The bad boy's Diamond

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First Encounter with the devil Roomie!

Diamond POV:Hurriedly rushing towards the ICU with heavy heart, I finally spotted my dear grandma lying motionless on the bed with an oxygen mask covering her nostrils while several wires from the ECG device were attached to her fingertips,waist and other body parts...Seeing her lying like this on the hospital bed was making my mind go hazy while tears started making my vision blurry."How is she now, doctor?",I heard my father speaking with the physician."I'm sorry to say but she's in a really critical condition right now. She's also suffered severe nervous breakdown during the arrest so chances of her survival are quite less", saying this the doctor left the room along with the assistant physician and medical students."Wh-what is h-he saying d-dad? Is s-she gonna d-d...",I started crying hysterically while clamping my palm over my mouth to muffle my sobs. My father approached near me and giving me a side hug,he said lowly in my ear"Go back home sweety, it's quite late.""But dad...", shutting me off from speaking any further he said dropping the apartment keys and few dollar bills in my hand"No buts Sweety! Get a taxi outside and reach home safely. I'll stay by her side tonight and we'll return home tomorrow if the doctor discharges her. Ok! Now go..."At around 3 am,night:"Hello!Dad...Why're you calling this late? Is ev-everything okay,there?How is grandma doing?""Hello dad......"After a few minutes of heart-wrenching silence,he finally spoke something which made my whole world collapse" She's no more,Diamond!!!"-----------------------------------------------------------------After two weeks:Travis POV:"What do you mean I have to share my room with someone!!!",I furiously yelled over my call."Sir, we can't do anything in here! We're sorry for inconvenience but It's provided on behalf of college to the students so you need to adjust with whoever be your new roommate!""But...!!!"the phone was hung up before I could speak any further."Arghh!!!", throwing my phone on my bed in frustration, I headed towards Chris's apartment.Author's POV:Pushing open her new apartment door, Diamond stepped inside carrying her sling bag, red suitcase, bag pack and a big cardboard box in her hand,followed by her father who was holding two large cardboard boxes stacked one over the other and a delivery boy carrying remaining boxes in his hand and placing them one after the other inside, depositing them inside the living room. After few minutes of hard labour of transferring things inside her apartment,her father and the delivery boy, both of them left the apartment at once.After few hours of unboxing and placing her items one after the other on the shelves and cupboards, she felt extremely tired and her muscles in the back started aching badly. Stretching her hands and feet,she hurriedly left her room and went straight inside her kitchen to prepare something non poisonous to eat to calm down her growling stomach...The beautiful sun outside the window was setting below it's horizon,diving into the depths of gold and orange sunrays... making the sky look somewhat extremely mesmerizing. It was the dusk time while Diamond was still engrossed in her cooking...when she didn't noticed that someone passed by the kitchen straight towards the locked room adjacent to her room while she bend down to collect carrots from the fridge...while her petite form was perfectly hidden behind the island.Diamond POV:After cooking my chicken soup,I hurriedly took a bowl and filled it till it's brim...and placing it on the tray, I hurriedly stepped towards the living room to watch some Netflix series. Plopping down on the couch comfortably while placing the tray on the table in my front, I quickly switched on the TV and started watching Ratched...after about 1 hour of continuosly staring at the screen, watching the series,I switched off the TV abruptly yawning due to the heavy slumber that was evading my senses making my eyelids heavy.As I dragged myself back towards my room,I heard some sound coming from the adjacent room, like that of running water...But how's that possible since it was locked as far as I remember this afternoon? Has someone came here after me? But I didn't saw anyone coming!!!My legs started stepping towards the room automatically on it's own to check if someone was actually inside while my fear, anxiety and heart beat was elevating each second I was stepping closer to the room. Finally Reaching near the door,I gently tapped on the door...but no noise came from inside. Trying a few times when again I couldn't hear any response, I started knocking a bit loudly almost banging on the door but still there was no response...Finally Placing a hand on my palpitating heart, I slowly turned the door knob, ensuring not to make a noise as much as possible. Once I successfully stepped inside the room,I closed the door behind me and quickly turned around to notice a Giant bed with grey sheets at the end of the room and a contrasting grey cupboard placed adjacent to it while a... wait..What the hell!!!What kind of person exactly lives here? On the top of the bed was a painting of almost a nude girl, wearing a sexy lingerie...showing excess of her skin. Ok! So averting my eyes from that painting...I headed towards the washroom to hear if the water was actually running...Placing my ear on the opaque glass door, I could still hear the faint noise of the running water. Grabbing all of my courage, I swayed my hands a bit in air in order to strike on the glass door but before I could even touch the glass door, my hand abruptly froze in air while my heart started beating erratically against my chest.
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