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We Got Them

Jake and I had just finished eating supper when the call came in around 7:00ish. Jake answered his phone and put it on speaker after I pleaded with him earlier to let me listen to the conversation when the call came in.

“Talk to me…” Jake answered the phone.

“We got them Jake,” Detective Marcus started off, “It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pretty, but they are in custody and probably in booking as we speak. I do need you to take Stacy down to the station so she can positively identify them as her captives.”

I looked up at Jake and he looked back at me. I should have felt relieved, ecstatic, joyous, but I didn’t show any emotion...I didn’t know exactly what to feel.

“Wonderful news Marcus! Stacy is here with me and we will head to the station right away.” I gave him a smile, but still couldn’t say anything. “Tell us what did you get in? Did they put up a fight? How many girls are there?”

“Slow down, slow down. We are still searching the compound, but Jake, Stacy was right, there were a lot of girls kept here, at least twenty, and by the looks of the file cabinets we found, there have been more than she ever knew over the years.” I looked down and took a deep breath. I knew several girls over the years, but how long did this go on before me?

“Detective Marcus?” I said into the phone. “Are all the girls you’ve found OK? They didn’t do anything horrible to them did they?”

“Stacy, from what I can tell so far, they are no worse than you were when you were here. They look pretty thin, definitely showing bruises on their arms and faces and I’m sure we’ll discover the other trauma they’ve faced when we get them all to the hospital.” I heard him sigh as he finished speaking.

“Thank you Detective. Do you think I could go see them at the hospital? I think I can help them cope and open up to your people.”

“I think that would be OK if Jake is able to take you there after going to the station. They might need a friendly face and know that things will work out for them. We have been talking to some of the older girls about the situation, but they have been pretty scared to talk to us here. I’ll call and let them know you two are going to meet the girls.” He went on, “We have a lot of work to do here, but will come back tomorrow since it’s getting late and I want to talk to the ‘Joneses’ myself before complete nightfall.”

“Marcus? If you find any information on Stacy, please let us know and provide any copies you can. I will pay if I have to, but I want to see everything you can dig up. I will take Stacy to the hospital tonight, just send me the name and address of where they are heading.” I mouthed a ‘thank you’ to Jake.

“I’ll be sure to get you everything I can, but Jake, let us handle the investigation. You take care of your girl there as she is your priority, not the case here.” I smiled up at Jake at that.

“Call me with any news and let me know when any hearing is for these two,” Jake said.

“Will do,” Marcus replied and hung up the phone.


Jake and I headed down to the car and he drove us to the police station where they were taking ‘Daddy’ and ‘Momma.’ I still don’t know what to call them and that’s what I have called them for nearly twelve years or so.

We were brought to a room with a glass window and met with another detective that I had met once or twice before. He explained what was going to happen and encouraged me to take my time to make sure I had the right people. My nerves were through the roof as I haven’t seen them in over three and a half months, since he left me on the side of the road. Jake stood next to me and squeezed my hand for comfort.

The door opened in the room next door and six men were ushered into the room and formed a line. They were asked to face the mirror in front of them, which I was standing behind. It didn’t take me long to identify ‘Daddy’ as the man under the number 3. I immediately recognized his face from my dreams, my flashbacks and all the memories that have come back to me. I started shaking and breathing heavily, but couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He just stood there with a smirk on his face like he knew what impact he had on me. I was able to point to him, and say ‘Number 3.’ They had me look at them all again, one more time, but I knew it was him and I stayed with ‘Number 3.’ They ushered the men out of the room.

I finally let my breath go and started sobbing. Jake caught me and held on to me while I gathered myself back up. I know I still had to do this at least one more time and I had to hold it together. I couldn’t let them see how much they broke me and still hold power over me.

After about fifteen minutes or so, they brought in six women and asked them to face the mirror. I looked at each woman carefully until I reached ‘Number 5.’ She hadn’t changed at all from what I remembered and I pointed to her and told the officer it was ‘Number 5.’ The women were removed from the room and the detective told us he would be right back. Jake turned me to face him and cupped my cheeks with his hands. I smiled up at him and again thanked him for being here with me.

The detective came back into the room and told us they were moving the two people I identified to a holding cell until they could be interrogated by Marcus. He escorted us out of the room and down the hall. Unfortunately, as we were coming around a corner, two officers were walking with ‘Daddy’ and ‘Momma’ down the same hall we turned onto. I stopped in my tracks when ‘Daddy’ caught us there and stopped and stared back at me. He smirked at me and gave me a wink. “It’s good to see that you are still alive,” he said as they pulled him away from me. ‘Momma’ just looked down and went with them quietly.

I stood there in shock for what seemed like an eternity before I felt Jake take my shoulders and gently shake them to bring me back. I looked up at him with tears in my eyes and then I wrapped my arms around his back and just held onto him. He held me tight and kept whispering in my ear that everything will be alright and that I’m safe now.

We finally left the station after I had to sign some papers and we talked briefly with Detective Marcus after he arrived. It was getting late and with my emotions all over the place, we decided to go back home for the night and go to the hospital in the morning.

We drove home in a comfortable silence while I watched out the window while Jake watched the road. We got home and I went straight to the bathroom, did my routine, and crawled into bed. Jake joined me after a little while and I cuddled into his chest. I tried to sleep, but I had a hard time keeping my memories out of my head. Sometime after midnight, I finally fell asleep.

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