile and walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his stomach and brought my hands up his chest while I kissed his back.

Jake put his hands on top of mine and entwined our fingers as I continued to rub them up and down his chest, abs and lower stomach. He then turned around and brought my arms around his neck while he wrapped his around my back. I looked up at his eyes, then his lips and back to his eyes. I bit my lower lip, stood up on my toes and kissed him. He returned my kiss and what started as a gentle kiss, grew into a very passionate one with our tongues wrestling and our breathing became more and more rapid.

I slid my fingers through his hair and pulled him closer to me, if that was possible. Jake’s hands started roaming over my back to my lower back and I felt his fingers playing with the hem of my shirt and sliding underneath. I took a sudden breath when I felt his fingers on my skin, but relaxed into his kiss and allowed him to touch me. He seemed to be letting me take the lead and I liked that.

After breaking from the kiss, I took a small step back and raised my arms over my head. Jake took that as permission to remove my shirt and he lifted it up slowly until it was completely off. He dropped the shirt and slid his hands down my arms, to my back and my sides. It tickled a little bit, but felt amazing. I saw him smile when he realized I wasn’t wearing a bra and was bear to him. I brought my arms back to his neck and we kissed again with our chests touching skin to skin.

Jake picked me up and wrapped my legs around his body and turned so that my back was to the bed. He began kissing down my jawline to my neck and shoulders as he laid me onto the bed. He looked up at me to make sure I was still OK with what he was doing. I nodded my head and gave him a silent OK to continue.

He continued to kiss my neck and moved lower to my breasts and kissed me just above each one while his hands came up and covered them. “Mmmmm,” I moaned as his thumb brushed over my nipples. He replaced one of his hands with his mouth and flicked his tongue over my sensitive nub while continuing to rub the other with his hand. He switched sides and I moaned again as I arched my back to get closer to him. I felt a strange feeling in my stomach and my lower area, but didn’t know what it was.

Jake began moving down my stomach as he kissed it inch by inch. He got to the top of my shorts and kissed me again while his fingers brushed me just inside the edge of them. He looked up again with questioning eyes and again, I nodded for him to go on. I was feeling too much pleasure to think about anything else and I was grateful for that. He unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and slid them off of my legs. When he got to my feet, he took off each sandal and kissed each foot and back up my legs.

When he got to the top of my thighs, I felt his breath on my lower area and the feelings grew in anticipation. I felt his fingers grab my panties and pulled them down and off. He settled in between my legs and he brought his head down to my most sensitive area of my body. I felt his tongue along my lower lips and flick my sensitive bud. “Jake…” I moaned and ran my fingers through his hair.

He licked and licked sending those tingly feelings into overdrive and I couldn’t help myself as my body reacted and moved with him encouraging him to continue. Suddenly, I felt him slide a finger inside my hole while he continued licking and sucking on my bud. “God, you are so wet,” I heard Jake mumble. He then slid in a second finger.

Within a few moments my body started shaking and my stomach tightened as I felt the most amazing feeling in the world. “Ahhhh,” I moaned. “What was that?” I asked Jake as I came down from this high I felt and caught my breath.

He kissed my thigh, my stomach, my breasts and back up my neck. When he was leaning over me, he gave me a smirk and replied, “That was your first orgasm.” I smiled back at him. He kissed me and I tasted myself on his lips and tongue.

While he continued kissing every inch of my face, my neck and shoulders, I slowly slid my hands down his back, to his sides and to the edge of his jeans. I brought them to the button and opened it up and the zipper. Jake leaned back and took my hands and looked at me with concern. “Stacy, are you sure?” I nodded. I wanted to feel him, all of him. My body still was reacting to his touch and craved more and more.

He got off of the bed and pulled his jeans off. I looked at him and reached over to help with his boxers. He grabbed my hand with a smirk and leaned down and kissed it. He removed his shorts on his own and crawled back onto the bed. I caught a glimpse of his ‘man part’ and it was quite impressive. I must have made a strange look as I heard Jake chuckle a little. He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a small square package. He opened it up and slid the rubber looking ‘glove’ over his part.

He climbed on top of me and leaned down till he rested on his elbows with our noses practically touching. I spread my legs so he could get more comfortable and eventually wrapped them around his legs. My hands went up around his back as he leaned down for a deep kiss. Jake must have felt me shiver a bit and leaned back up. “Are you OK?” Jake asked me.

I nodded, “I’m just a little…” I wasn’t sure how to finish my thought.

“I’m a little nervous too,” Jake admitted and smiled. “I’ll go slow with you, but stop me if it gets to be too much, OK?” I nodded again.

I knew I wanted this, but I was still a little scared. “What if it hurts? I never felt like this before, have I? In my dreams, it was so painful and I didn’t want this to happen,” the thoughts rolled through my head. I was brought back as I felt Jake kissing my neck and my jawline.

I turned my head until my lips met his and kissed him deeply while pulling his head even closer with my hands in his hair. “Mmmm,” I heard him moan. I felt his ‘man part’ settle in between my legs at the edge of my lower hole and slowly enter me. I gasped at first and started breathing heavy, but the further he went in, the more pleasure I felt. When he was all the way in, he stopped for a minute so I could adjust to his size.

He kissed me again and again, while moving back and forth slowly. The more he moved, the more the feelings came back until I couldn’t hold it back anymore and had my second orgasm. Jake picked up speed while I ran my nails across his back. “ good,” I said between thrusts and breaths. I could feel his breath pick up speed and he looked down at me.

“Baby, you are so tight and fit me perfectly,” he breathed heavily, “I’m getting close to coming.”

I closed my eyes and moved my body with his until I felt his body shake and jerk as he reached his orgasm. His actions caused me to have another one myself. Jake set his head against my forehead as we caught our breaths.

After coming down from our high, Jake rolled off of me and discarded the rubber he was wearing. He rolled back to me, pulled the blankets up and rested his head on his hand propping it up and looked down at me, while his other hand played with my face and neck.

I looked up at him and smiled. I have never felt like that before and I can only describe it as amazing and exhilarating. I could do this again and again with Jake, but I didn’t want to move quite that fast.

“How are you feeling?” he asked me.

“I feel wonderful,” I replied. “ was amazing.” At that moment, I felt a tear run down my cheek. Jake wiped it away with his thumb.

“Why are you crying?” he asked with a concerned look.

“I’m not crying because I’m sad Jake or that it hurt. I just feel so good and my emotions are getting the best of me,” I laughed a little as the tears fell. “I loved every minute of it and feel really, really good right now.”

He leaned down and rested his head again and closed his eyes. We sat like that for a few minutes and then he sat back up to readjust himself in bed. He rolled onto his back and pulled me into his side. I moved so that my head was on his chest, while his arm wrapped around my back and I felt his fingers rub it up and down. I wrapped my free arm around his torso and our legs entwined under the covers.

I was so comfortable at that moment and my feelings for Jake were growing more and more. “What is this feeling? Is it normal? Does he feel the same way?” the thoughts ran through my mind. Whatever it was, it felt right and I was very happy at this moment.

I felt Jake’s breathing slow down and his heartbeat became steady. I looked up and saw that he had fallen asleep and a smile was on his face. I laid my head back down on his chest and drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

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