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The investigations have been going very slowly since the location was revealed to Jake and the detectives almost a week ago. They needed a warrant to go in, but had some difficulty getting one solely based on the word of Troy who was still pleading ‘Not Guilty’ and has tried to change his story a few times. They have surveyed the area, but haven’t seen anything unusual to allow them to go in without one...yet.

Jake was ready to go himself a number of times, but I reminded him of what Detective Marcus told him about keeping things legit or they could walk. Because it was moving slowly, Jake was still worried about me and hired a couple of ‘bodyguards’ to watch the penthouse or follow me if I was outside, whether I was with Jake or not.

Jake and I have been working on rebuilding our relationship that I almost ruined. I still have moments of doubt about him truly loving me, but he tells me and reminds me every single day that he does. I know these thoughts are irrational, but I guess I’m basing them on my history, rather than my present or even my future. I’ve never really seen what love looks like and I’m only going off of what I’m feeling when we are together.


Last night, Jake surprised me by telling me that we are going to get away for the weekend. He is finally taking me to Great America and Gurnee Mills that he talked about nearly two months ago now. I was so excited and it was a chance for us to reconnect without having to worry about the things going on with the investigations or with Troy.

Jake is in the kitchen making breakfast while I am finishing packing for the trip. We don’t need much, just a new pair of clothes for tomorrow and nightclothes for tonight...if we need them. I put together our toiletries and made sure to grab the phone chargers. I closed the bag and grabbed my ‘fanny pack’ that wrapped around my waist so I didn’t have to take it on and off at the park, but still big enough to hold my phone, my wallet and keys. Jake said he might have me hold onto his stuff as well, especially on the roller coasters and water rides.

As I entered the kitchen, I could smell bacon and eggs and my stomach rumbled. I set the bag down closer to the door and went to the island.

“Good morning, beautiful,” Jake said as he turned around and smiled at me. “The food is almost done.”

“It smells good and I’m starving,” I replied.

He brought the food over and we ate together. After we finished, we cleaned up and made sure that everything was turned off and locked up in the house before we left. Jake carried the bag and held my hand as we headed down to the car. He was having Dylan drive us there and was bringing along a couple of other men to keep me safe.

During the car ride, Jake was showing me some of the rides on his phone and we were deciding what to go on first. There was so much to see and I wanted to go on everything. “Jake, what is your favorite ride?” I asked him.

“I have no clue. I told you before that I haven’t been here in years and I’m sure there are many new things to try. I just hope I can handle it all,” he chuckled.

“Oh come on, you aren’t that old Jake,” I laughed at him.

At that moment, I looked out the window and saw some of the rides to my right. We were almost there!!

The morning started off wonderfully as we started on one side of the park and went on all the rides that we could. Jake, of course, bought fast pass tickets so we didn’t have to wait in any lines. We went through various shops and grabbed snacks as we saw something good. Most of this was still new to me, and I wanted to try it all.

While we were eating lunch, I was watching other people at the park. I saw a young family walking past us and at that moment, I recalled my night at the carnival with my mom and sister. Images became much clearer than I’ve ever seen before, but I still couldn’t quite see their faces or hear their voices.

“Stacy? Are you alright? I lost you there for a moment,” Jake shook me out of my memory.

“Yes, I am,” I replied, “I just had a memory of my mom and sister while we were at that carnival before everything bad happened to me. We were walking through the park and I was holding mom’s hand while my sister held her other hand. She led us to a food booth and asked us what we wanted to eat. I said I wanted a corn dog and nachos and my sister wanted popcorn. She carried the food to a table and we all sat down and ate. I still can’t see their faces, but I remember my mom with dark, long hair, kind of like mine, and my sister had shorter hair, but still kind of dark brown like mine.”

“Stacy, do you realize what you are eating now?” I looked down and saw a corn dog and nachos. “Ordering that and watching the crowd must have triggered your memory.” I nodded and smiled. “I see my tastes haven’t changed that much,” I thought to myself.

After lunch, we walked around a little to settle our stomachs and stopped at the arcade. We played some games and went into a photo booth together. We took a couple of nice photos and a couple silly ones before kissing for the last one. Jake collected the pictures and put them in his wallet. We continued on our way around the park hitting every ride and shop along the way. .

Jake bought me a lot of souvenirs and gave me every opportunity to experience anything the park had to offer. I didn’t know how we were going to carry everything we collected, but that problem was solved with Dylan and the other two bodyguards. They had procured a cart and put everything in it and pushed it around for us.

We were getting close to the front of the park again as we were nearing the end of the day when I saw a ride called ‘Sky Wheel.’ Another memory appeared in my head, which led me back to that first nightmare I had when I first moved in with Jake. “I never did get to go on that Ferris Wheel that night,” I thought to myself as I pulled Jake along to the line.

“Jake, did you know this was similar to the ride I wanted to go on with my mom when I lost her that night?” I told him while we were waiting. The line wasn’t that long at this time, so we just waited with the other people while the previous riders were still on it.

After this ride, the only one left was the double-decker carousel at the front of the park. It was getting dark out, so the lights were on it and it was a beautiful sight to see. We decided to go on the upper deck and climbed on two horses next to each other. We held hands while moving up and down and I watched Jake as we went round and round. When the ride ended, we met up with Dylan and the guys and headed out of the park. I was exhausted, but had so much fun and I think Jake did too.

We drove to a hotel nearby and Jake booked a couple of rooms, one for us and one for the guards. He gave them the night off as we felt we were pretty safe for the night. We entered our room and I immediately kicked off my shoes, took my pack off and threw it on the dresser. Jake set our bag on the floor next to the bed, kicked off his shoes and laid down. I climbed onto the bed onto my stomach and leaned up on my elbows to look at Jake who was on his back.

“Thank you Jake for today, I had a blast!”

“You are very welcome and I did as well.” I leaned in to kiss him and he kissed me back.

That little kiss quickly turned into more and I gladly welcomed his touch and kisses all over my body. It had been too long since we had been this intimate and I wanted him...all of him.

I straddled Jake’s lap while I removed my top and Jake removed his. I leaned down and kissed him while he reached around and took my bra off. I sat back up while he caressed my body and my breasts and put them in his mouth one at a time. “Mmmmm,” I moaned. He reached down and opened my pants and threw me onto my back to remove my jeans and panties in one swoop. He stood up and removed the rest of his clothes and climbed on top of me and began kissing me again.

He moved lower and lower until he reached my lower parts and began kissing and licking me. I arched my back urging him to keep going. He added his fingers one by one and I came quickly. He kissed his way back up to my lips and kissed me deeply. He was about to enter me, but I stopped him and pushed him onto his back.

I got back on top of him and lowered myself onto his member. “Ahhhh,” it felt so good and hit all the right spots. I moved up and down on Jake, while he held on my hip with one hand and played with my breasts with his other hand. He sat up and kissed my neck while assisting me in moving while in this position. My nails dug into his back and my head rolled back as the sensational feelings took over. “Jake, I’m gonna...Oh God...Ahhhh!” I came again all over him.

He flipped me onto my back and entered me again taking all control. He leaned up on his arms while looking down at me as he moved in and out picking up speed. I could tell he was getting close as his eyes closed and his head rolled back while his breathing was getting faster and more shallow. I grabbed onto his back and wrapped my legs around his backside pushing him even deeper. After a few more thrusts, Jake came inside me causing me to come again with him. “God Stacy, that was…”

“...Amazing,” I finished for him. He climbed off of me and fell onto his back. We both laid their catching our breaths.

We made love all night long and finally fell asleep in the early morning hours.


The next morning we slept in since we couldn’t go to the mall until after 10:00 when it opened. I laid there just remembering our night and I realized how much I missed that over the last few weeks. I think we are finally back on the right track and I find myself falling in love with him all over again and again and again.

“Good morning baby,” Jake said as he rolled over and brushed my cheek with his hand.

“Good morning,” I smiled lovingly. “Jake...have I told you how much I love you lately?”

He smiled. “I could hear you say it over and over again,” he said, “I love you too.” He finished and kissed me.

We got up and took a shower throwing in another intimate moment and got dressed. We gathered our items together and got ready to go. Jake called up Dylan to tell him we were getting ready to leave and to make sure they all met us at the lobby. We walked down to the lobby and Jake checked us out of the hotel. Dylan was waiting with the car and my bodyguards were right behind us. We headed down the street to Gurnee Mills.

We spent several hours walking around from store to store buying a lot of things. We stopped at the food court for lunch before continuing on. The mall was huge, so one could easily spend all day there if we really wanted to. We held hands as we walked around, while the guys helped us again with the bags. I didn’t want this weekend to end, but I knew it had to at some point.

Around 4:00, Jake got a call from Detective Marcus. I could hear bits of their conversation and I discovered that while officers were watching the location given to them by Troy last evening, they saw a couple men enter and they didn’t leave until this morning. Apparently, they spotted the patrolmen and nearly ran to their car which alerted the officers to pursue them. They caught up with the men and questioned them about what they were doing at this building that was supposed to be closed overnight, and asked why they ran when they saw the officers. They couldn’t give a legitimate reason and were brought in for further questioning.

After getting different statements from the men, Marcus went back to the ADA to get that warrant as they have more reason to suspect that this is the correct place. The judge agreed this time and issued the warrant. Marcus told Jake that they were heading there now and wanted him to be aware of it. Jake told him that we were leaving now and would be back in the city shortly and to call when they had this couple in custody.

Jake hung up the phone and looked back at me. “Let’s go, they are approaching the building right now and plan to get inside soon. Baby, we should be getting more answers soon once they have that couple in custody and can search the compound where you were kept.”

I looked up at him and smiled. I wanted this, but I was also a little nervous. This time though, I was going to keep Jake by my side through it all and hope he will continue to support me as we learn more and more about my past.

He took my hand and we went back to the cars. Our bags were put into the trunk while we climbed in the backseat. Dylan drove us home where we sat and waited for the call that they got them.

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