The bad boy's Diamond

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Diamond POV:

Seeing the handsome o_o devil staring back at me with an evil smirk plastered on his lips while sucking my finger too sensually, a feeling of Euphoria hit me making me feel extremely hot and excited... something I've never felt before! Even his slight touch was doing wonders with my body and mind that it wasn't in my control anymore!

"It's not appropriate!!!Before I get into any sort of trouble, I need to stop!!!",my mind was literally begging me to stop having wild thoughts about the devil •_•!

"Ah! I think it's fine now. You can leave!!!",I shifted my gaze immediately from his attractive face and tried to rather concentrate on my cooking...

"Leave? If I say I don't want to leave then? Afterall it's my kitchen too",my breathing became ragged after I heard his footsteps coming closer to me. My back was facing him so I wasn't able to encounter his facial expressions. The sound of the footsteps ceased and all I could feel is his hot breath fanning on my nape.

"What ar..."

I was about to shout when I noticed him taking the glass placed just behind me on the counter...for a moment he was staring at me with furrowed eyebrows like I've grown some horns on my head Or probably another head °_°! I can say that my face would have been red by now...because of continuously blushing like a fool. After a long staring, he lightly shook his head and went straight upstairs...not before passing his arrogant signature smirk to me.

"Jerk!!!",I mumbled lowly and proceeded with my given task of cooking for that arrogant self centred devil!!! "I wish I could add poison in his food for breaking my dear ipad •_•? Well only wish...*_*! Pfft....!!!


Author's POV:

Diamond holding a tray of Steaks and leftover wine finally left the kitchen after almost an hour of intense cooking and cursing his roomie...*_*!

She went near his room and knocked on his door. No voice came. She knocked twice but again no voice came. "Is he asleep already?",she turned his doorknob slowly to see the door unlocked and stepped in without creating any noise. As she turned to step forward, her legs froze at its place.

"Don't you know that you shouldn't step into someone's room without permission",Lexie snickered turning her face towards diamond and again within a snap of Seconds, started kissing Travis wildly while grinding her b**ty on his thighs...O///O

She immediately shut his door behind and the contents she was holding in her hands, placed it back on the kitchen counter fuzzily with a loud thud and went back into her room.

"Get off me!!",Travis pushed Lexie and she landed straight on her bu**s while a whimper escaped her plump lips"Ah!!! Don't be too harsh babe",she said again lifting her body by holding onto his thighs.

"Wear your sl***y clothes back and leave my apartment ASAP!!!", Travis barked on her face, removing her hold and then He went to his balcony to get some fresh air.

"Why? Because of that girl,huh!!! Who is she???", Lexie couldn't control herself and yelled in frustration.

Travis looked back at her and with the expression that if she didn't leave then consequences will be worse for her.

"Because you are a sl*t!!! When she came in my room and you were stark naked then you're first reflex should be to cover your body, not yell at her and start making out in front of her eyes...You're really a good night stand thing by the way."

"What? Do you need payment to leave for serving me, huh?" He said smirking...

Tears started pooling in her eyes and she immediately grabbed her clothes, wore it and drove off to her Apartment.


Diamond POV:

My heartbeat was erratic while my hands were shaky from the scene I'd just witnessed. The girl sitting on his lap was not wearing a single cloth on her body and even when I've seen her, she didn't thought the need to cover herself in front of a pure stranger. "Disgusting people!!!",she mumbled irritatingly... "Why is it affecting you then?",her conscious backfired!!!

"Why would it affect me? Whatever he does, it has nothing to do with me! Not like we're in any sort of relationship. I merely know him and from the facts that I've collected about him, I can say that he's a spoiled, rich and a badboy. Opposite to the characteristics I like in a person. He's totally opposite of me..."

I let myself fall into deep slumber hugging the pillows tightly...

Next morning, I woke up from the light falling on my face from the blinds and irritating my peaceful sleep. It was a fine morning but I had my classes today so I have to study my ass not for me ×_×!

Groggily walking up to the washroom, I did my morning job and took shower quickly. Draping my wet hair into a long towel and wearing a bathrobe, I stepped out of the washroom and headed towards the kitchen to make some morning breakfast.


Travis POV:

After a long session of workout, I finally felt the need to call it off. Drinking my remaining protein shake and placing the wet towel around my neck, I quickly left the gym and drove back to my apartment.

Throwing the towel on the couch, I quickly turned towards my kitchen when I abruptly halted on my steps...

"F*ck!!!The sight before me was breathtaking. My roommate was looking so hot in her pink bathrobe with her milky legs Fully on display that I felt the urge to take her then and there, completely raw. F*ck I need to control my hormones whenever I'm around my hot Roomie."

I started walking towards her direction and she immediately stiffened, probably noticing my presence behind her. I was just mere inches away from her.

"G-Good Morning!",she wished without even looking at me, brewing her coffee sounding quite nervous. Is it because of me?

I leaned near her side and inhaling her sweet peachy smell,I wished her Good morning. I felt her sucking her breath sharply when she suddenly turned towards me and her head bumped into my chest.

"Ouch!!",she started lightly rubbing her temple.

"Are you okay!",I asked looking down at her whose eyes were closed while her eyebrows were scrunched together.

"Whoa! Get a room you two!!", someone shouted behind us making both of us startled.

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