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The Wedding Night

We entered our room which was decorated with rose petals, candle lights and a bottle of champagne on ice. It was beautiful and set the mood perfectly. Jake took off his tux jacket and hung it over a chair and kicked off his shoes. He went over the champagne and poured two glasses and handed me one.

“Cheers baby,” he said as he raised his glass.

“Cheers!” I said and took a very small sip.

“Is there something wrong with the champagne?” Jake asked, noticing my small sip. I shook my head no. He didn’t notice earlier in the evening that I didn’t drink more than a couple of sips during dinner, and mostly stayed with water.

“No, it is delicious, but I’m not really drinking right now,” I told him. He gave me a strange look, but took my glass and finished it off. “Jake, I have something for you,” I went and grabbed a small box from my bag that had already been brought up to the room.

“What is this?” he asked, shaking the box.

“It’s my wedding present to you, and I hope you like it.”

“If it’s from you, you know I’ll love it,” he smiled and took the ribbon off of it and lifted the lid. Inside the box was an envelope that said ‘Congratulations’ on the outside. “Congratulations to you as well baby,” he said as he took the envelope out of the box and began to open it.

My nerves were on edge at this moment, as the contents were about to reveal a secret I’ve been hiding for almost a month now. As he pulled out the picture, his face dropped and he just stared at what was in front of him.

“Is this what I think it is?” he asked, looking up at me.

I nodded, “Yes Jake, it is.”

“We are having a...a baby?” he stated in a form of a question.

“Yes, we are.”

“How? When? How long?” he kept throwing questions out to me.

“I think you know how,” I chuckled a bit. “The doctor believes I’m about eleven weeks or so, putting the conception date on or around my birthday and due around mid-November. Do you remember when I went through that spell of feeling nauseous and tired all the time back in March and early April?” he nodded. “Well, I finally went into the doctor to see what was going on as it just wasn’t getting better. She had me take a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I was in shock at first, but then I felt guilty.”

“Why would you feel guilty and why wait to tell me?” he asked, while sitting down on the bed.

“I realized that at some point while I was with my parents I never refilled my pills and never thought about it when we got back together. The reason I didn’t tell you was because I was afraid…”

“Afraid? Afraid of what baby, that I wouldn’t want it, that I would be upset with you?” he said a little coarsely.

“Jake, please let me finish.” He motioned for me to go on. “I guess part of me was afraid of how you would react. I didn’t know if this was something you wanted, and I know we weren’t ready with everything that was going on. I also was afraid that I would lose it, like I may have in my past.”

“Baby, what happened back then was intentional and was not your fault. Sure we don’t know if there are any lasting effects, but together we will keep this baby safe and help it grow until we can meet him.”

“Or her,” I finished for him.

“Or her,” he repeated with a smile.

“So you are happy we are going to be parents in about six months?”

“Baby, I’m beyond happy and can’t wait to have this child with you, boy or girl.” He pulled me in between his legs and put his hands on my hips while he kissed my stomach. “This is the best wedding gift in the world. Thank you Stacy Masterson!”

“You are very welcome Jake Masterson!” I smiled and leaned down and kissed him.

Mature Scene:

I removed his tie and slowly unbuttoned his shirt until I could push it off his shoulders. I kissed down his neck, his shoulders and his chest and back up to his lips. He reached behind me and helped remove my veil before turning me around to unzip my dress. As he let the dress fall around my feet, he kissed my neck and shoulders while his hands caressed my breasts and my stomach before turning me around again.

I stepped out of the dress and moved it to the chair so it wouldn’t get ruined. Jake lifted one of my legs and took my shoe off and kissed his way up my leg to my thigh, stopping just below the panty line. He set that foot down and did the same to the other side. I was holding onto the chair at this point since my legs were going weak.

He stood up and I helped him remove his belt, and then his pants, leaving him in his boxers. He pulled me close and pressed his lips against mine and lifted me up as he carried me to the bed. He gently sat me down on the edge while he removed my strapless bra and then laid me on my back and kissed my breasts, my stomach and continued lower and lower. He pulled off my panties and got on his knees with his head between my legs.

I felt his hot breath against me and eagerly anticipated his mouth licking and sucking my most sensitive area. He started with his finger sliding up and down my folds getting me nice and wet. He leaned in and licked up those juices and thrust his tongue inside as I let out a scream of pleasure. One hand moved up my stomach to my breasts while the other held onto my hip and he licked and sucked. I reached down and grabbed his head and I pushed myself closer and closer to the edge. “Ahhhhh,” I screamed as I released.

He kissed my thighs, and my stomach where he stopped and kissed it all over with a smile on his face. “Hi little guy or girl,” he whispered, “be good to mommy.” I smiled at that as he worked his way from breast to breast and up my neck to kiss me deeply as my arms wrapped around his neck. I felt him reach down and pull off his boxers and then grab my hips as he slammed into me. My legs went around his back as I hung off the edge of the bed.

Holding himself up by his strong arms, my arms reached around his back as I scratched it and slid my hands up and down. He was going in and out of me hitting every spot that matters. “Faster Jake,” I moaned out and he picked up speed. “Oh God baby…” He moved faster and deeper until we both released at the same time.

He leaned on his elbows over me and kissed me again and again. I finally managed to push him off of me and told him to lay on the bed and took control. I started in between his legs as I kissed his lips, and neck and down his chest. I licked my way back up to his shoulder and right below his ear, which I discovered is a sweet spot on him and felt him shiver. I moved my legs to straddle him and wrapped my fingers in his hair as I lowered myself onto him. “Ahhhh,” I heard him moan as I started moving up and down.

He brought his hands up to my breasts and kneaded them as they were dough beneath his fingers. They were much more sensitive lately and drove me crazy and he pinched the nipples and added his tongue as he pulled me over him so he could reach me with his mouth.

“Mmmmm Jake, that feels so good.” His hands moved back to my hips and he helped me move faster as he added his own thrusts from beneath me. It didn’t take much longer and we both came again.

I laid on his chest for a few moments while we caught our breaths with him still inside me. I finally let him go and rolled off the side keeping my head on his chest and shoulder and wrapped my arm around him after covering the lower halves of our bodies. He wrapped his arms around me, kissed my head and we fell asleep.

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