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My New Home

It turns out, the café we stopped at was just around the corner from his condo building. We pulled up to the front door and Dylan dropped Jake and I off. The entrance was grand and we were met by an attendant that welcomed Jake home. He introduced me and told the attendant that I was his guest and would be staying with him for a little while and to assist me anyway he can.

He led me to the elevator and took it to his penthouse on the top floor. “Of course, he would have a penthouse. I wonder if he has any other places as well?” As he opened the door, I became really nervous and was almost afraid to enter. He didn’t give me much choice when he saw me hesitate to enter, he grabbed my hand and helped me through the door.

To say I was in shock was an understatement. The place was huge and absolutely gorgeous. He gave me a quick tour, and I don’t think I closed my mouth the entire time, I was in awe of the place. It has four bedrooms each with their own bathroom, two dens, huge closets, a living room, dining area, large kitchen, laundry room, a balcony and a rooftop terrace.

“Do you like what you see?” Jake asked me as I was standing like an idiot gaping at the sight in front of me.

“I...I...It’s amazing! I can’t believe you live here and all alone?”

He chuckled a little and answered me, “Yes, I’m all alone….for now.” He mumbled the last part, but I heard him and smiled.

I walked over to the balcony door and stepped out. I walked to the railing and looked around. It was beautiful out here. The Chicago History Museum is across the street and you can see the Zoo and park from here. It’s not far from the lakefront and I see a walking path that I hope I get to explore one day.

Jake came out and stood beside me as I quietly took everything in. I just can’t get over the beauty of it all and I’m glad I get to see it. “Even if it isn’t for long, this must be what it’s like to live like royalty,” I thought to myself.

We stood there for a little while until I felt a slight chill and shivered.

“Let’s go inside,” Jake said as he noticed me shiver.

I turned and followed him inside and he closed the doors. It was late spring, I was told, and still gets a little chilly in the evenings.

“Did you want anything to drink? Do you need anything?” Jake asked.

“No, I’m good for now. I am getting tired and would like to go to bed if that’s ok.”

“Of course, let me show you to your room,” he turned and led me to one of the bedrooms. All the rooms were completely furnished and had everything one needed.

“The bathroom is right here and should have everything you need, but we can always pick up more later on. The towels are in the cabinet here and the soap is on the tub. To turn on the shower, just turn on the water and pull up this stopper.”

“Is there a brush and toothbrush or toothpaste I can use?”

“They should be in the drawers. I had every room stocked with new supplies just in case I have guests,” he replied, “... which isn’t very often,” he added.

As he turned to leave, I thought of one more thing. “ you have anything I can borrow to sleep in? I don’t really want to sleep in this dress.”

He looked at me sheepishly and said, “I’ll go get you a T-shirt to wear tonight. My sister may have left some clothes in the room next door you can borrow tomorrow. I have to work, but we can go shopping this weekend.”

“Thank you Jake. For everything.”

“You are welcome.” He smiled, closed the bathroom door and left the room.

I turned on the shower and let it warm up. I found what I needed in the drawers and removed my dress. I looked at myself in the mirror…”Who is this person and what has she been through?” I was way too skinny, still had bruises in various stages over my body and scars all over. “Why would someone like Jake, help someone like me? Does he feel sorry for me? He is gorgeous and could have any woman he wants and me...well I’m ugly, broken and have no idea who I really am.”

I stepped into the shower and let the hot water run over my body. I don’t know the last time I had a real shower and it felt so good. I washed my hair with the strawberry scented shampoo that I found and washed my body with lavender soap. I was feeling more and more relaxed, but the water was getting cool. I got out, grabbed the towel and dried myself. I wrapped the towel around me, brushed my hair and my teeth and went out into the bedroom.

There I saw the T-shirt that Jake had left for me and put it on. It was way too big, but covered all of me. The best thing was it smelled like him and I smiled thinking about him in the room down the hall. I crawled into the bed, which was so comfortable and fell asleep almost immediately.

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