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Jake’s POV:

Over the past couple of weeks, Stacy has barely left her room, yet alone the house. After the night she shared everything with the doctor and me, she moved back to her old room against my pleas to stay with me. I understood that she needed some time alone, but it was getting worse each day without her nearby. I wanted to be able to help her and hold her, but she kept pushing me away or ignoring me altogether.

Every morning I would stop by her room and try to talk to her. Sometimes I’d get a few words from her and other times there was nothing. I encouraged her to eat, but I don’t think she has much as I’ve seen her lose weight when she was finally doing so much better with looking healthy again. Each night I would peek in her room to see her, or sit on the edge of her bed, but she was usually sleeping or was turned away from me.

I still had to work every day, but I really didn’t want to leave her. The first few days, I did work from home, but I needed to go into the building to meet with various team members and new clients and couldn’t keep stalling.

I also went to court on the day of Troy’s plea hearing after he was arrested for his attempted assault on Stacy that Sunday afternoon as well as charges of child abuse and statutory rape after his confession to all of us. He pleaded ‘Not Guilty,’ which wasn’t a surprise to me, but he certainly is and I will be damned if he gets away with this. The judge reprimanded him to custody without bail until the trial began.

Nearly every evening, I have met with the lead detective to discuss a way to get him to confess everything and get the location of this ‘Daddy’ and ‘Momma’ that Stacy kept referring to. I needed to find them and bring them to justice any way that I could, not just for Stacy and her family, but for all those girls that she mentioned. Troy knew where they were since he admitted to me and to Stacy that he visited her often, but he hasn’t spilt the information yet. I also don’t know if he contacted them in some way and I wanted to make sure they couldn’t get to Stacy, so part of me was glad she didn’t leave the house.

After a week of my visits to the station, we started our interrogations with Troy and he kept silent. He would smart off to me and try to get a rise out of me in regards to the things he would describe, in detail, that he did with Stacy. I hit him once, well, multiple times at once, and was removed from the room, but I held myself back since then because I wanted to be there when the truth came out. If you are wondering why I’m allowed in there at all, it’s because I paid a lot of money to several people involved in exchange for being there. If they wouldn’t have agreed, I would have found my own way.

After getting frustrated, I talked to a few of the detectives about upping our game. I know it’s not morally or ethically right what we were planning, but this was going on too long and I needed some answers, now. I didn’t care what the cost was, I would pay it.

I left work after a half day today and headed over to the station where Troy was being held. The detectives took him to a secluded interrogation room in the lower levels of the station, not the usual ones in the main area where most are held. I and one of my hired men were escorted to the same location through a back entrance to not be seen at this time.

Now I know what we are about to do is coercion and not admissible in court, but he already confessed to his crimes and it was recorded properly in previous sessions. The state had enough for trial to get him on the charges brought up on him. This...this was for information to get the others involved and I wasn’t leaving today, until we had them.

I met with the detectives in a small room and watched Troy sitting smugly in the room next door through the one-way glass. We discussed our plan: one detective would try one more time to ask ‘nicely’ to tell him what we needed to know. If it didn’t work, I would be allowed to step in.

Detective Marcus walked into the room and stepped up next to the table where Troy was sitting. “Good afternoon Troy,” he began. “So, are you ready to give us our answers?” he asked.

Troy looked up with a smirk and then looked straight into the mirror and I connected with him eye to eye. “Why should I? What do I get out of it?” he looked back at Marcus.

“How about some peace knowing you helped out several young victims of your abuse among others.” Troy grunted at that comment. “Well, I tried,” Marcus said and looked at the mirror and then went to leave the room. He stopped at the door, “We could have done this the easy way Troy, but now you left us no choice. It will be the hard way.” Marcus left and closed the door.

I left my room and switched places with Marcus giving each other a knowing nod of our heads. I entered the interrogation room with my man, Zeke, behind me. I moved over to the table and sat down across from Troy, while Zeke stood off to the side, but behind him. Usually a detective is with me when I’m in the same room and he noticed that we were alone this time. I smirked at him when I saw him looking around.

“Who are you looking for?” I asked him. “No one else is joining us Troy. It’s just the three of us,” I taunted him a little. I noticed him shift in his chair nervously, but he covered it up by sitting up tall and looked me straight into my eyes. We stared at each other for quite a while before I spoke again. “Troy, I’m going to be up front with you. I’m not leaving this room today until I get the answers we are looking for, do you understand that?”

“I guess we will be here for a long time,” he smirked back at me. I nodded and smirked back at him.

I began asking my questions and he refused to answer them. I’d ask the questions again, with a little more force and again, he refused to answer. I looked at Zeke who came up and stood right next to Troy and asked yet again. I could see him squirm this time, but tried to refuse until Zeke grabbed his hand and put it on the table. “What the hell?” he questioned looking behind me into the mirror for some help.

“I’m not sure what you are looking at as there is no one behind that mirror,” I nodded my head in that direction. “Now Troy, I’ve been asking you nicely, why couldn’t you just answer me? So now we have to try things a little different.” I looked at Zeke again and he grabbed Troy’s smallest finger. “Where did you go to see Stacy? Tell me the location or Zeke here will snap that finger there.”

“I can’t...I can’t tell you.” SNAP! “AHHHH” Troy screamed. Zeke grabbed his next finger.

“Then why don’t you tell me the names of the man and woman that took Stacy and the other girls being held there.”

“I don’t know their names.” SNAP! “Stop, please. I only know them as Daddy and Momma Jones. I swear I’m telling you the truth on that,” he cried out.

“Jones? Well, that’s a start. I suggest you answer the rest of my questions with the truth, or Zeke will continue through each finger, then move up the arm. Is that what you want?”

“No...No.” He cried out again and was starting to sweat profusely. I knew he was in pain, but we were just getting started.

“Again, where is this building you met them at?” Zeke had his middle finger ready to snap.

“It’’s…” he stuttered and Zeke was about to snap the third finger. “Please, please don’t! It’s near South Chicago near the Calumet River. They have a building there that looks like a business office, but underneath it is where they keep all the girls.” Zeke snapped the finger anyway. “AHHHH!” Troy cried. I asked a few more questions and he answered each one without hesitation.

“Thank you Troy. See, it’s not that hard to answer me, is it?” He shook his head quickly looking down. “Now, why don’t you take this paper and pencil here with your good hand and write down the address.” I handed him a small notebook and a pencil, while Zeke held onto Troy’s shoulder with one hand and his elbow with the other. Troy wrote down the address and I took the notebook back.

I walked over and stood in front of Troy as Zeke slid his chair to face me. “You are lucky today Troy. I could have made things much worse, but it was too easy to break you,” I chuckled a little at my double entendre. “If I were you, I’d change your plea to ‘Guilty’ as there is no way you are getting out of this in trial. But, if you wish to keep up this charade, we will gladly face you in court.” I backed up and nodded to Zeke, who pulled his arm until the shoulder dislocated and the elbow snapped, then he punched Troy in the face giving him a black eye and a split lip. We walked out of the room.

I met up with Marcus and gave him the notebook with the address. He told me that he and some of his men are setting up a plan to go to the location given to us from Troy. If it were up to me, I would have stormed down there right then, but Marcus assured me that it would be handled properly if I wanted any chance for them to go to prison. Any interference from me, could cause a mistrial and they could potentially go free or a lesser sentence. I didn’t want that, so I told him to call me with any news and I left.

I headed home as I was too exhausted to go back to work and I needed to see Stacy. I needed to let her know that we have a breakthrough in her case. I unlocked my door and noticed the house completely quiet. I went to her room to check on her, but noticed her room empty and the bed looked freshly made. I looked around and didn’t see her anywhere. I went up to the terrace and she wasn’t there either. I called down to the door attendant and he told me that she went out with my mother and sister for the afternoon.

“So, Mom did come by like I asked. I’m glad she got Stacy up and’s a start.” Several thoughts were going through my head from Stacy’s retelling of her memories, to us being apart, to the questioning at the station and where things are going to go. I laid my head back on the couch, placed my hand over my eyes and started crying.

I felt her hands on my shoulder and she gave them a squeeze. I couldn’t help it, but I pulled her down and she put her head on my shoulder and hugged me from behind. “God, I’ve missed being this close to her…”

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