The bad boy's Diamond

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Diamond POV:He was looking like some handsome Greek god with his hair dripping wet after the shower while his strong masculine cologne was making butterflies flutter in my stomach. It was really a foreign feeling to me and my cheeks flamed when I noticed that I was touching his naked wet torso. I didn't wanted to stare at his chest but his Grey orbs were dangerous to look at."If you're Done checking me out then get out of my room now!!!",he yelled at me making me suddenly making me stumble back a bit..."Mr. Rude! First broke my iPad and now showing me his attitude!!!",I mumbled lowly while leaving his room but I knew he might have I heard him mumbling few curses under his breath while I felt his intense stare was drilling holes in my skull... Closing his door silently,I quickly rushed to my room and plopped down on the bed...after a while of lying down on my stomach,I finally felt asleep after a long tiresome day.

"Hey!!! Open the damn door!!!", someone was yelling and banging continuosly on my door like a razing bull that anytime soon it would come out of its hinges."Arghh!",I groaned shaking off my sleepiness and dragged my body towards the door."What do you want Mr. Grumpy?",I said half opening my eyes, drowsiness still not leaving my senses."Where the hell are my carrots,celery and the wine that I kept in my fridge?",he asked almost glaring at me."I thought that...I mean(clears throat), father might have kept it!",I said fiddling with the hem of my T-shirt, giving him a nervous smile while internally I was a bit afraid of his angry demeanor..."What?",he asked scrunching his brows together."I-I have used it!",I said this time a bit louder Daring to look into his mesmerizing yet angry grey eyes."With whose permission?",he again shot me a deadly glare, pushing the door further open, holding my doorknob while I was trying to close it but it was too late since he had already stepped in my room."Huh? I thought m-my dad has kept it there! I didn't knew it...that it was yours...",I said shrugging my shoulders trying to sound more confident in front of him but to be honest I was sweating like a pig in front of his intense scrutinizing gaze."Hey! If y-you have a problem then I'm ready to p-pay for your not so heavy loss...W-What are you doing?",he started taking predatory steps towards me and I ended up being caged between his muscular arms and the bed."Hey! Get off me. I said I'll pay for it!!!", I said pushing him away from me but he was stiff like a rock."That you'll do for sure but the method of the payment would be different girl!",he said looking intensely into my hazel brown eyes as if looking Directly at my soul."W-What do you mean?""You'll cook dinner for me tonight with your very own hands, girl!",he lowly whispered near my ear while his minty breath fanning over my neck sending weird foreign tingles down my spine..."I would never do such thing! Get off me now!!!",I said again pushing his body off me and this time he let go off me instantly. He stood up sharply, straightened his back and started heading towards the exit of my room... only to pause near the threshold."Either cook or I'll love to devour your body tonight!", saying this he immediately left her room leaving her in pure shock and horror, with her eyes bulging out of her socket while a pink color tainted her glossy cheeks.


I was sitting in the living room swiping my fingers over my phone checking my instagram feeds when I noticed my new hazel eyed roomie descending down the stairs wearing a silky white night gown looking like a white fresh lily amidst a beautiful lake on a full moon day,with her skin glowing like the lily under the moon's light. Seeing her my breathing got hitched in my throat while I felt very hard down there. I started feeling extremely hot and I instantly averted my eyes from her. It wasn't that she was so beautiful but she was different from the girls I had relationship with or can say one or two nightstands. She possessed the innocence and cuteness like a child...she looked to pure and I knew that It'll be hard to control myself around her. That's why I was against the idea of her living here. I just use girls for fulfilling my desire and lust that's why she isn't my type of girl...

After a while I rested my head on the arm of the couch and closed my eyes which immediately shot opened after hearing a loud wincing sound.I immediately ran towards the kitchen to notice that hazel eyed girl holding her index finger in her left hand while there was blood sprawled all over the chopping board and her clothes."Fu*k!!! She's so careless!!", huffing I immediately took her index finger in my hand which was oozing fresh blood from the cut. "You should be careful with the knives girl!",I said looking at her glossy eyes and "about to cry face" cursing myself mentally for sending her in the kitchen. I instantly placed her bleeding finger in my mouth, sucking her slender finger to stop the bleeding only to notice what I was actually doing. I saw her red flushed face and widened eyes through my peripheral vision which somewhat made me feel proud!!!

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