To Be Loved...

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I Think I Love You

It’s been a few weeks since Jake and I finally made love. Things have been wonderful between Jake and I and I couldn’t be any happier that I am right now. We have been together just over two months now as mid-July has rolled around.

I still see the doctor every week to discuss my dreams, which he, too, believes are memories. They seem to be getting clearer and more abundant, so he is wondering if my memory is returning, even if slowly progressing. Jake is with me every night and helps me process when I have these dreams or flashbacks. I’ve been writing them down as I remember them as well, but still haven’t gotten enough information to discover more about my identity or where I came from.

Around the beginning of July, I finally got in to see the OB/GYN. Dr. Edwards did tell the OB about my situation when the referral was made, so she knew what to be looking for when I came in. She ran several tests, did some scans and x-rays, some bloodwork and did a full physical exam on me. She concurred with my hospital doctors about what I went through over quite a few years. She asked about Jake and I and our relationship and if we have been intimate with each other. I told her that we were, but only recently. Before I left, she encouraged me to go back on the pill to keep regulated and prevent any further issues.


Today was a Saturday and Jake wanted to take me out to relax. It was pretty warm out, so I settled on shorts, a T-shirt and sandals, while Jake wore jeans, a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers. I grabbed my purse and phone and followed Jake out the door.

“Where are we going?” I asked as I put the strap of my purse over my shoulder and put my phone in it.

“To the spa. I think you deserve a nice massage and a full spa treatment.” Jake grinned as he told me.

We both ended up getting a massage which felt amazing and I actually fell asleep. He then paid for me to get a full mani and pedi.

“How do they look?” I asked Jake as I wiggled my fingers and toes at him.

He chuckled at my silliness, “They look...nice.”

“Just nice?” I fake pouted and turned away from him.

“More than nice. They look beautiful,” he came up behind me and whispered in my ear and then kissed me on my neck. “Come on, let’s go. I have more planned for you today.”

I turned around and kissed him quickly. “Thank you for this Jake. I feel much more relaxed than I’ve ever been.” I grabbed his hand and we walked out of the spa.

We had lunch at another small cafe downtown. There are so many of these little cafes, it’s been hard to choose which one to go to. “Maybe we can get to them all if I get to stick around?” I thought to myself.

“Are you about finished?” Jake asked.

“Yeah,” I replied. “Why?”

Jake looked at his watch and said, “We have to be somewhere by 1:00 and it’s 12:30 now. It will take a bit to get there.”

“Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“Jake,” I whined. “Tell me, please.”

“Nope,” he said, popping the ‘p’ with a huge grin on his face.

Dylan picked us and took us down the highway until we pulled up to Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.

“Are we going to a game?” I squealed and I jumped up and down on the car seat.

Jake laughed, “Yes...yes we are.”

We walked up the gate and Jake handed the man two tickets. After receiving the stubs back, we walked around until we came to the first base side of the park. We then walked down and took our seats right behind the Cubs dugout.

“Oh my God Jake, these seats are so close to the field. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“I’m glad you approve of them,” Jake said.

As the game started and continued on, Jake ordered hot dogs, nachos, pretzels, popcorn and so much more. I was stuffed, but enjoyed it so much. “I was finally gaining some weight, so a few extra calories wouldn’t hurt,” I thought to myself.

I was having so much fun even though I really had no clue what was going on. I loved the music, the chanting, and looking at the guys on the field up close was pretty nice too. Jake would fill me in on the rules and the difference between a strike and a ball or what is a good hit versus a foul ball. By the end, I was on a high and the Cubs won, which was an added bonus. On the way out, Jake bought a few souvenirs including a hat and jersey.

“I had so much fun today Jake.”

“I did too,” Jake replied.

We met Dylan outside the stadium and he took us back home.

We got home and decided for a night in. We ate a light supper, since I ate way too much at the game. We chose a movie to watch and cuddled on the couch.

“Jake?” I asked with my head resting on his shoulder.

“Yes Stacy?” He said as his head rested on mine.

“I...I think I love you.” I stuttered and yawned while cuddling closer to him.

“I think I love you, too,” he said softly and kissed the top of my head. I smiled.

Next thing I know, I’m being tucked into bed while Jake settled behind me with his around me.

“Goodnight Stacy,” he whispered.

“Good...night,” I replied as my eyes drifted closed and fell back to sleep.


The next day, we slept in until nearly noon. Well, I don’t know if we actually slept, but we did stay in bed. I may have taken things slow after my first flashback while in bed with Jake, but we definitely have moved past that. I can’t get enough of him and always want more.

I moaned as Jake peppered kisses up my neck and back down to my shoulders. “Jake, we are never going to get up, if you keep doing that,” I moaned again as he grabbed my breast and gave it a light squeeze.

“Do you want me to stop?” He asked, but kept going.

“No, but…” Jake lowered his hand along my stomach. “Oh God...Jake.” I rolled over and jumped off the bed. “I didn’t really want to stop, but I was still a little sore from our early morning fun and mid-morning fun; I think you get the picture; and really wanted to soak in a shower.”

“Hey...where are you going?” Jaked reached for me to try to get me back into bed.

“The shower,” I replied and ran towards the bathroom. “Would you like to join me?” I looked at Jake seductively while stopping in the doorway.

I didn’t have to ask twice. Jake jumped out of bed and chased me into the bathroom. I turned the water on and let it warm up a bit before we both stepped in. I grabbed the shampoo and went to wash my hair, but Jake took the soap instead and massaged my scalp. After rinsing out the soap, I washed his hair. Jake began washing my body, but dropped the loofa and began to caress me all over and went back to kissing my neck and shoulders.

He turned me around so my back was against his chest. I could feel his erection growing against my backside. He placed kisses along my neck and shoulder, while one hand began rubbing my breasts. The other hand slid down my stomach and continued to my lower area until he slipped one finger inside and rubbed my sensitive spot with his thumb. “Mmmmm, that feels so good,” I moaned. He then inserted a second finger. My legs were trembling and I could barely stand. Thank God he was holding me up. He worked his fingers faster and faster while I held onto the wall and screamed out as I came all over his fingers.

Still breathing hard, Jake turned me around and lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his back while he kissed me deeply and passionately and pushed me against the wall of the shower. I felt the tip of his erection press against my lower parts and slowly entered. I dug my fingers into his back and he slid in and out of me going faster and faster. “Jake, I’m going to come again,” I cried out. Jake continued pumping in and out while I came all over him and he came inside me. He set me back on my feet and we caught our breaths.

I reached up and kissed him and whispered, “I love you” as I placed my forehead against his chin.

“I love you, too.” He kissed my forehead.

We finished washing each other and stepped out of the shower. We each grabbed a towel and dried off our bodies.

While I was brushing through my hair, Jake came up behind me and took over. I closed my eyes as he took the brush though it until all the knots were out.

“I’m so sorry Stacy,” Jake apologized.

“For what?” I asked, opening my eyes and looking at his through the mirror.

“I wasn’t thinking...I didn’t use...”

“Oh…” I smiled realizing what he was getting at. “So what. If something is meant to be, it will happen whether we are ready or not, right? And besides, I started back on the pill earlier this month, it should be effective by now, right?”

“Right.” Jake sighed.

“Let’s just hope it is and that it’s not meant to be right now,” we both thought to ourselves.

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