To Be Loved...

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Dinner & Reception

After the pictures, Jake grabbed my hand and led me to our car to be taken to the dinner and reception. The car was covered with wedding confetti and “Just Married” was written on the back window. Dylan was there waiting for us and got into the driver’s seat as we climbed in the back.

“So Mrs. Masterson...have I told you how beautiful you look today?” Jake asked.

“Maybe...but thank you Mr. Masterson,” I replied with a smile. “I don’t mind hearing it again.”

“You are absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to be alone with you tonight,” Jake said while wiggling his eyebrows up and down causing me to blush knowing that Dylan could hear him.

Jake brought his arm around me and pulled me close. He leaned down and as I looked up to him, he captured my lips with his. “I can’t wait to be alone with him either,” I thought to myself.

The moment was cut short as we pulled up in front of the hotel where the dinner and reception was being held. I noticed the rest of our family arrive and go inside.

I sat back getting ready to get out of the car. Jake pulled me back to him.

“Wait,” Jake said, “They can wait a few minutes. After all, we are the guests of honor.” He smirked. I leaned back into him and kissed him again...and again...and again.

Several minutes later, we got out of the car and made sure we looked presentable.

Jake led me inside the hotel and to the hall. As we walked in, everyone stopped what they were doing and clapped and whistled. “Congratulations!” “Blessings to you!” “May you be happy together!” People shouted or said to us as we passed by. We stopped to visit with several family members of ours and friends of Jake...some of whom have become friends of mine since we have been together. Many are still strangers to me, even if I’m related to them or knew them in my past or even introduced to since finding my parents.

We finally made our way to the head table and Jake helped me take my seat. Sarah sat on my right along with Jake’s sister, Elizabeth, and my cousin, Victoria. Jake, of course, sat on my left. Next to him were Jordan, Jake’s new brother-in-law, Todd, and my cousin, Thomas. Both of our parents and grandparents sat at the table in front of us.

As people settled into their seats, Jake stood up and clinked his glass with his fork. “On behalf of my new bride and me, we wish to thank all of you for being here with us today.” Jake held my hand and looked down at me and smiled. “It is with all of your love and support that Stacy and I are where we are today and we couldn’t be happier than to share this day with each and every one of you. I invite Father Adams to come up and lead us as we give thanks for this dinner.” Jake sat back down, but continued to hold my hand.

“Thank you Jake. Let us bow our heads…” Father Adams began saying grace.

Jake and I received our food first. I chose a chicken dinner while Jake had the steak dinner. Both were served with potatoes, vegetables, dinner roll and salad. The rest of our table was served, then the rest of the guests received their food.

Throughout the dinner, various people would clink their forks on their glasses. I quickly learned that it meant that Jake and I were to kiss. We kissed often. As we were finishing eating, the toasts began. First Jordan stood up and got everyone’s attention.

“Thank you everyone. Jake and I have been friends for a very, very long time. We have been witness to many things each other has done, both the bad and the good. As we got older, Jake became more and more set in his ways and seemed to prefer a life of his own. Sure he is successful, has an amazing career, and owns everything one could ask for, but something was missing. He didn’t know it or couldn’t see it, but when Stacy came into his life I saw a change in him and I knew he found the missing piece in his life. I watched him change day after day, week after week, month after month...for the better of course. He went from being cold and callous to warm and soft when she was around...a big teddy bear.” Everyone giggled at that. “I know that the past year has had its share of rough patches between the two, but I was so happy when he told me that he was bringing her home and was planning on asking her to marry him. He deserved to be happy and I knew Stacy gave him that. Jake, Stacy...I wish you the best and happiness for all of your lives together. Cheers!”

“Cheers!” “Cheers!” “To Jake and Stacy!” Everyone toasted and we took a drink of champagne. Jake stood up and gave Jordan a handshake turned hug. I too, stood up and gave Jordan a hug and thanked him for the kind words.

Sarah stood up next and took her turn to say a few words as we sat back down.

“Stacy...when we were little, I remember playing Barbies with you. You would always be Barbie and made me play with Ken. I remember one time, you set up an entire wedding for them in our bedroom and said that one day that would be you. Well, today that is you and Jake is your Ken.” I laughed a little at that and looked at Jake who rolled his eyes, and then back at Sarah. “I have missed you so much and have hung on to all the silly little memories I had from when we were small. I was only five or six when I lost you. You were always the one to protect me at school and when we walked to and from, but I couldn’t protect you when you needed someone the most.”

“ can’t…” I interrupted.

“Let me finish, please.” I nodded for her to go on. “I may never understand what you all went through for the years you were gone, but I do thank God everyday that Jake found you, protected you and brought you home to me and our parents. If it weren’t for him, I may have never seen you again.” By now, I was in tears as was my family and several other people. “Jake...I am so happy to call you my brother and have you in Stacy’s life. Just remember, if you hurt her, I will hurt you.” Everyone laughed through their tears at that. “Seriously though, I wish the two of you the best and a long happy life together. To Jake and Stacy!”

“To Jake and Stacy!” “Cheers!” Everyone toasted.

“I love you Stacy.” Sarah cried as she gave me a huge hug.

“I love you too Sarah,” I replied through my own tears.

Jake came over and hugged us both and kissed me on the head.

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